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    it would be cool to have a budokai in the middle of the levels, lowering/removing the rewards so pro players doesn't find it usefulll, so middle players have something to do instead of levelling levelling levelling :D

    Even bazo idea is not bad, we can have senior senior budokai ( who already won once ) with greater reward and a minor budokai.

    Or else: give the winner a lock to not lartecipate the next 2 or 3 budokai?

    I know it's made for who abuse to make mudosa using an alt, but i wish i could play with my friends in arena and not finding some full +15 karma xD

    yeah we have duels but it's not the same, the distance, buffs, rp and items.

    More than that i'd like to see an option in the capsule box, an icon before the name like it is in the default box but with the action "sold all items in there" rare or legendary should ask for confirmation like always. :/:)

    I agree that giving guard a success of 100% but raising its cd will make the pvp more challenging and skillful. Now is totally based on luck, you can do your strategy perfectly but if you miss one hit with some classes you're dead. We should have a mechanic that help us breaking combo for the opponent, obviously they can do the same o.o ... it would require to use the brain to win, now the pvp is just - spam the same tactic to win - and yeah that's not so funny. This is my opinion, don't start to insult, like happens everywhere

    Sorry for my bad english xD

    I was testing it earlier, as soon as the animation finishes it auto attacks for some reason. It was fixed back in February but it might be broken again. Even if i target myself, as soon the animation ended it auto targeted the other player and auto attacked straight after

    edit: also i never used to have to target myself to do it in 45/55 cap

    Well i put the auto-attack icon in the hotkey bars and i click on it after casting dodon barrage to stop it, it require a good timing tho.. but i manage to stop auto - attacks :)

    Nah if you don't understand what % means do as you please. My math doesn't have anything wrong, maybe daneos just set cap of defence rate at 500 and you reach that so easily that the math is useless but you can't say what you're saying without knowing what the exact number for cap is. Good luck with it

    Read again what i wrote earlier, if you don't get it read it again.

    capped at 20%!! do you understand it??? it means that at your defence rate cap you can block 1 hit on 5.

    if i have base defence rate of 100 and i use agile armor at level 2 my defence rate would be 204, if cap is 1000 i would block less than 20% of the times. Do you know math?

    Thousand slashes got nerfed and the others the same as retail.

    the others aren't like retail ._.

    the skill raise your defense rate in percentage of your actual one, same in retail you'll block just more you don't block 100% of the times... so my point is, if you don't equip armor with defence rate and you use agile armor at 2 instead of 1 you block more! daneos told that at cap you'll block 1 time on 5, is basic math. We should know the base defence rate for every class and what the cap really is in numbers, only then we can tell if agile armor is useless.

    first of all don't accuse if you don't know .-. My main is a Crane, i play like that from TW server, and really on tw the frustration to use it at cap was way bigger than here.

    Spirit wave, thousand slashed and the other got already buffed since on retail you need to wait the dot to be consumed on the opponent by 30% of its duration, anyway i agree that 4 sec confusion with a long cd doesn't be really handly. But it still be usefull in some situations, i personally use it a lot vs namekians and mighty majins...

    Agile armor: increase by 104% are we sure that daneos means 20% cap? I mean we don't know the base defense rate for classes so if they're all equal than your suggestion is extremely right [ there are another skills that are pretty useless on the spiritualist tree, every class have those ], if not we should have the math from the developer.. however in pve i notice that with agile armor at level 2 block more hits than at 1.

    Ah you don't see crane in budokai 'cause a crane relying on dots hardly pass the eliminatory stage, since other people steal your kill easily ;( i hate it

    crane is the only class that don't have instant stun, i guess he meant that. Classes that have much more dps just use 1 stun and use 2 skill to kill ( if the game is played without potting).

    Anyway i'm fine with the crane he have a lot of good spells :)

    I hate that this game is balanced only with gears, if we make a tournament of naked players some classes doesn't even have a chance to win [ that means balance? ]

    obviously if searing crane get Kd the burn dot should get decreased. Anyway searing crane can do 2k dot only with red rp with kd it will not be that op but i agree that the burn dot should be reduced. If searing crane is too much i suggest to change the 2 secs of fiery shout to 1 cast, that way it will not change much :)

    Thousand slashes got nerfed (it was a thing to do), we at least deserve a dot from 35mt who does a little damage. I never said that crane is weak, like you said it need more effort than other classes maybe.

    Edit: why being autistic should be a bad thing? Why almost all the community insult? Useless talk, nothing more. STOP IT

    more than 297.png reduce cast it will be cool to reduce 296.png or give it KD ability. We need to improve useless skills, i guess but not only crane ones.
    Anyway i like your suggestions! Keep thinking