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    I'm pretty sure that many of you that play PvP in this game have, at some moment, suffered the frustration of losing a fight by dice. In other words, sheer luck.

    "But wait, when the dice is rolled, is because the fight ended in a draw situation (same hp or same kill count). So it's fair!"

    But what if the dice rolled because there was no fight?

    This was my party's qualifiers today:

    Long story short, the party we fought disconnected in the moment the fight began, preventing us from killing them and keeping the score at 0 x 0 until time ran out. In the end, they rolled a higher number than us, and won.

    I'm not even ranting about the qualifiers system (which I dislike on solo, but think is ok on party budo), but at the cheap way they defeated us, because we all believe we could have won that match. Why the hell the game doesn't automatically ends the fight when there's no oponnents left in qualifiers (like it does when there's no party to fight)? Like, the staff really overlooked this?

    You can see at the video that it wasn't crash, since you can see some of them still online. THEY ENTERED THE FIGHT AND DECIDED TO QUIT. That makes me believe that this wasn't the first time this party (consisted of SonIsmael, Puy, JirenBrAlone, PuiPui and LWgouzahzong) attempted at doing this. At least, one of them knew of that bug and told the others about it.

    I wouldn't believe that, coincidentally, all 5 of them lost internet connection either, because we all know that there are many buggers and cheaters in this game.

    We already contacted the staff, but I would like to warn the community about this bug, because losing like this is just unfair and infuriating.

    (Check the spoiler above^ for 4k quality image of the party, Senzu)

    I wouldn't expect another budokai happening like 2 weeks ago, when all the CHs crashed right before finals. But I do expect they get punished for using such a cheap method for a easy win.

    TL;DR: Party disconnected during qualifiers, won by dice, no punishment yet.

    The change in the dojo war rules (no more fake guild applications) was a good decision from the team. The dojo war should always happen, since it's pretty frustating to organize 30 players every week to fight and be unable to do it since the defending dojo owner decided to fake the fight. But there's a big problem: 2 hours for application.

    By keeping the application time open for 2 hrs, you are forcing all those players to stay online, doing nothing, just waiting for someone to challange them. And most of the times, no one will. People are afraid of the stronger guilds, and won't bother challanging many of them. Fake dojo fights are unfair, but challanging a guild in the last 10 minutes, when no one else is online to defend it, isn't either?

    The time for applications should be 15 minutes at max. Since the intention was to make the dojo wars happen, they should happen as soon as possible, right? There's no reason to stall a challange, unless you are atempting to take a dojo with a unfair fight. The attackers will always have the avantage if the application time don't change.

    It could be a channel with permanent higher drop rates or extra experience. Farming in it would be great, but you would need to fight for your spot constantly. Pretty fun IMO.