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    Iceman's such a crybaby like come on dude stop repeating "tHe gEm iSe dEd, ThE gem isE DeD"

    The "90%" which is YOUR estimation about the ppl who left the game, do you atleast know the percentage of people who actually know about DBOG's existence after DBO's shutdown ? I don't think so. The "90%" don't even represent 30-40% of the huge number of people who played/started to play/managed to play DBO back in 2013.

    You should also stop asking Daneos to hire more devs to help him, I don't think that you're a person who go out and sociabilize, at any moment that Dev helping him could stab him in the back and steal all of his work to make his own DBO game. Trust is not something easy to give to someone, anyways.

    And come on dude you were asking for Dungeon XP total removal, are you dumb ? Most MMO's have dungeons that give ALOT of XP, MORE than that does the Worldmap XP mobs.

    You're talking and giving your ideas as someone who leveled up to max 5-6-7 times or more because of DBO's shutdown, because of DBOG's wipes, because of you being bored and starting a new character so you're leveling up again and get BORED of those quests that get repetitive.

    Talking about game balance, do you think that Game Balance is much more important than adding new things ? Of course it is if you're a sweaty guy who plays DBO 24/7 non-stop. Do you think that people who just found out about DBOG's existence and started playing it recently will care about your game balance ? They will be very surprised and happy by finding new features for example (New textures, new hair colors, new skin colors for Namekians and Majins, and so on).

    OF COURSE new players are quitting not because of the gAmE bAlAnCe but because they ARE BORED. DBO was known for its awesome community, I remember people having fun everywhere dueling next to Kokkara or in Korin, helping newbies and inviting them to guilds. I never felt the game boring back in 2013 when I started because people were so close and helping each others, every time you are at 90% sure of finding parties for UDs/TMQs or even doing Quests which didn't push new players to quit because it's boring like now where 95% of the players are sweaty af and can't stop tryharding the game sticked in Korin Village in that PvP Arena and then complain about the game being boring and the balance is shit and start saying that the game is trash and dying. Of course it's dying when you play a MMORPG like DBO competitively and not for fun when the game is still in BETA phase (Not even 80% finished yet) and when ALOT of people don't even know about DBOG's existence (This can be fixed when the game releases and comes out with new stuff so they could finally advertise it everywhere), and people who stopped playing until next cap or even until next wipe.


    I highly support a final data wipe before the Official Release because, believe it or not, the game will die if it releases without any data wipe since every Beta player will be MAX LEVEL and no one will keep playing the game, the data wipe will be like a sort of refresh since there will be a new client, new stuff, less bugs or even no more bugs etc.

    So stop saying that Daneos ideas about new features are useless and game balance is much more important, I am sorry to say that but Daneos should, for the moment, focus more on new players than focusing on those who are already maxed and don't bring the "the game is here because we invested money so be thankful to us" because even if you invested money , it doesn't mean you should be Daneos' #1 ones to be heard, 80% of new players will quit cuz it's boring so who would stay ? You would stay for a while until you leave and then the game will be officially dead.

    Let Daneos add new features before fixing the Balance shit, with new features the game will be less repetitive and less boring.

    Anyways that's all I wanted to say.

    - Kill 1000 mobs (Receives Hunter Title)

    - Kill 2000 mobs (Receives Dangerous Hunter Title)

    - Find every map revealer of the DBOG World and unlock it (Receives Traveller Title)

    - Complete 50 Quests in 24 hours

    - Finish a whole TMQ 5 times. (Receives Time Patroller Title)

    - Finish a whole UD 20 times with the same party.

    - Win 100 Duels (Receives Warrior Title)

    - Win 250 Duels (Receives Strong Warrior Title)

    - Win 500 Duels (Receives Gladiator Title and Dogi)

    DBOG's community is 95% Retail DBO's community , that means that 90% or less of them already reached lvl 70 in retail DBO and they know everything about the game so it will bother them to go 70 all over again.

    2nd point is the fact that there's only the possibility of bringing Hispanic and English community, you'll tell me why not the French too ? Lemme tell you that the french community is the only one I heard saying that they quit the game because it sucks and boring (while they were less than lvl 30 and I don't think there's a solution for that, we can't satisfy everyone) , which means that we can only hope for English and Hispanic Dragon Ball Youtubers

    3rd point is that the majority of the community are people who have jobs , and that in the current situation , people have alot of exams, while kids mostly prefer spending time on "non-boring" games like Fortnite.

    I agree with the advertisement part , I already made that proposition in the Discord chat but none listened and look where are we now. Daneos must advertise the game via Facebook by putting money, and we should help by making videos about it , I know it's extremely hard because there's already Flexarot,Hardlock etc as DBO Youtubers but they're subs are not enough because it's full current DBOG community , none new.

    One of the best updates so far and this kind of update shows how Daneos and the GMs are really awesome. I've suggested 1 month ago the new hair colors for the humans to a GM and 1 month later it's been added ! Excellent update in my opinion, keep it going guys !

    I meant that Wagu Machine is a better method than CP to buy dogi , if only retail devs knew how to manage well , TW etc couldve lasted for more years and wagu machine is an excellent method of earning.

    Do you know that Daneos has made a huge titanic progress since Alpha Phase (2015-2016) and it's extremely hard to develop this game since he has not NTL's game engine ?

    Did you even play the TRUE Alpha phase to complain about the actual Open Beta Phase ?

    95% of the bugs you listed below are small bugs comparing to PoB's ones.. Show some respect atleast to Daneos and his hard working.

    For the TMQ backpack you can move them to trash , it's not that hard.

    A lot of people didn't reach lvl 50? who? lmao

    Alot , I can't answer this type of question since I'm not the friend of everyone but I saw alot that did not reach lvl 50 , just go out of Tatami and CCBD and take a look at Kokkara map , Wasteland , Pilaf Fountain etc. You'll find out that alot of people didn't reach that level yet.

    Hey everyone !

    I'd like to announce you that the God of UDs is back and today he started helping people leveling up fast from level 45 to 55 spamming UD3.

    Prices :

    Monday-Friday :


    45-50 : 4kk per each level. TOTAL : 20kk

    45-55 : 5kk per each level. TOTAL : 25kk

    WITH XP BOOSTER (From 50% to 200%)

    45-50 : 3kk per each level. TOTAL : 15kk

    45-55 : 4kk per each level. TOTAL : 20kk

    51-55 : 4kk per each level (WITH XP BOOSTER)

    51-55 : 5kk per each level (WITHOUT XP BOOSTER)

    I'm one of his customers and 46-50 was done in 50min with a 50% XP booster (Could've been less if I didn't relog after bugging 2 times)

    If you're interested , whisper Patosay , Ducksay and SUS in-game.

    No date has been communicated to us for the moment.

    Alot of people didn't reach level 50 till now and there are alot of new players that joined recently so I think that a Level Cap increase isn't necessary for now.

    An absolute yes , guilds will be much more important being represented by strong players around the world without getting disturbed by people like in PvP Arena.

    Korin Village will be less populated which means less lags but I suggest making the World PvP Event in 2 channels because if CH1 is where the event will be hosted , there'll be a huge players flood in the other channels which can make them Full and people who don't wanna PvP would be stuck inside that channel.

    But for the moment , let's wait for the game developement because it's still too early.