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    Hello everyone,

    There is a new feature on the client which allows you to uncap the FPS (Frame Per Second) and it is disabled by default.

    In order to uncap it, I invite you to follow these steps:

    1 - Go to your "Dragonball Online Global" folder > "User" folder >

    2 - Open "SystemEnv"

    3 - Find LIMIT_FPS = true; and change it to LIMIT_FPS = false;

    4 - Save the changes.

    Open the game and you will notice an increase of your FPS, in my case I have 65 - 75 FPS when it's capped and 120 - 150 when it's uncapped.

    Hello everyone,

    I'm going to close this thread for the following reason's:

    - User's are creating accounts to vote which is very unessesary since the poll is not official it's just an idea.

    - People thinking that the wipe will really happen and it is fated to this thread.

    I would like to inform you that the wipe will not happen even if we clearly see that the majority voted for it, if we ever come accross this possibility I will make a poll myself and it will be official & monitored by Moderators.

    On the other hand, all the focus is on the new client and I invite you to check the new client changelog thread for further information's.

    New Client Change Log and Ideas


    The answer is yes, work is under progress it's just there isn't much to show since it's a repeated progress with some tiny changes and it will take time and too much effort until we get a fully working new client.


    I did what I did because I had no other options, I can't just sit back and watching you guys do whatever you want while hiding behind VPN's and using it as an excuse to answer everything.

    For now, I have stopped everything but the next time, I won't even consider the usage of VPNs and there won't be any appeal option available, any account linked to a malicious (IP/Account) will perish.



    <Team Manager>


    Regarding "Bots" I would like to inform you that we're taking a new approach which is a total extermination, we're banning by waves instead of banning 1 by 1 hopefully it will reduce botting activities until the new client arrives.

    what a joke of a reply from Daneos...

    That was in 2016 when there was no GM's around.

    I. The DBOG Team

    • Project Leader

    Daneos is the DBOG Admin and Developer of this server. He is the one behind all the coding and programming and the one that started this project.

    • Team Leader

    Known as a team leader, is someone who provides direction, instructions and guidance and managing recruitment's such as:

    -Managing everything besides game development.

    -Can retrieve lost items under certain sets of circumstances.

    -Recruiting/demoting/promoting staff members.

    -Approving or denying the release of locked/banned accounts.

    -Managing game/forum's rules/policies.

    • Community Manager

    The one in charge of hosting in-game/forum's events and making official polls, this role is no different from Game Master in term of moderating the game/forums/discord.

    This role can also replace "Team Manager" in case the team manager is not available or absent.

    • Super Game Master

    Active Game master's with more tools under their disposal.

    • Game Master

    Their duty is to enforce the rules and game policies in game (neutralizing cheaters, bots or any suspicious activity) and respond to player's reports/tickets.

    • Translation Manager

    The head of translators, managing translations and the quality of translations/recruiting translators.

    This role can be also a side in case there is no GM's around.

    • Multimedia Designer

    Multimedia artist, visual artistry skills to design and create video's and GFX, they also have the same duties as moderator/game master.

    • Super Moderator

    Active moderators, same tasks as a regular moderator

    • Moderator

    Moderating forums and discord and keeping the forum clean (neutralizing spam and spambots etc.) and after a while they can be promoted to Game Master's.

    why not just ask daneos to do that now? He wont shut down a server for 15min to take it off? Its better for everyone, fking tickets, not again

    I already told him before the start of the event, but in vain.

    If Daneos/mods are apparently able to mass-change items that players have (stones apparently being one of them in their power) they should be able to change the coupons to a lower level than +15 (to +12), and hopefully, lower than level 70 to begin with.

    I believe that's more than in the power of Daneos, if not - well... guess we're dealing with +15s in the first day of level 70 and elitists with CC150 auras right off the bat.

    I don't know if he will remove or even change, the chances are too small i guess we're going to deal with +15s in the first day of level 70.

    But i honestly agree with all of you, tickets should have been removed in the first sight.