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    +15 fighter doing less than 10k dmg to +12 sk +40% regen less than 4k, now ultimates?

    I've seen fighters numerous of times one/two shot sks/dws in game. There are also videos of it on here. Ultimates, however is the most broken class in the game atm with Karma so I can't disagree with you on that one.

    Ofc they are trash dishing out same dmg as swordaman. At lvl 70 they will be even shittier. What they have better than any class here in dbog?

    You literally said there only three bad classes atm and one of those are fighters. There are like 6 more classes worse than fighters. Fighters are actually in the top 6 best classes out of the 12 classes in the game. If fighters were so bad you wouldn't see the game filled with them. Fighters have the best dodge rate, high damage (which has a chance to even one/two shots tanks), low cds, bs immune skill.... I could go on. Now I'm not saying they are the best class or broken. However, they aren't the worst class or one of the worst in the game.

    NO autopots,senzu beans, Food Buff and regular pots in BUDOKAI, it's supposed to be a fair tournament where you only have to fight until you lose, without the use of autopots, senzu beans, regular pots and Food Buff, it's almost a joke that can still be used

    I think I'm like the only one who actually agrees with you on this. If they don't remove all, they should definitely remove the possibility to use all of these in budokai. Matches now last forever and most usually end without neither of the opponents actually dying. People win rounds by using dice or by whoever pops the pot at the right moment. It's sad and sucks.

    LOL fighter hard?

    I'm actually here for the disabling multi client. In most mmorpgs you can't do this. This will also require people to use more skill and work together more. Not to mention I got tired of everyone with them and their 5 accounts around plat. Smh

    Virtually impossible to make every single class equal to each other, theres always gonna be a strongest and weakest class^^

    True... I know that is impossible, but they can at least try to make them as balanced as they can. Not where the strongest and weakest classes are straight obvious. At least give certain classes a fighting chance. Not where you just can't do anything against another class. I know certain classes counter others and I believe there should, but some matchups are just impossible to win or slim to none.

    Hey let's all be reasonable here and stop with the jokes. Let's not be bias toward your own classes. You guys always do that. Let's be honest SK is one of the 4 strongest classes and eventually in the 70 cap they will need nerfs.

    Sure, you can fight a class you can't bring down to half its health or you can fight a class you can't touch until you htb at the right time during skill lock:/

    Still would rather fight ulti. Most classes are beyond useless vs a karma. At least with ulti you have a chance of doing something.

    Fighters are already strong. They don't need anymore buffs. They already got a bunch of unnecessary things already. They have high damage, dodge, invincibility, focus debuffs, stuns, etc. They are fine...... If anything they would need a nerf before a buff.

    Extremely low.... You see the same 200 people everytime you get on and half of them are just other people duel clienting/other accounts. So it's probably lower than that. Game is dead atm. Whenever the next cap comes out it will rise again, but who knows if it will stay because the game is bad atm.

    Underdeveloped classes get wrecked by almost every other class while favored classes might just have a hard time against one or two. It shouldn't be rocket science, sometimes I believe budokai results are being completely ignored.

    Then there is the fact that some classes require a lot more gear in order to have the slightest chance of winning than other classes who can almost win half-naked and blindfolded.

    All these factors should be taken into account when balancing classes.

    Very true as well.

    Counter doesn't mean that you are enable to win against them. As an exmaple a turtle can't win against a karma. But the matchup that you mentioned SK vs Turtle it's doable. I would say Turtle is the counter to SK yes but SK still has a good chance to win. Well for turtle the chances to win against karma is somewhere at 0.001%.

    Karma in general is just broken. Turtles aren't the only class who can't do anything against them. Damn near all classes can't do anything against them. They simply just need a nerf, specifically to their ability to cc lock opponents.

    We all know that in the game there are "counters" before the style of play of each class. The objective of the balance is "to increase the possibility of facing those classes without overpowering them". As you say, the SK can not do anything against the Turtle. But this is false.

    There are many SKs that change their way of fighting and defeat the Turtles with other strategies. The same for the Turtles vs Cranes, Swordman vs Ultimate, etc ... All classes can beat all. But sometimes the level of difficulty of beating another class is very complicated, but not impossible.

    This is where the "balance" should be applied. :thumbup:

    If an equally skilled sk and turtle fight, 9/10 the turtle is going to win.

    "The objective of the balance is "to increase the possibility of facing those classes without overpowering them".

    This quote above is impossible. No way you can make a turtle be better at fighting a karma without making it even stronger against other classes.