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    Boas mano!

    Alright english is indeed the best!

    Thank you very much now i understand what it is to do haha

    Obrigado/Thanks Pessoal/People
    Peace! :dpeace:

    I did that already... i did private shop, selling staff there, i did selling staff on action house also and nothing...

    Ps: Im from Portugal, so thats why somethings are in portuguese haha but thanks for the info ^^

    And by the away i did that quest of open private shop so... thats why im confused on this one :S

    I see,
    Its fine becouse since we are on pre-open beta its normal having those kind a bugs

    I think Daneos will fix it on open beta or even during the pre.

    Thank you once again for the replys

    Peace :dpeace:

    Alright! If your statment is true, i will give it a shot!

    I know that other races are more capable of maintain it like Dendes or dragon clan, Namek Warriors, majin buu also, but since im a human i think it would be wise upgrading Kaio-ken to maintain the maximum as possible (and besides with Kaio-Ken we are more bad ass) hehe

    Thank you very much for replying for this thread!
    It helped me with my decision to upgrade Kaio-ken!

    Have a good game folks!


    Thanks for the fast reply!

    But i already know that stuff
    My only issue is what i get beneficially if i upgrade more my kaio-ken
    That is the only question the video doesnt explain

    And i already google it but it seems that no one knows
    Some says less lp/ep drain if upgraded, which that would be fine
    Others says more power attack , speed etc!
    And even worse! that increases more power but drains more lp/ep also

    So at this point im like who is right?...

    Hi folks, how are you today!

    I was wondering for a good while what kaio-ken upgraded to lvl 2 and 3 does?
    Is it less drain lp/ep?
    More % Power, Speed and etc?
    What is the benefits?

    Hope anyone know i have playd dragon ball online for years but never get to know that matter.

    Thank you very much,
    Have a great day!