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    Literally a bad idea to get feedback from these players. They main that class, most of what they suggested are buffs. I have yet to see any detrimental nerfs to their respective classes. They are all subjective when it comes to their own class.

    Yes there are a lot of suggestions without proper explanations on how it would affect the balance like dreamer and others said. My main concern with turtle is their overwhelming crit damage. The "damage increased when critical hit is successful" lets a turtle 1 shot the majority of players. Would nerfing this mechanic be the right course of action as it is also affects classes like fighter. The team never promised to implement anyones suggestions. However im sure they would like to see yours if you even plan on contributing to this thread at all.

    great thread!

    turtle hermit change

    -In addition to blazing barragers comment. Changing physical/spiritual defense boost to percent changes instead of a flat rate. ex(5%=level1, 10%=level2, 20%=level3). reason: flat rates are nice however when gears start getting stronger a 524 increase isn't very rewarding for 3 sp. Also the defense decrease should disapear like barrager said. why? because in situations like party budokai when alot of teams run high energy and physical attack( ex,turtle and fighter in the same party) this buff would litterally create more harm than good.

    - the dodge rate and defense rate decrease on the skill slow should be changed to a percent decrease as well. Although defense rate doesn't play a big role in dbog atm, dodge rate does. Same idea as the spiritual/physical defense boost skill. What does -206(max) dodge rate do to a fighter who can reach 8k dodge rate when its still only 60 cap?

    Although some/all of our ideas may not actually come to pass; its good that the team is asking the community for balancing ideas.

    thank you

    You guys also act like tw was perfect and everything has to be like tw this and that

    ....dbo tw doesn't exist anymore lol.The game ain't worth a 12h a day grind just to be competitive. It's a 2010 model game. Stop making more ways to lose more players then we already are.

    so many ppl like me dont have huge time for grind/farm all day long so i prefer to stay with no broken, why the game needs to be harder? Just for cashers feed their egos against non casher players?

    I agree...not everyone has 12h a day just to be competitive with OP cashers who wanna take a chance in order to separate themselves from the rest....oh and since when was 2.5% chance or something to get +15 easy?

    so you guys just wanna ignore the seemingly most balanced cap? This for a couple of pve contents like cc100 that you ain't strong enough for anyways? Who even does ud6 really? In all honesty idc I just want things to he balanced. Why wait till 60cap to fix stuff if everthing is going well in 55 cap.

    So you think that by imitating someone doing something you and a load of others don't like is a good thing?
    If you bothered to read his previous posts where others had done the exact same thing you will see that he comments something similar to this "you can't and won't change my opinion "

    I'm not endorsing wither of you as it's none of my business but why waste your breath when you could be helping someone rather than jumping into an argument that had nothing to do with you?

    Well this is the internet, arguments are gonna happen regardless of what anyone says to try and stop them, just let em be lol...what ya gonna do, tell someone not to get butt-hurt? good luck :rolleyes: spits dat.....NekoMajn's life on this forum...he takes dat!!! =O=O=O=O=O=O=O=O

    Well, it looks like someone doesn't read the Global Update Thread. Actually search the forums before you reply please. Smh.

    thank u for "trying" so kindly to help out...i wasn't even insulting hotpockets and i have read the whole global update thread, none of the above claims by him were proven in the "global update thread". All of what hotpockets claims daneos said is nowhere to be found to my knowledge, so its reasonable that i ask for a link if what he claims daneos said is true. Why are u telling me to search for something in a place where it wont be found? plz don't mislead people on the forums, thanks :thumbup: