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    What makes you think "less dogi needed"?

    To hide the ugly crafted armors, yeah..

    But dogis on their own are still unique and cool to have.

    What i suggest is a seperate/different thing.

    Also, as long as they would make an item for this armor swap, put it on shop,

    make it tradable so ppl could buy them and sell for those who cant pay,

    is still a way to make money!

    I dont know if i should open a new topic in suggestion, or just leave my opinion here,

    I want to highlight again what i said:

    "i dont even want to stunlock bosses like they do to me (both lame af actually)

    I just want to interrupt their stuns and oneshots when i see them casting."

    Not being able to stun any bosses is almost like removing the skill itself completely,

    No need to give it back with spammable cd and stunlock ability..

    But atleast give it back with just 1 or 2 seconds of guaranteed stun,

    Not for stunning, but for interrupting and creating a moment to take back the advantage,

    cause right now i dont feel like i have any at all.

    Also, please remember "Kidney Shot" is a totally closeup skill,

    Energy swordsman or even regular phys SM (maybe even auto attack madness) are not tanks.

    Yet we have to be at the feet of a boss to interrupt em with that skill.

    Bosses are given such immunity because game was too easy.

    In this case, i could leave my main char behind again and play my crane from a safe distance,

    by being able to constantly slow down bosses.. or play other classes as the game is still that easy with them.

    No offense, but taking away the only useful condition skill is like taking out the saiyan from humans lol.

    I see one of em is especially about swordsman..

    I didnt want to follow the attack speed/auto attack only meta, so i made an energy swordsman.

    The problem is.. i see other classes solo stuff that i cannot..

    Because others have various debuffs that makes a real difference (like an attack speed crane with slowing down bosses and

    kill em from a safe range in seconds) or other classes just being overly tanky as hell, healing abilities and other things,

    or just being a maxed out attack speed fighter and kill anything before it even notices you lol. (im planning to make one in the future cause im feeling forced to do tbh)

    My only option as i know is using kidney shot, but when i had it maxed out and tried on many bosses,

    NEVER land a single stun at all. I had to ragequit-kinda reset my tree and not even take that skill,because it isnt working.

    You know.. i dont even want to stunlock bosses like they do to me (both lame af actually)

    I just want to interrupt their stuns and oneshots when i see them casting.

    And sadly i cannot even do that somehow. I wanna get my skill back.

    No no no, wait!

    The key on this one is..

    Unlike CC, you cant just casually stop at the end/beginning of a new floor or choose the grab reward and leave option.

    Here the mobs would keep coming with no stops of map/floor change.

    Ofcourse you could leave whenever you want, but the real reward would be in drops like outside in open world.

    Just imagine a situation where you go too far and things getting hot.. drops are there but you constantly have to fight for em,

    and pick em up if you can.

    That's the point in the whole thing, constant pressure and ever evolving difficulty..

    also because of this, if you dont kill some of the waves, they could keep stack up to a point.

    See what im trying to say? :o

    Maybe a question but also a suggestion,

    Like many mmo's, even the most generic ones had a system i would really like to see here in the future.

    Dogis are good, modding is cool.. but i would like something else and i think they would not interfere with eachother.

    So the thing is,

    Is it possible to implement a system where we can change the looks of an armor piece with another piece?

    Lets say i love some of the armors in the game.. like the lv70 black swordsman top (similar to Trunks')

    But i want to use crafted armor top for defense.

    With a system like that, i could go up to an npc (maybe upgrade merchant) put my crafted top in left,

    put the black swordsman top in right, pay a fine amount of money (like 1-10kk)

    and there we go, i still have my crafted top's stats,defense,everything... but it looks like the black swordsman top.


