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    do we know when the wipe is coming yet

    Only when they fix most of the bugs. The sooner we report the faster it will be. Lets accept the wipe and help them to fix the game. It`s just a game. A game that we all want to play. So lets help them by playing on the test server and have some fun.

    Global is not the only development team who works with dbo. There is another one now. I'm afraid about the future of this project with all this wipes. Is this wipe gona bring more people here? Time will tell.

    I was thinking if its possible to add this skill to the game since it has a very long story behind in dragonball series. It'll kill the target instansly. Also it'll leave us with 1 LP with every use. How we can learn it? Through a new time rift or from Master Roshi after the adult quest. Plus, we cant use this skill to budokai or pvp for balance. It's Just a thought.

    The vote is about: "wipe the server" and not about the new launcher. Of course we need a new launcher but the vote means there is a way to take the launcher without a wipe. Everything else you said its fine by me end i agree but we dont know if the new launcher can provide all of this in the end since we dont have it yet. So what's the real point of all this? Lets wipe it and whatever happents? We dont even know if the new anti bot system is going to work. I agree to test the new lancher ect. I dont agree to wipe the server yet without knowing if its going to provite all the benefits first. I dont know about the others who said no but as or me i want make sure that this wipe is 100/100 the best option for all of this. Can someone prove it?

    Let's see it from the other side. Some people who vote yes they probably want a wipe because they use bots ect and they don't want to be discovered. Have you ever thought about that? @Admins If the new client fails dont try to wipe again. Just close the server. Let that be the message for this hackers. Some people wants to play here and the hackers ect gets in our way from playing.

    Stop the vote, give us the launcher. We have to test the server first .Lets see it and then we'll tell you if its worthing the wipe. After all we are gona play it, no? If its worthy the wipe you'll have my yes, i promise. Until then i vote no.