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    But in DBO TW I played having to use the cash shop to buy dogis for real donations. daneos isn't trying to rake in the money hes just trying to make this game as much like the original as possible.

    its not maintenance because the server is up but the channels are offline, if it were maintenance then the servers and channels would be offline, give daneos time, all bugs will be fixed eventually, it takes time.

    loving those wallpapers :dlol::dlol:

    That proves nothing although you tell us how good were they, I mean, gear, build, etc.

    one of them had I think +8 all, the others had +12 all. +15 level 70 sticks. all my stuff was +15 level 58 armor and weapons. I guess u could say 2 were equal if not stronger and the other one was weak. but I had skill.

    Did you log in, start and finish the quest yet? If not, then it isn't. I understand that normally everything goes down for an update, and that may well be the case here. But becoming dependent on a system like that only leads to anger when it turns out to not be the casE

    I didn't say the update was finished I said it was in the process of finishing right now. damn don't hate.