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    SM can farm very fast, as you set to magic and upgrade your e crit. Max burrning attack and you can exp using 2 burrning attack with RP - cooldown reduction. Then, if you have some item CR, the skill will be 1 sec cooldown. So far I remember...

    ( But hell, it's boring :D )

    he's not going to get such, if the cooldown of htb will be more than 1 minute, also the dmg, should be calculated, making it more hold the enemy - same way Gohan, holds freeza on Namek, or Tien, holds Cell-2

    I had an idea of balancing Dragon buffs, to make them fit the scenario. So they will be cooldown 1 minute and ep cost around 1000

    also a htb skill, make less dmg, but cooldown around 1.25 minute. This will be an amazing change, because as we know there is an end game, and the DBOG will not evolve anymore in this matter.

    Only say something about that topic. Really. Not in real world. Figure it out, maybe not me, but another topic about what we do with our cash - will be a solid punch in your nose, kid. Get life, and stop bothering others... Maybe not me, maybe someone else... Please...


    Tonight I was just wondering. Don't want to talk about something missing again. But as we all remember the TW and KR realises, the Papaya cointained of a few, Ultra units, such as huge dinosuar. He was something round 2 000 000 LP and dealing massive damage. I've never seen any drop though...

    Another thing I was wondering. It's what if we allow some kind of macros and build them and share here on forums.

    I don't know. So far I remember the game Asheron's Call has a program called AC Tool.

    Not thinking of any bot, but talking about bot I wanna tell you, what's the point of this AC Tool.

    Cause it may be programmed very simply, it's blind, not seeing anything at all in game, but he can see the mouse moving.

    He can see where's the mouse for example and even blind he could somehow know what's on the area.

    Like checking the ground and taking it's -colour samples to know.

    So if the insane skills of programming, he could rape your character, and kidnap, not let you change direction, close ( esc ) when you try to do anything, take the cursor off the ( Close the game ) button and if you like, he smile, and send him a duel, when you're just thinking, - he's KS, he's fu ***** ck up... win him, and laugh...

    ( That's the 'lag and noob - ep. 5 - tell me why' , actually )

    The only thing left to do, will be to turn off the CPU, by power off.


    That's it...

    So... I don't want any problem here. Only do you think it could be ever useful

    I'm tired again. Don't know basicly what he may do in game, I mean the AC tool.

    He could announce, Party search like ( CH, MAP, LVL, Where find me on map ) - doing this when you turn it on and when you sit for ex.

    Oh... I fail again. It's maybe that's the only thing left he may do for it to be completely clean...

    Cuase CCBD till the end, with a Dende, fully auto, controlled by the team's captain, who sends a clipboard command, EP, and fall back will not be clean...

    Sorry. I only wanted to inform you

    However. When one's block a person. That's yours, check me... Because instead paying $, some of you, could ever study. Another 5 years. And all of you, "don't talk about DBOG..." - and then you gonna back to this.

    The guy that invented those method must have been actually smart

    Does not play any game all in all...

    Finnally. I'm going to be banned, so copy that post. Have it.

    If they summon my by some sun glasses and give me a work.

    That's silly $

    I already have a third party - legit - faucet, that make me 2 $ a day, for a casino game. That's really better vision of the future.

    Take care, guys!

    there won't be any transfiguration something. you wonder why? we are not supposed to change the game basics.

    take a look a my topic about zeni donation. without it the game is boring. the game is dead, but supposedly someone smarter than me, say that it goes too far.

    pathetic is the correct word

    Hi. My suggestion is to improve the game play creating an offering system which may be offering like 500 000 000 zeni into one point, which can be cummulated and then 1 equals to one free stat point and 10 equals to one free skill point. It would be great if all those zenies land and dissappear in some op unit.

    Yes. It seems that DB does not respawn, but appear on random creature due time. For me, there is no need to rise an alarm unless the DB drops and make a wish. I suppose that every single change is much time. Let's just focus on the most important events...

    Get serious bussines

    Zeni = CP

    CP = Dolar

    I can even explain it

    The thing is that playing game you earn crap

    It's like 10 hour playing would be a 1 hour of ordinary job

    What's the point dude?

    First of all. You're so careless. Before you start to talk - you should go and make some video with this issue captured. Most of us don't know what you're talking about. Damn I didn't dodge. It only confirms us in a certain sense.

    Anyway - if you're interested to win against a strong enemy - you're a fighter, sword master, whatever
    you need to strongly base on your stun + knockdown intime
    The SK does not have any knock down, or else, he cannot charge his RP right away. I use it as a sword master I am winning a lot as a easy won while I almost spend all my EP. But it's true, with some CD applied, and knock down a lot, you can win everyone.
    It's just that as you know - now, I'm forced to fight against people who at least have weapon +15 - I grind so... till another flash loosers.