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    Couldn't disagree more, 70 cap right now is the nail in the coffin. With the game as it is, if it goes to 70 cap, it will be COMPLETELY dead. Work on fixing the game in 60 cap so you'll have no issues in 70 cap. It's simple, no one's asking you to do the impossible, just use common sense and listen when people who know what they're talking about are saying.

    You missed my point. That's exactly what I've stated. There will absolutely be no 70 cap unless we guarantee it's going to be a healthy 70 cap as in bug-less and reasonable enough for us to atleast consider it an official 70 cap.

    i feel like , what "Daneos" is trying to do currently is , move the game old engine into a new one, so it's alot easier to edit/fix it , and i would assume that's not an easy thing to pull off , so i would Recommend suggestions to be hold off till that happens , maybe they would get view'd at least,

    cause i don't think they really taking these fix's/suggestions into consideration right now , but it doesn't hurt to do so i suppose.

    Infact not. Fixes and Suggestions are both being carefully considered for the time being, & due to the fact that the game is pretty much at a sensitive state in which any mistake could be of high cost, or is actually since lv. 70 cap is pretty much the last chance I'd say.


    Just to make something clear for the community:
    Long story short, organized brainstorming and topics that are vital for the developement of this game are absolutely necessary right now so I'm rather impressed with the amount of concepts/opinions and ideas being put onto spotlight these days, it's just what's best for business and if anything it's also just how promising DBO actually is, given the right management and people with positive mindsets. Toxicity and non-constructive criticism are just not working, unless people would want to experience the 31st October 2013 once again.

    DBO G Team.

    Hello once again,

    Just a quick heads up since I noticed what you're trying to set as your signature is an MP4 (video) which isn't eligible. So here's a link to the GIF version I made of what you were trying to upload as MP4 and which should be eligible for the signature. (ClickMe!)

    DBO G Team.


    First of all you upload your picture to imgur, and then you click on your right mouse button & hit ''Show image'' as shown here
    Once done you copy the image address and put it onto your signature using this specefic format as shown here which should look for the image I used in my GIF example like this. Hope this helps!

    DBO G Team.

    A method that is almost guaranteed to work is this:
    First of all get Internet Download Manager here & make sure it's applied to work for the browser you use, it'll guide you through when you're installing so that's a no problemo.
    Second is downloading DBO G from this link and obviously using the tool I've recommended and not just the browser download feature. Once you're set it's only a matter of time until you can play DBO G once again.

    i didn't play for a couple of months and now i lost my char he was lvl 21 can u restore it or not ?? pls ;(;(;(

    What was the last time you've played ? If it's anything before March 2018 then please note that we're already through the Pre-Open Beta phase (in which we've already mentionned the character wipe after the end of that phase). If not then please make a ticket here so that a GM+ can help you with your account recovery.

    Hello Aszpoker,

    The game is indeed old, which is one of the most contributing reasons on why this manages to happen. Though some people found some workarounds that MIGHT help such as this that my colleague Kakarot shared a while ago. However, this is set to be totally fixed with the release of our newer client (Winter 2018) so any fix that seems to be too time consuming or such is not worthwhile tbh.

    Pretty sure this poop pet is for people who bought the Founders pack when the server first came out - not too sure though

    Correct. The pet is exclusive to founders only (early supporters) so incase you aren't one it's not obtainable (for now atleast).

    Get the dragonballs and wish for it.

    It's the last option.

    The pet obtained from DBs is the panties one.

    I had the 1709 version and the game used to freeze a lot if you didn't deactivate windows defender, now i have 1803 and is much worse because deactivating w defender no longer helps.

    I no longer play this game since months, but i wanted to check out things and encountered this situation, at least there is hope with the incoming client.

    That's pretty much it and when you get to the point where you tried so much to fix it with no result it's just not worth it anymore as the new client should litteraly fix it once and for all.

    Hello & welcome. It's good to hear about your interest for the game!

    As for the game dying or not, all what I've got to say right now is that one of the biggest updates to ever manage to undergo is going to be live sooner or later (it's a work in progress atm), so that sums up how alive the game should be. Alot of effort, time and dedication are being put into it. However, at the time being I have to say that it's not the best version, not what DBO really has to offer so to say. So for you as a beginner you can just use the time in order to learn the basics before the bigger update drops and the game gets to show what it really has in its arsenal of stacked fun and the amazing DBZ-MMO experience we've all wanted as DBZ Fans.

    glhf ;)

    Hello IAmNiklaus,

    A good way would obviously be something PvE oriented due to the fact that you're a new player and you'd pretty much always be concerned with questing and the player vs monster game mode overall untill you learn the game well enough then you'd move to PvP. In terms of a good build, I can suggest Roli's guide. As for evolving baby pets (egg) please check this guide out.

    Hello Cernunnos,

    No date confirmed yet, any info going around is nothing but rumors. Though please keep these in mind:

    Fact 1: 70 cap will most likely come with the new client update OR a couple of weeks later at most, not sure about this yet. However, It definitly won't come much later than that.

    Fact 2: No resets are happening again, anyone saying otherwise is absolutely lying.

    And finally, I recommend watching the Teaser my colleague Kirito made a while ago:

    Yeah the 250 coin one, ''Friend of Trunks'', is untrade-able. However, ''Universe's Luckiest'' isn't (as long as you don't equip it, obvously).

    Nope. The one you're able to buy at Auction-House is ''Universe's Luckiest'' (which is also the one that comes with a bonus of -2 cooldown). For ''Friend of Trunks'' you need to interact with the NPC that appears on the spot where World-Boss gets killed (obviously only available during the World-Boss event), and then you open up Menu that the NPC provides (by right clicking him) and so you can exchange 250 silver coins from your inventory for ''Friend of Trunks'' aka -5% Anti-Crit.