    After being done with the basics of the game aka getting to the point where it was back in the day,

    I wonder if it is possible to really add new content,

    If so, i would like to suggest a kinda never ending, auto evolving survival dungeon,

    Where easy, lower level, low lp mobs would start to spawn in smaller groups..

    and as the time is passing, bigger groups would come over and over,

    With a certain amount of time passed and/or mobs killed, other types of mobs would start to appear,

    with more lp, higher level, small groups (to keep the difficulty adaptive)

    then obviously get bigger groups, harder mobs over and over,

    untill the point where even lv70 supers and ultras would arrive with more and more lp,

    Iconic feature would be to keep the dungeon seem endless,

    is keep spawning more ultras with more and more lp after lv70.

    I know the end of it might sound hard or even impossible, but that's the key!

    The dungeon would meant to be endless or atleast limited by overpowering difficulty if you go too far.

    The fun factor is not only how far you and your party can get to,

    but picking the greater drops in a hellhole on high difficulties!

    The dungeon's map would be a kind of open area with space to flee at in need (if used too early tho, you may cause a mess even worse to your party)

    But no space where buffers and healers would be safe for eternity.


    I would like to see what all ya fine people think about it, so feel free to share your thoughts.

    /btw, Hi! im just back after a year, game is better than before, keep up the good work! :thumbup:

    Wish i could master Super Saiyan somehow... like puttin some sp on it to atleast get rid of the energy consuming,
    or make it far lesser, and reduce the cooldown alot. Maybe with a bit more increase in stats too..
    Like in the anime, when they mastered the form till it counts as a normal state.

    I know we are not supposed to be "pure" saiyans in this game... but this game was lost in 13,
    So with a bit of change here and there, wont ruin the experience, instead it would make it more fun i think.
    Originally the other 2 races even had/have skills for their transforms and also stronger,
    even if they are temporary..

    In a continuous battle (like farming, questing, whatever) SSJ is kinda temporary too,
    except if you take your time sitting down to eat something or using pots to maintain EP.

    The upside of being a SSJ is, it doesnt require SP investments like Kaio-ken..
    So what if we could make it better than kaio-ken, by investing points in SSJ?

    What do you think about a single second buff that would apply when dashing?

    1 Second of total protection from any incoming attacks, with its own cooldown and if u dash right after a dash it wouldnt refresh... "same kind of buff alredy applied" or something.

    1 second is just for a start.
    Please dont think about it like... its op, pvp alredy cool, too energy consuming, or anything like that. Just to try out..

    Why i suggest it?
    Because it would have great benefits for both PvE & PvP by avoiding "critical" attacks and making fights really cool.
    Remember the actual anime? Long ago when Frieza shot at Kakarotto and he just kinda disappeared for a second,
    And the shot seemed like it went through him.
    Or Cell vs Kakarotto fight? When they just literally dashed out of eachother's attacks?

    Since dash alredy has its limits by depleting all the energy if overused, i dont see a reason why not try it!?
    Fights would be more tactical and look better like the actual thing.
    I know DBO is not an action game like XV1-2 or anything else and never will be..
    But right now its just dumb sometimes that we cant defend ourselves against 2 mobs that keeps stunning us..
    Personally.. when i was fighting alot of times, i saw the mob's casting but there was no chance to avoid it,
    so i got stun, there the other one just kept refreshing the stun debuff on me...
    They actually did not deal that much damage, but i died eventually cause there was nothing i could to even avoid the first stun.
    ...Or when i got surrounded suddenly and tried to leave asap, but i got all the damage from a distance i should have not.
    I dont like pvp in this game, i actually hate it. I just come along to watch it sometimes, but its lame.
    If someone doesnt kill the other with 1-2 attacks, then its all about who stuns first and wins the match by doing so.
    You know.. doesnt matter if both players would dash out of eachother's attacks like in the anime itself.
    Sooner or later, one would get tired eventually, or just takin advantage of a better tactic,
    Afterall i think the "One second totally protective (but non-refreshable cooldown) dash buff" would be an interesting and cool improvement.

    I know there's still alot to be reallocated from the old game,
    and that's first priority, but gameplay should have a little change,
    and Dash should matter!

