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    "Pull a group of mobs, kill them, wait for respawn, repeat, that's how you farm DB".

    I spent the whole hunt looking for dragon balls and dint find it on the screen. killing the mobs and wait for respawn thats stupid! Not even on the original game was like that. You mods and admin instead of changing whats bad you guys change whats good, but i dont even bother because I took a break from pre beta and now on open-beta im seeing this game going down hill like the original dragon ball.

    "Even the original wasn't like that." Then you definitely didn't play DBO back then, cause it was the exact same way. People would pull and tank tons of mobs in an area, Kill, let them respawn if they respawned with a DB, then ight cool, sometimes it did sometimes it didnt. Then add to the fact you had someone trying to take your mob and grab it themselves. Now atleast when you kill mobs and they respawn as DB mobs, other players can't see it so they can't take it, thats a major improvement if you ask me. Yall are complaining, but as you can see there are people above you getting them easy peasy and I have friends who get them with no issue including myself. You guys just dont have the common sense to get them it seems.

    why would you want to pvp with a poko? Why not just make a pvp character that are way better lile sk or karma?

    The thing is everyone pvm not everyone pvp

    No one wants to have to play another class in order to get shit done, you feel me? I play a Swordsman, so you're telling me I gotta play another class in order to do things PVE wise? That shouldn't be how a game works. Everyone has preferences, everyone has likes and dislikes, if we have to force ourselves to play things that we're not really into then you just begin to lose interest at that point.

    Lmfaooooooo thank you, thank you for this comment. Cranes love to complain about "I dont get invited" Why? Because yall all wanna do the same basic shit all cause of certain people, stop trying to be a follower and make your own way.

    Personally I dont think removing crafting is a good idea, what game have you ever played that you cant craft? We should still be able to craft but with a twist. Instead of making it so we have to farm mobs in order to break gear and get the materials needed, they should make it so we have to do dungeons and or TMQs for special items in order to craft, thus giving PVE further of a purpose and making things not as easy.

    You're new, and im beginning to realize you new players will never really logically think about these things, but I'm not gonna flame or be a dickhead about it, highly impossible. That's all I'm saying.

    look buddy, this is really nice and all, but it is not possible unfortunately. they cannot add new content to the game, at least not for now. any suggestions that are made on this forum by other players are about modifying/changing what already exists.

    anything that was not in the original is not possible.

    I understand ur new, good try though.

    New Content is possible, which was said a long while ago, but none of it of course will get worked on or implemented until things are caught up.

    Could be, not sure though. The game and it's client where made for Windows XP and maybe even Windows SP. One does not simply update a game to run better and more compatible with a whole new operating system. He has all of the game files, but in order to fully make the game compatible with the latest operating systems he would have to clean up the game at it's core, which is kinda impossible even for him. Still wish him the best of luck with whatever he can achieve.

    Guess we'll only have to wait and find out. No more, no less.

    A fix will be coming in December, Daneos is releasing a new client that will cooperate with Windows 8-10 better in order to prevent the lag spikes.

    For the first time ever, I'm agreeing with you and you've made some valid arguments in the comments. There are people who complain about new changes and ideas cause they wanna see the game remain the same...but with that lies a problem, if we don't change up something sooner or later and bring in new things, this game will die like it did in 2013 and then everyone will just complain. We need to accept the idea of new changes, as long as they're logical and make sense to implement of course. If it's just random absurd idea like "Add super saiyan blue" then most definitely not. So I definitely support some of your ideas.

    If the team really plans on introducing cap 80 where we will probably get an extra 10 skill points to allocate and walk around broken af then yes adding a new lvl80 transformation wish would would just be the cherry on top.

    You do realize that if a lvl 80 cap occurs, there would obviously be a new set of skills to release in order to balance things out again, right?

    That moment when people don't read the comments and just repeats the same thing one person said over and over. Lmao.

    Lmao, your point being? I'll be completely honest I didn't bother reading other people's comment but instead talked about how I felt about it. Sometimes other people tend not to read all or skim over some comments so if you ask me it's a good helper for those who do so they can possibly see it and learn something they might've learned a fewer comments ago but didn't bother looking at.

    Think of it as just a simple reminder over and over and over especially considering the fact this community is full of thick headed stubborn shmucks (some of them anyway.)

    Other than that, if you have a problem with it, that severely sucks.

    You also have to think about the fact some people live in different time zones, so the channels capacity is gonna fluctuate, sometimes I feel them a bit more full in the afternoon, sometimes its not that full in the morning, depends on timing although im still sure the population isn't as large as it once was.

    To be honest, making multi clients possible is what also kind of screws with this. Because people are capable of using multiple characters at once, they find it unnecessary to communicate with other people and even guilds. That truly deprives the game of it's natural teamwork gameplay and makes it difficult for others who find joy in teaming up and or can't multi client themselves. I do think this party search section on the forum could also be a huge help to those that don't have the luxury of multi client or are alone and can't do much by themselves.

    P.S When you also think about it, being able to multi client takes away from people meeting each other, due to the lack of communication there's no need to make new friends in order to get things done. Which will just continue the cycle of solo players and people needing help from others.

    While I'm never one to turn down free items, you're basically asking to be paid for every time someone messes up. That's like your mom making you pay her for every single mistake you've made in life. I'm not trying to flame or insult you, but you guys really don't need some free things for every time he makes a mistake. Also I don't know what hunt you're talking about, yesterday was Thursday and they made it pretty clear hunts won't happen on Thursdays due to maintenance. Unless you live in a difference timezone, either way there was still no hunt considering they just changed the schedules yesterday so of course it's not going to automatically happen in the same day.