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    Been having the same problem ever since they stopped allowing us to launch the game through the DBO.exe file. The launcher has never worked on my MAC computer and continually says I must download a newer version, even though I just did download the latest version. It won't update, and it disappears off of the screen and bar. I hope they fix this bug soon, or I'll have to put this game down and move on (which I had to do months ago). And my launcher (the latest version) does not even have a patch button on it.

    There was someone else who used wine. Adding the dbog.exe, launcher and folder to the antivirus whitelist helped

    How do I do that? I tried adding the DBOG.exe to the firewall, but for some reason it will not allow me to. On the other hand I really don't think that is where the problem lies because it was working just fine before.

    Well, I guess I'm out of luck due to the changes. I'm running the program on a MAC, therefore; I cannot run as administrator. I use wine to run it. And the new launcher will not update, download, or even open. If this cannot be reverted back to the way it was before, that will probably mean I will have to put this game down and move on. Thanks anyway.

    Problem solved.

    Disable or add the DBO Global folder and the DBOG.exe to the antivirus exception/whitelist

    The problem is not my antivirus. The problem is that the DBO.exe file no longer allows me to connect to the server.
    You said in another thread that everyone now has to start DBO by using the launcher instead of the DBO.exe. This explains why I am having problems. The launcher does not work for me. The only time the game ever worked was when I opened the DBO.exe file using wine. Every time I try to open up the launcher, it tells me the patcher_config.xml is missing, which I have installed as well. Every time I click on the "patch-check" button it doesn't work. Even when I installed the newest launcher you guys had to offer.

    I've tried making sure it was enabled on my firewall. I enabled wine, play on mac, and the actual server, everything. No luck. I tried re-downloading it. No luck. It simply will not let me connect to the server anymore. What changed? Idk

    I was playing just a couple of days ago. But now, every time I try to launch the game; it won't let me connect to the server. It says "You have disconnected" and will not let me log on. I also tried running it through the DBO Launcher, but every time it tries to update, nothing happens. It does not allow me to log on. Is anyone else having this issue? I'm playing on a MAC and am using Wine Bottler to run the game. It worked just fine until recently. I don't know if this is a server problem or not, but would like to know if anyone can tell me. Thank you.