    For that roughly 20-30 minutes before got dc again,
    I was on papaya and clicked on the boss icon, got a quest for Mushroom Rock South (which's not even near lvl 60)
    So i went there, killed some mobs... got a few majins spawned, all males.
    Just want to mention that especially, when i killed one male majin, in its place instantly spawned a female one :D
    So yeah, basically male or female, depends on the level of the mob as you said,
    But after that, there could be lower level male majins which can spawn females! :D
    Dont know if its bug or feature, but an awsome rare encounter i guess :)

    Btw after we got our maintenances finished and server stabilized,
    i hope we will get DB hunt too atleast for a whole sunday <3

    I also used up just a bit more than 1600 tokens, plus a few millions to buy cheapest available stones (like 3 for 200k)
    What i did alot of times alredy btw... and now again as always,
    From +9 it failed down 1 by 1 till +3 ...succeeded to +4, +5 , fail down to +3 again.. again and again..
    now after alot of stones, the results is +7 (was +9 when i started)
    Oh and.. this is the same lv30 pants i alredy used hundreds of stones on, since i hit lv30 for the first time.
    Maybe a thousand of stones... i didnt really count, but im sure its thousands of tokens atleast,
    and a couple of millions in zeni (3 for 200-300k was the average)
    So i gave up on this upgrade system now officially.
    I love the game, i love everything about it, since its a damn DRAGON BALL Online...
    but doing this torture is just simply pointless. ...or tokenless for the ironic pun.
    Seriously.. i kept wearing lv30 pants because its the "EASIEST" to upgrade,
    But at this rate, i'll just throw it in my bank and start to use something with atleast real Stats and mods.
    Maybe i'll try again when i'll gather up like a 10k tokens, just to broke it down to 0 again for fun.
    Im so used to it now.
    ---End of rage post.---

    As i see on this game so far, its not the stats/mods on items are the rare stuff,
    Not even the item itself, like "rare" and/or "legendary"..
    Its the stones and the impossible upgrades, what matters.
    Your experience with the drop rates are the same for me, for probably everyone else.
    Now if you also count the chance of an upgrade after +9, well that sucks.
    Even a lowbie pants for me (lv30) with lv30 stones by tokens, took hundreds of fails to realize,
    The highest ive achieved was +10, broke after broke and now i stopped on +9.
    Maybe i'll try again if i gather up a few hundred stones and get to it all at once. (probably doesnt matter)

    So yeah, now with the drop rates and the wonderful upgrade system,
    Whoever gets anything above +10 , maybe even get a +15 are true legends i guess.

    But you know.. whatever. Nothing matters until the game gets recovered completely.
    We will lose everything anyways, so all we can do now is testing everything, by trying everything,
    Which also gives us the advantage of learning from our faults.
    Im so hyped for the Majins and boss event and everything.
    TMQ, Dragon Ball collecting events, CC Battle Dungeon and alot of lost content have to be revived!

    So im gonna "+1" with the obvious suggestions, but i guess we should just let it be as it is for now.

    Sadly the same here.
    Not simple no luck, but no chance at all i guess.
    Since i reached lv30 like a week ago as i remember,
    Ive played quite a lot of hours daily,
    All the tokens i spent on lv30 armor stones for my swordsman pants (the only good looking pants so far)
    Varied in single stones and 3x stones,
    The most ive ever reached was +10, and broken it down to 0 right after,
    Really hundreds of green stones, even bought stones from AH..
    doesnt even matter i bought all the cheap ones, like 300k/3 , 500k/3 ..
    so yeah, kinda like a thousand stones yet no "luck" ever.
    It is on +9 now after alot of breakdowns (0) ..
    and i dont know what to think about now....
    I'll probably leave it for a while, gather up atleast a 100 stones again to try another time.
    But it will probably broke all the time before even hitting +10, as always.
    Right now im just happy i can play this game, so i dont care..
    But its just nonsense in the current state.
    Maybe I'll eventually just buy and/or use a high stat one and leave alone "upgrade system" forever.

