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    Couldn't disagree more, 70 cap right now is the nail in the coffin. With the game as it is, if it goes to 70 cap, it will be COMPLETELY dead. Work on fixing the game in 60 cap so you'll have no issues in 70 cap. It's simple, no one's asking you to do the impossible, just use common sense and listen when people who know what they're talking about are saying.

    You missed my point. That's exactly what I've stated. There will absolutely be no 70 cap unless we guarantee it's going to be a healthy 70 cap as in bug-less and reasonable enough for us to atleast consider it an official 70 cap.

    i feel like , what "Daneos" is trying to do currently is , move the game old engine into a new one, so it's alot easier to edit/fix it , and i would assume that's not an easy thing to pull off , so i would Recommend suggestions to be hold off till that happens , maybe they would get view'd at least,

    cause i don't think they really taking these fix's/suggestions into consideration right now , but it doesn't hurt to do so i suppose.

    Infact not. Fixes and Suggestions are both being carefully considered for the time being, & due to the fact that the game is pretty much at a sensitive state in which any mistake could be of high cost, or is actually since lv. 70 cap is pretty much the last chance I'd say.


    Just to make something clear for the community:
    Long story short, organized brainstorming and topics that are vital for the developement of this game are absolutely necessary right now so I'm rather impressed with the amount of concepts/opinions and ideas being put onto spotlight these days, it's just what's best for business and if anything it's also just how promising DBO actually is, given the right management and people with positive mindsets. Toxicity and non-constructive criticism are just not working, unless people would want to experience the 31st October 2013 once again.

    DBO G Team.

    Hello & welcome. It's good to hear about your interest for the game!

    As for the game dying or not, all what I've got to say right now is that one of the biggest updates to ever manage to undergo is going to be live sooner or later (it's a work in progress atm), so that sums up how alive the game should be. Alot of effort, time and dedication are being put into it. However, at the time being I have to say that it's not the best version, not what DBO really has to offer so to say. So for you as a beginner you can just use the time in order to learn the basics before the bigger update drops and the game gets to show what it really has in its arsenal of stacked fun and the amazing DBZ-MMO experience we've all wanted as DBZ Fans.

    glhf ;)

    Yeah the 250 coin one, ''Friend of Trunks'', is untrade-able. However, ''Universe's Luckiest'' isn't (as long as you don't equip it, obvously).

    Nope. The one you're able to buy at Auction-House is ''Universe's Luckiest'' (which is also the one that comes with a bonus of -2 cooldown). For ''Friend of Trunks'' you need to interact with the NPC that appears on the spot where World-Boss gets killed (obviously only available during the World-Boss event), and then you open up Menu that the NPC provides (by right clicking him) and so you can exchange 250 silver coins from your inventory for ''Friend of Trunks'' aka -5% Anti-Crit.

    Hello SayaGYM,

    I'd like to thank you first of all for your contribution towards the community despite the nature of the suggestion it's still help from your part.
    Long story short, I'd say just give the game some time in order to get to know to how stuff work as from the very content of your suggestion a background of a fresh/new and non-experienced player is extracted so it would rather be advantageous in this case if you get more involved with basic stuff and completely learn the game (assumingly takes around 6 months ATLEAST). You can also try keeping a stable forum activity in the meantime so you get to learn efficiently. The question what does this have to do with your suggestion might come up after reading the first part of my reply but be it the fact that you'd be an older player it'd be as clear as day that the game is totally not going to support such concepts (for the time being, atleast as nothing is inevitable ofc!).

    Locking thread.

    Thank you once again for your contributive action!
    DBO G Team.

    I expected more from this global server.

    Instead of developping and/or seeking for strategies (which is the first thing MMO players look for and develop) let's blame it on the server, daneos and everyone and say we're disappointed? Quite pathetic if you ask me. Try going the other way round and blaming yourself for not giving it enough time and thinking, in order to make it ''worth it''...

    Back to the topic anyways. DB Hunt has only been a problem before it got changed to what it is now, in which back in the day you'd see people fighting over dragon ball mobs, flaming eachother and get frustrated alot when someone comes in and kills the mob that they aimed for whilst hunting, which was quite lame, unfair and compared to how it is now, DB hunting is way better and incomparable to what it was back then. All in all, I can recommend using the ''juicy'' red map spots since they're known between good players for excellent mob density and a quite interesting amount of the item boxes rated 'ultra' which is rather efficient for DB Hunting, or a life-hack so to say. One red map spot that I can recommend from my own experience is Narak Hideout located north west of the map I suggested. But before all of this make sure you're either a fully buffed turtle/DW or an ultimate majin in order to profit to the max of this, also make sure you're not out of the 5 level-rule's bounds, the mobs in the hideout are 54, you do the math. Hope this helps.

    I did not suggest it as a fraud-less website (yet I have seen people claiming how they've been and still are behind botting activities ofc). I did though suggest it as a STABLE and usable as vinter confirms on his reply. All in all, I do say bots are history once we drop our newer client and even then they won't be totally gone because it is manage-able despite security protocols (AGAIN, take for example the biggest and most successfull MMOs, with all their arsenal of in-game cheat protection they yet suffer from botting and the 'money' black market going around it). Yes it is critical to the economy yet what's absolute is the fact that HACKERS/EXPLOITERS are the priority. Simply talking from a realist's perspective and from my awareness of how stuff is going when it comes to this for many more bigger MMOs. Duplication of +15 items and what not maybe even ingame currency, disconnecting others etc.. How tiny of a threat is botting compared to such things?

    This site sells card31 -> good for you and all paypal users! However it also sells boted money for dbog and sometimes boted accounts for dbog -> very bad for you! If you can make them stop that ok, but i doubt they give a shit about dbo, because they never did! And trust me, boters always find a way.. they did when "gameguard" was on and they will do with new client on.. - hope im wrong tho..

    You see, that's not actually the biggest problem. It's rather hacking/exploiting is what is the most lethal to the game rather than anything else. Botting activity is definitly not going away as you can see, be it with protection or not (take for example the bigger MMOs, they don't want to get rid of bots ? I don't think so). So yup, I hope this sums it up so we don't go much off topic.

    Promoting a site that kills the game by selling zeni collected bei bots and boted accounts? Clever move!

    I do not recall me promoting it. It's Card31 that is in contact with website and not US, we have nothing to make off this. It's just to stick to the 'donation through paypal thing'. And whichever issue you've told Daneos about, worry not. It's history once the newer client drops. ✌️