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    Hello, just cheking what happened to this game, I have not play it for like a year now.

    Can you still buy cash points?

    Is it working?

    How is the economy right now in the 1.0 server?

    yes i forget this option, I think that currently there are 3 or 4 options to do zeni without buying cash ,

    1. farm and pray for a purple or green stone.
    2. farm and pick everything to be able to craft item lv 70.
    3. Buy and resell the action house or the stores of the players

    4. use your T point to upgrade a gloves or clother lv 30 to +13-15 to sell this.

    For what ive heard, youll need at least 30kk and more to get high level on craft. And also you need a good amount of zeny if you wanna play the AH, because is the possibility that you can lose much money. These things demand a lot of time. If yu are not a casher, youll have to work your ass very hard and spend hours and hours per day to get decent money for your char. And its very unffair for me, cashers have so much privileges now, thats one of the reason I stopped playing. But lets see how this goes when the game is official released, when everything is fixed

    Is this thread for real? Havent seen so much crying on a forum since I used to visit DBOR forum. LOL, so now you are complaining because weapons are ugly for you.

    If you dont like all those details, do what Im doing and wait for the oficial server to play.

    Hacé lo que yo y esperá hasta que publiquen el juego ya terminado, en vez de jugar los beta, alpha, etc. que si o si van a estar con miles de problemas.

    Cuando publiquen el juego oficialmente recién vamos a poder juzgar qué tal resultó este proyecto.