    Nope for physical,
    But yes for giving them more Energy Attack source!
    So basically Martial Artist should be improved in Energy Attack.
    For example; I guess the passive "Increase Spiritual Attack" should be improved!
    For a start like, give it a flat 50 instead of 24, even if it would take another 2 points to level up,
    or give it a percentage instead of flat damage. (maybe both)

    After that, i think instant transmission should also be moved to Martial Artist.
    But its not so urgent, just a "Quality of Life" feature..

    We just need more Damage source for our Energy attacks and that's it.

    Same here, so probably for everyone.
    As i see Daneos didnt wrote anything about it.
    I just hope the only available channel is not filled with a bunch of token collectors
    (like the one i saw with 4 or more accounts at the same time)

    Actually im lv54 and using lv50 CD rings with maxed out concentrate,
    makes 20sec CD skills like 12 seconds,
    for example Stronger Barrage, which also has its own CD power, so in the end i can make it 6 seconds at the moment.
    6 seconds on it is like, Hold down once for CD, after animation ends, i can instantly do it again.
    Which is COOL btw!
    But still... even if i build everything on CD shortenings and stuff, there's still not enough power in my hands.

    Once again, we need more Energy Attack Damage!
    Since we have energy attacks and all the tools to make them cool, why are they supposed to be this weak?
    Balance just doesnt feel right on this one.
    I see if i would have gone into full physical, even the first punch skill would deal alot of times more damage than,
    Burning attack for example.
    But since we have energy attacks, Really COOL ones, why should we feel being forced to take another path?

    Anyways, there's still alot more to revive in this game, all the old lost content.
    Whatever we say here, probably wont happen in this state, its ok.
    Its just feels not right and that's it.
    I love the style tho, so even if its weaker than everyone on the same level,
    I wont start another just to take the "viable" path.

    Im actually playing as an Energy Swordsman, without any sword skills,
    Which means im basically just a Martial Artist with its energy attacks,
    cause both barrages are awsome, and the first energy attack has a fast cd to repeat like a normal attack,
    I have become a Swordsman honestly only for Burning Attack and no more.
    I like it, its fast and cool, and pretty good at repeating attacks to clear mobs 1 by 1 at a safe range.

    But! The problem here actually is, there's almost no source of energy damage.
    Even with having gloves totally energy sided, having as much Soul as i can,
    Maxed out energy damage passive and all...
    Its still much lower than physical, which i didnt really tried to invest in.
    Also its a joke how much higher strength stat i have over everything else.

    I didnt even have any mods on Strength, but have alot on others, yet Str is still the highest one.
    Its just pretty unfair to give energy attacks, when you dont even have the power to use them.
    So i love the skills, there's nothing wrong with em at all.
    We just need more energy attack source!

    Even if there would be some extra levels on the energy damage passive, that would be cool.

    I almost opened a topic like this. glad you did first..
    I understand they want to work on stability and other server related stuff first..
    i understand because its damn needed right now.
    Only had an hour at total playtime to try out yesterday..
    i was a bit disappointed tho to see that im always kicked out, disconnected,
    getting the still logged in kind of issue, full channels or no channels at all.... i see there are no channels right now and the only one
    "available" at the moment is unplayable... cannot even log in.
    No im not disappointed by these,cause its normal on a first launched test server.

    But after they finish all these stuff, id also like to see some work around the combat system.
    Its Dragon Ball after all...
    Dont need anything new about it, but some changes.. like fasten up everything a bit. Faster cooldowns on skills, alot faster, continuous auto attack even if it needs to lower the overall damage.
    I mean.. really. Its dragon ball, be everything faster, alot faster even if it doesnt deal that fine damage but it looks cool, looks like an actual fight... a dragon ball fight. You know what i mean.