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    Hi there, so like Zero Two stated above we've had some bothersome issues with paymentwall which consequentively resulted in it being disabled by Daneos after countless negelection & shows of unprofessionalism from their support team (one of many reasons that are yet to be stated in public only if head staff are making an announcement about it). All in all, if theres anything about it in the (near)future we shall let you guys from the BR community know about it since you seem the most interested. Locking thread.

    DBO G Team.

    I'd love this feature and/or a way to auto feed your pet once you get to have feed items on your inventory due to often forgetting to refeed once effect ends.

    As promised in the POB phase; a wipe was scheduled once it'll end. Thus, the wipe happened upon the release of OB (was announced by Daneos) and now we're starting all over again with no future wipes at all.

    You can get three types of materials by disassembling/breaking gear at this NPC (Upgrade Merchant).

    The obtainable materials:
    Brown, Yellow and blue. (The manufacturing extract is the blue one)

    -> No1 -> Level 1 recipes
    -> No2 -> Level 5 recipes (You can get a small fail, blue ingredient can be No1 instead of 2)
    -> No3 -> Level 10 recipes
    -> No4 -> Level 15 recipes
    -> No5 -> Level 20 recipes
    -> No6 -> Level 25 recipes
    -> No7 -> Level 30 recipes

    You will gain ingredients by breaking different lvl items, respectively:
    No1 materials -> 1lvl gear
    No2 materials -> 11lvl gear
    No3 materials -> 21lvl gear
    No4 materials -> 34lvl gear
    No5 materials -> 42lvl gear
    No6 materials -> 53lvl gear
    No7 materials -> 65lvl~70lvl gear.

    Welcome to DBO G. Incase you're willing to find peeps whom'd be able to help you or play with you, just apply for a guild at this board.

    Yes, tomorrow I will respond to this thread with how to dual boot win7 + win10 and give links to download free win7 for all those who haven't solved it.

    Looking forward to the results of this. Been facing quite a similar issue too :c

    There's no problem with this update. It just means you can't power level or make halfass buffers, which is hardly an issue.

    I understand but that issue solely concerned you, it's not like theres plenty of people that actually main buffers out there so imo, this new thing wasn't needed at all. Atleast before we could quest on our main then rush to explore other classes potentials which came quite in handy especially if you have a turtle dedicated for pve (farming and leveling your other classes that you're willing to explore) which is pretty much garbage now.

    Reselling stuff on auction house often tends to work for f2p players over-all but crafting level 70 stuff as proxymime suggested would definitly come in handy if you're lucky enough to get the dope maxed gear!

    One thing I believe we as players must do is to support Daneos with the progress and the work he's doing and not make threads with these titles that will more likely screw up devs motivation. Stay positive and the best is yet to come.

    Ist das jetzt offiziell sicher mit dem Open Beta Termin zum 1. Marz?

    Natürlich, denn er hat in den Server-Nachrichten gesagt dass die Open-Beta am 1. März statt findet.