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    there is actuallay a non-sense solution that will works for sure , it's about making leveling with dende easier like giving them 2-3 200% exp boost during the leveling somthing like that or when they are solo u give them 100% perma exp boost i think that it's the best solution

    bids are kraken bacterian and cellx there is bid 1 but it's not conserned , you can enter bids at lvl 1 ! know they change it to lvl 70 , making with that the crown impossible to get ^^ !

    As a main dende (dont have other lvl up char right now) i can say, leveling a dende as main is hard, we dont have a decent AoE skill to "farm mobs" (Magical Ring works well with 5 or 8 mobs, if you exceed that you are dead, or at least that happend to me) so, the think is the perma boost exp solution sounds nice and a little buff in AoE attack shoud be better. Other good stuff is maybe increase the drop rate of DB at least for dende (if that is possible of course) the CON dragon buff and FOC dragon buff are really necesary for a healer.

    The Dende class is not really hard to play but the leveling and grinding kills all the mood.