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    Very minor thought today that would be useful in game. Some form of 'status' that you can set for yourself so everyone can see within friends list/guild.

    For Example:

    • Do Not Disturb
    • Dragon Ball Hunting
    • AFK
    • Questing
    • Painfully Grinding 40/50s

    the new one I guess is alright (if you have the money to buy white stones )the only concern I have is that in the first 3 months after open beta everyone is going to have + 15 ,done everything in the game and getting bored already the only way I see it is to remove the white stones or get to the old upgrade system when having +10 was an achievement

    Really good point, maybe the old system with increased chance of successful upgrade but still the risk of breaking would be better?

    Old DBO had the boss event system that worked like this;

    Evil Majins spawn occasionally when killing random mobs and drop special coins
    Giant boss spawns on map (takes like literally 50 players together to kill) and after boss is killed shop opens briefly to buy stuff with those special coins.

    Would be great if this could return.

    All Dogis and random dogi items
    All Mounts (except for the saiyan pod which can be earnt via the questline)
    SSJ Pots
    Instant shenron wishes
    XP Boosts
    Pets and boost items
    Skill resets
    White Stones/Upgrade Stones
    Level up to 33 item

    Everything should also be sellable on the market too, thats how it worked in the old version and it worked fine. White stones and boxes should be droppable though from ultra/boss/tmq to help remove pay to win.

    I disagree with flying scrolls being in the cash shop though, limiting speed boost is unfair, if anything have an unlimited boost pot for flight and give everyone the ability for max flight speed.

    Sort of unrelated, but I'd like the ability to equip normal gear as 'dogi', there are some gear pieces (e.g. tmq 1 gear, some vendor gear) that look really good but stat wise are crap. Doing this would let us wear usual powerful gear and then equip other gear we prefer the look of over it.

    Yeah that hides it, but for others who want to use the trade chat its a pain because you miss english messages that get lost in their constant chatter. Once the final version is out this would be a pain for actual trading, maybe we need to implement two seperate trade chats, one for english and one for whatever they are speaking? I think the main problem is they are just having general discussion nothing relating to game breaking bugs to avoid or confirming bugs.

    Can foreigners stop spamming trade chat with general chatter? Its really annoying, just make a guild don't annoy everyone else.