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    I do not know how much money Daneos made. I don't care.

    And I am not defending him in any way.

    I just want you guys to realize that you expect way too much out of him. NTL Failed. What makes you think one dude can make this game successful?

    Also look at other MMORPG private servers. There are few successful ones and thousands if not millions that failed to deliver. I mean for some games new private servers pop up everyday.

    How many playable DBO private servers do you know apart DBOG? And

    community is constantly spiliting. It won't acomplish anything. I wish people didn't leave DBOCOM in the first place and worked together to revive DBO. We would already had a decent version of this game. Look how much time has passed since the retail shutdown.


    Daneos needs to grow a pair of balls, make thread and explain himself, why things are the way they are from his perspective. He needs to face his community like a man. Community needs to know what's going on.

    And you guys need to stop complaining and bashing him until it happens. I did not see a single thread nowadays apart crying.

    He was a member of the staff-team at one point.

    Regardless, can an active member of this community not voice their concerns? Everybody has a right to speak their mind, whether or not they've had a direct contribution to the game.

    Listening to - or at very minimum taking into account - players/customers is a golden rule for running a successful game/business.

    Everything is fine about expressing concerns.

    Other thing is when people constantly bash, trash talk and do not feel gratitude for what's been done for them. I understand that community is always the most important and without it any project is doomed, but to be honest DBO community is one of the worst community's I've ever seen.

    Sorry but Daneos is dumb.

    I mean this guy sacrificed his free time to bring back dead, less than mediocre mmorpg, for DBO fanboys to enjoy who value nothing.

    So much expectations, so much responsibility, so many promises to deliver to keep people happy. And no matter what you gonna do there will always be those who complain.

    Original developer (you know NTL, company with professional developers, budget and license to produce DBO) went bankrupt while developing official servers.

    Let me remind you that official DBO had broken balance, had too many bugs and had nothing new to offer for the MMORPG market apart from Dragonball artworks and theme and it clearly was not enough to keep DBO running.

    And yet look how much you people expect from 1 random dude with limited knowledge.

    I wonder what Daneos was thinking before taking this burden upon himself?

    Did he expected to make a few bucks out of this project?

    Did he selflessly wanted to become some kind a hero for the most toxic and selfish Dragonball community ever?


    Same people. Same patern.

    Such a great community of ass kissers until something fails. Then these people praise new project and are first in line to dig a grave for the old one.

    Remember DBOCOM and how easily everyone abandoned Citrinate for DBOR? Or how people abandoned and started talking shit here about DBOR? Now these people talk crap about DBOG on DBOUR.

    DBOCOM -> DBOR -> DBOG -> DBOUR -> ???

    Why would anyone really bother to satisfy you people in the first place? You all will abbandon everything at the first glimpse of something better and give nothing in return.

    Daneos is incompetent, but he did make first playable DBO private server online. Guy doesn't owe you anything. If I were in his place I would just delete DBOG and pretend it never happened.


    So now point of this thread and the vote is mostly to see what you guys think about this changes and to really weed out those DBOG Fanboys who supported and still support downfall of DBO.


    Random question... How much zennie did you spent to support this project?

    You have no founder I am guessing you...

    helped Daneos with coding and other technical stuff?

    Maybe you assisted with translations?

    Maybe you actively participated in bug testing and reporting?

    Maybe you helped moderating this forum and community?

    I am not trying to mock you.

    Just let me know what was your personal contribution to keep this project going apart from sitting and spamming stuff on this forum like everyone else because you sound like you invested so much into this project.

    You definitely not complaining about something that was and still is completely free for you... aren't you?

    i think you need to open your eyes fast...

    i came back and played for like 3 weeks this dead game, you know what the sad part is? there is people still cashing. wtf??

    if you are really that excited to play on this lame server where you have almost nothing to do, i think you are the one who needs a girlfriend and get laid.

