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    I would like to know one thing, I have a dw and a poko usually farmeo with the dw and send stones and good objects to my poko that is in another account. With this change could I keep exchanging things between them? because it's quite slow to farm with a poko

    Alguien por favor podria decirme si existe un archivo para quitar las pantallas de carga en el nuevo cliente? Se que existia uno en el anterior y me era de mucha ayuda debido a mi pc que es un poco lenta y me gustaria saber si podrian facilitarme un archivo como ese pero en el nuevo cliente

    1 day ago I downloaded the new client that was published and I wanted to delete the load screens as I had done previously because sometimes my computer is stuck in some loading screens and when I replace the file the loading screens continue to appear, I would like to know if could you help me eliminate them so I can play in a more pleasant way, thanks in advance

    I really support your opinion that the dw need to improve it a bit and as for the speed of attack also because it is the one that affects me.

    for 3 weeks I was uploading my poko and when I reach 65 nerfearon the kaioken and really I do not want to play because without the speed of kaioken I can no longer kill the way I did