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    - Item Decompensation

    Remove the possibility to decompensate items bought from a shop.

    No changes about dogis? I mean, if I remember well, time ago there was talk of finding a way to "disassemble" dogis to avoid that there are many dogis in circulation.

    The weight function has never been correctly integrated into the game. Currently, not having to take care of the weight, each player has always aimed at the best armors: Tmq7, Craft and CCBD. The rest of the armors of the game are useless.
    The armors should be divided into Light Armor (Cloth) and Heavy Armor (Battle Suit) (or if is it possible a middle way, Medium Armor, but honestly I don't know which armor to put between the medium).

    The same argument should also apply to weapons, they should also have a weight and in case subdivide them into Light Weapons and Heavy Weapons.

    With the Weight System It will not be so easy to have Best Stats, you have to consider your weight, if you want to have a good speed of movement, and look for a compromise using Light armors/weapons.

    Equipped Weight                                               Weight Class                                                     Walking Speed

    <25% light fastest
    >=25% and <=50% medium medium
    >50% and <100% heavy slow
    >=100% over-encumbered no dash/flying dash & walk only

    If you want to raise your Weight Limit you need a lot STR. For example 20 STR could give you 100 in Weight Limit (obviously the correct values are to be decided)

    The Tanks (Grand Chef M, Ultimate M, SK, DW) should have the Weight Limit higher than other classes.

    If is it possible you could also add new accessories that increase the weight limit.

    (For those who played Dark Souls, Black Desert, etc.. more or less understand what I mean with this suggestion.)

    It will take a lot of work this function, because it will be necessary to change all the weights of armor and weapons (same for Weight Limit), but in this way the game would be more interesting and "modern".

    Probably many will not appreciate the idea, because so they can continue to put the best equipment directly without thinking about the weight..

    I would suggest some recolors of popular dogis to be implemented in the game in future (or maybe for the moment also in mod version) :

    Goku Gi Dogi (Black Version)

    Vegito Outfit (Black and Red Version)

    Future Trunks Gi (Various Version)

    I would suggest these changes:

    -Dragon's God Fury:

    The super punch could does more damage and maybe that cause a stun of 2 seconds, cooldown 10-12 seconds.

    I would add 2 types of taunts: 1 single target and 1 aoe, so the pet can keep the aggro more often.
    I would change the AOE Spinning Skill making it "knock down" with a cooldown of 14-16 seconds.

    At the moment this pet (at lvl 5 maxed) has low energy defense, being a tank I'd raise the e. def at least 2000.


    I dunno sincerely about the skill that removes the debuff, I'vent had the opportunity to test it correctly..

    -Dragon God's Rage

    I would increase a bit his damage, currently it does very little damage, and considering that it's the DPS Pet.

    I'd change his skills with DOT damages, for example:
    l'd make the skill that casts 2 "disks" with bleeding damage.

    The fiery breath with "burn damage". It's a dragon why not makes him do scald damage?

    The last skill, "the explosion", should deal more damage, maybe that causes a slowdown of a few seconds to the enemies.

    Instead about the skill that increases the energy attack is currently very useless.. It lasts 2 seconds and gives 120 enegery attack approximately... I think a good buff could be that this skill gives you and your party 10-20% SOL for 1 minute.

    If I can manage the skills I can decide when I want the buff energy attack, taunt or the antistun, which are the most useful skills currently of the dragons.

    I hope you give some small enhancement to the pet's skills or statistics, (as soon as possible if you can fix the pet that are still bugged..)

    I think this problem solution the weight system. Would be usable all Armor clothes all class, and if better the Armor value, they become heavier, they move slower :D
    Maybe Weapon have higher Dammage, become heavier, slower a bit... :(

    In fact the weight system has been inserted but never really applied.. If the weight were inspired at least a little at "Dark Souls" would not be bad, would have greater impact on the gameplay.

    Currently when you sell an item, you receive the email with the money but without knowing what you sold. I wondered if it was possible to add the name of the item sold to the email text (instead of the text: "an item").


    Hi I would like to propose to add new skin colors for the Majin and Namekian race. If you can add the new colors during to the creation of the character, otherwise through the object of the cash shop.

    Here some ideas on new colors:



    An idea about this was already suggested in past here (by EchoSon) e probably from other people, my suggestion is to add commands to permit to hide/show individually your dogi or costume accessory.

    For example with commands like:

    -Dogi: @showdogi 0 (hide), @showdogi 1 (show)
    -Hair: @showhair 0 (hide), @showhair 1 (show)
    -Mask: @showmask 0 (hide), @showmask 1 (show)
    -Richness: @showrichness 0 (hide), @showrichness 1 (show)
    -Backpack: @showbackpack 0 (hide), @showbackpack 1 (show)

    In this way you can use the various dogi accessories with the dogi ball effects without worrying too much about the aesthetics.

    -Instead if you can insert some new "graphic" function, you could add an icon that by clicking on it allows you to hide or show the accessory costume.


    Prima era preopen e quindi i personaggi che creavi erano temporanei, ora che siamo usciti dall open beta i personaggi creati sono permanenti.

    I was sure someone would mention the Giant Namek with Dash. You can't absolutely compare the giant namek to pure majin, both as statistics and as greatness are totally different.

    Yes, that was obvious, but basic is slow, for example basic SSJ has the increased movement speed (plus other buffs it has recently received) and you can use the things you mentioned to further increase the speed of movement. It is also a discourse based for those who play alone.

    Already as the title says, what do you think? I think it's right that he has a minimum of mobility not being a giant.
    In case the idea of the dash is totally rejected at least raise the speed of movement..

    I always thought why we couldn't fly inside the west city? What do you think, wouldn't it be nice and faster to fly? Even in the anime or in Dragon Ball Xenoverse you can fly into the city ?(