    Lol. I am not playing DBO ever since the original TW server shutdown. But oh well still thank you for your effort.

    hahahah you sound like you're the one who need to get yourself some pus*y. girls and bitches can fu*k with me on the weekends. thats off the point though. i'm out here living my best life while you people on here all day hoping so desperately for something that won't happen in a million years.

    You know people can acctually see your online status and how much time you spend here? For a person who doesn't care you write way too long messages and express way too much passion. Oh well. Not my business. Enjoy your fapping!

    You know what, Forget get it. Go post in dead Threads Mr.Logic. You are right and i am wrong. Never saw you post here up until now. Don't even know if you are up to date or not but i don't care. Enjoy whatever you're doing here. Hope the mods just close down the Threads that you pull up again, although it makes no sense at this point. But then again, that's just my Logic...not your superior logic.

    Ain't nobody got time for dat.

    I really hope people like you do not represent this community.

    DBO was always a grinding game. You'd do well to not forget that. Nobody would be against an open PvP Channel outside of Scramble. But it still won't do crap. At first yes, later, nope. Can't compare it to other games cuz this is not other games, it's DBO xD

    No one will say anything if Daneos decides to add an extra Channel for open world PvP. It will simply be there and still not change a single sh*t. End.

    You take this too far talking about how in DB it was all about fighting stronger ppl hahahahaha. You can test out your skills in Plat, regular Duel or Ranked too, using a friend (or how it has been done so far, Multiclient with yourself lmao). Don't really need open PvP for that crap.

    If I am taking things too far then you aren't going anywhere, m8, with your logic.

    Should this DBO version remain grinding game and die like retail did? Or should it take inspiration from other successful games and move forward?

    The game isn't dead because of the lack of open PVP.

    The game is dead for many other reasons, which you should be able to infer by playing/looking around.

    I know. Problem with this game is that it is a revival of a failed game in the first place.

    DBO failed. That's why it died. Strip away Dragonball stuff and you will be left with a bellow average MMORPG.

    I love DBO but it is true.

    Unless something changes completely every server is doomed to fail.

    Better Dead than having you spam the f*ck out of every god damn dead Thread to give your lame opinion lmao. Ain't even good stuff, you just post out of boredom.

    Yeah because good forum should be only bug report and crying. Right. Gotcha.

    Edit: I took a quick look at your posts dude.

    You are not a sharpests tool in the shed to call my opinion lame. Good look.

    Lol. Go and play games like Lineage 2 or Tera to see a big diference between PvP MMORPG and PVE. DBO is PVE. Square area for trolls is not PVP.

    Game based on Dragonball, franchise where heroes were looking forward to overcome strong enemies reduced to bs platform and friendly duels.

    1. Guilds are useless in DBO. No point unless you are a tryhard. Which most people aren't.

    What content do guilds have? Dojo battle? Wow. TMQ UD? Random party is more than enough for those.

    Open PvP would make guilds matter.

    2.End game content is boring. You want to go to Budokai, Plat or Arena and you still getting rekt by the same guys with high gear.

    And many people easily getting bored grinding before even reaching that level and quit.

    3. Grinding is boring. PvP makes MMORPG thrilling and exciting. Never ending competition. Do not like getting killed? Switch channel. Simple.

    Even if only few people would choose PvP channel I see no reason why there shouldn't be one. Simply open such channel for at least a week and see what happens.

    Believe me freedom to fight and test your skills is what makes MMORPG fun. Not grinding. It would make this game feel more Dragonball. Go become villain and spread chaos. Don't like it? Become a hero and protect weak ones.

    Endless possibilities.

    Yes. 1 hour cd = 1 hour duration.

    Also add this:

    Different levels of dragon buffs.

    Dragon ball wishes to upgrade.

    Wish example:

    Shenron grant me your Blessing (5%)

    Shenron grant me Greater Blessing (10%)

    Shenron grant me Strongest Blessing(15%)

    Make dragonball hunting have meaning longer.