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    To solve completely Multi-client problem (where people want alts just like buffs or heals ecc..) it's simple! Only make possible changing class in every momentum: developing a heroes system (or swapping system ) in which you can choice a class to use in that particular situation ( moment) . Like this:


    It will be not necessary using alts anymore. While token is another problem but basically is it there just because people need rewards to keep playing.

    This can change too much the game but i will give a try. Also this still will be role based game but maybe more competitive,

    i think it's not a case to nerf any class since we are in 60 cap and in 70 we will have more skills and it will be different.

    And Another reason im degree it's because to make a right change need a criteria instead balance it based on people comments when they say all their frustration to the class they lose or say what they heard from other players without proof it

    The classes must be balanced: they all should have a chance to win each other. That's all i can say.

    When make a change i want see detailed explaination of change: where? when? how? why? etc... because the only reason i see of this change is "because he is broken / is too strong" -> broken ??? . It isn't a reason valid to make changes. A valid reason can be .... <long explaination of what it will help to solve>.

    yea i know but it's actually there already i mean just change a bit logically and useful to reduce debuffs instead random logic. this also can be applied to pvp armour only, less lp but more damage

    Focus vs Debuffs/Stun/Etc...

    300+ Focus Max ~

    60%+ Reduction Max

    300:60 = x:1

    x = 300/60 = 5

    x = 5 Focus (1% Reduction)

    Example using...

    Jacket: 34 Focus

    Pants: 34 Focus

    Weapon: 34 Focus

    Buff: 46 Focus

    Total: 148 Focus

    Base_Focus = 100 (differen class have different amount of focus based on level)

    Foc: 248 (100+148)

    Reduction = (Foc - Base_Focus)/5 -> 248 - 100 = 148 -> 148/5 = 30% ~

    Reduction = 30%

    so basically only added focus is divided by 5 to get x% reduction based on amount of focus

    why divide by 5?

    ...because as you can see above:


    x = 300/60 = 5 Focus (1%) -> every 5 focus you get 1% of reduction

    if you reach 300 or more focus (not counting base focus from levels) you can reach 60% reduction of any debuffs, it also possible make a 60% cap cuz swordman can reach 70%~(mastery passive)

    Example on stun/debuff

    a paralysis of 7 seconds is reduced by 30%

    7 seconds * 1000 = 7.000 milliseconds

    7000/100 = 70 (1%)

    70 * (100-Reduction -> 70%) -> 70 * 70 = 4.900 -> 4,9 seconds


    7 seconds -> Reduction by 30% -> 4,9 seconds ( 5 ~ seconds )


    This is the advantage of people who want using full focus instead Full Con or lp%.


    Small Changes of Range in pvp

    A problem of Turtle and Crane vs Fighter/Swordman

    Here a possible solution


    Now Dash is fixed and figher/sm can use speed buffs + speed boots, make range 23M is good too, considering spiritualist can miss it too

    (maybe rip spiritualist classes)

    best idea can be give only some skills to GN like sk and dark warrior considering their attack namek is very low even with +15 .

    maybe give them violent slice to sk and something other to dark warrior but not give all skills.

    this is not important but i would like to see upgrade based on level too

    lv1 +15 will be easy instead lv25-29 and lv70 like it's actually (hard), just increase chance to get +15 from low level armours/weapon,

    actually upgrade lv70 item have same chance as upgrade lv1.

    why not make some chances based on level? xd

    If poko gets an EP recovery skill then dende won't be needed in CCBD, maybe make it self cast.

    kami retreat is a singular skill which protect poko from targetting him ... even if poko get some ep skill like on buffer, he never can replace dende,

    which has increase the effect of recovery skills by 800%.

    the ideas are many but the possibilities are limited what a pet can do to support poko is:

    -buff poko

    -debuff a npc/player

    -supporting poko to attack a npc/player enemy but pet need more damage, actually very low even speed is bad

    other ideas can be changing skills in poko class to buff own pet for specific purpose

    but really actually pets are useless even in pve.

    I like the idea where you unlock other skills by putting more sp on the pet , other suggestion can be...

    tanky pet:

    -give defensive buffs like dark warrior to the party for x seconds

    -give buff invincible for x seconds to protect party (this can help for reflect too)

    attack pet:

    -give more damage base like instead 130 , give 10 - 15% or more

    -give % crit maybe 100% for x seconds (this double crit damage for few seconds)

    it can be also good if death of pet and poko are separate so the pet can still give buffs even poko is dead

    you should use tool on header

    example: tex.pak

    file like tex0.pak, tex1.pak ...and so on, are not header

    Hi, i can see you copied pasted a quote from Daneos.

    Somehow this doesn't stick together with the pinned post "The Differences / Changes of DBO Global with respect to the Official Game".

    More specifically, in the quote it says that if the armor brakes while using white stone then the grade won't be decreased even though in the pinned post it says it will be decreased by 2.

    Which one is the correct answer?

    previously was nothing
    actually -2