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    Yeah exactly, I won't name no one but fr there are people that got banned on other accounts, then clearly evaded a ban, some people got like banned on 3-4 accounts because of the same reason and they still playing the game, when someone who charged back like 20$ because he was bored of the game when there were no news of wipe, new client etc and he is banned permanently

    This actually made me just think of something else kinda related, Players who are 'hunted' are only hunted because they are known in the community. Im sure there are dozens of players who are complete randoms who have charged back but because nobody knows them they are still free to play even with there original name lol. Shows the quality of the systems in place xD. I'm sure there has been countless times where players are interacting with charge back players and nobody knows. So for me personally its not only flawed the system but its also 'unfair' some are hunted and some are not simply because 1 is known and 1 is not. So yea +1 for ending hunt after wipe :thumbup:

    Syren, so those who charged back will be back as well or not an option coz I dont want Sendobugg be back?

    That is yet to be decided (at least from what i am aware of)

    I personally feel like players who charged back should not be unbanned however they should not be hunted no more. Reason is simple really, Charge back players are banned because they brought illegal items onto the server since the items are not payed for the are considered illegal (at least in my opinion) After a wipe happens its a complete fresh slate by rights they have done nothing wrong as of that moment its wiped. And of course if they repeat the same thing (charging back) then once again they will be permanent banned and kept removed from the server.

    Players who have done far worse by rights aka duplicating items, Botting, 3rd Party Software hacks to cheat during PVP/Events are not hunted but yet are allowed to continue playing after being banned on another account??? shows the flaws in the rules... These are the rules we will make sure are changed after wipe. Just one of these examples and they will be removed forever without option to appeal.

    But yea as i said thats just my opinion, Only time will tell what really happens.


    No matter what happens this time round after wipe another wipe will not even be considered. However do not let that make you think 12 months down the line from now we will be in the same boat because we wont be. The whole point of the wipe is so we can implement the necessary systems in place to make sure another wipe will not even be needed let alone happen. The game can literally not take another wipe after this one, This is the final attempt to save the game and restore its former self.

    Rules and restrictions will be severely enforced after wipe as that has been a contributor to why we are in such state right now. Players who should of been banned and removed from the game have been given second chances and this will no longer be a option after wipe, As everyone by now should know after 3/4 years? right and wrong...

    Hello DBO G Community,

    Thank you to everyone who participated in sharing your thoughts and opinions on the matter.

    As suspected a Wipe is the clear winner and therefore will happen in due time. More information will come soon.

    Syren - DBO G Staff Team

    also using transformation for get free from skill is not bug even in fakin anime characters were using transformation for get free and it was like that since forever in this game also.

    Using Super Transformation such as Great Namek, SSJ, Pure Form yep is meant to break free but Kaioken was never the case. There was a bug that some players used a few months back where basically if you timed your Kaioken perfectly just as the stun was going to hit you when you used Kaioken you were immune as if it was a Super Transformation. What made this so broken is you can stack Kaioken so each time you stacked it you were immune for a short time whilst the animation was taking place. As you can see Xiang tried it but didnt know its fixed a while ago :D

    Spot on, Everyone knows Crane vs Karma is impossible fight and pretty much is the most unbalanced match up in the entire game. Yes its possible to beat unskilled karma but vs Horrid is impossible might aswell walk out the ring lmao. Isnt meant to be deceiving i just thought why show a fight where it would 1: be boring asf 2: Waste of my time and yours ^^

    haha yea many players still are not quite sure what to do vs Crane especially the spirit waves most players dont even know they exist lmao. Obtaining the CC gears were essential and yea the grind for them was unpleasant lmfao not to mention the CC100 Fan... xD

    A crane that winning budokai that isn’t sendoku? Yeah I think it time to wipe the server per se and add me to the balance team

    I agree a wipe is needed more than anything lmao but only time will tell to see what happens. Once New client is finished myself and the rest of the balance team will continue on balance and im sure we will recruit some more players to expand the overall knowledge of the team.


    if a wipe happens there is a few things we can do, For example we could refund the entire Cash Points but in stages and not all at once like start of Open Beta. I understand many players are concerned of what may happen and as of right now nothing is confirmed. Until a statement is released by DBO G Staff then continue as normal. We will not half, quarter players cash points as that would be very unfortunate for those who have spent there hard earned money on this project. Without donations DBO G would not of made it this far so do not look passed that.

    It would be foolish of us to wipe the server if within 12 months down the line we are right back at square one. As i stated in the previous thread the right Systems/Protection need to be implemented otherwise its just a huge waste of time.

    Another thing to take note of is if a wipe happens the wipe wont come with the current client that is for sure so this means it will be with the long awaited new client which will include many more things we can do to compensate for the inconvenience players suffer. For example Events can be hosted to give back to the community, That could be giveaways, Real world events like Christmas etc. Those from retail DBO will remember we had daily rewards and just bonuses to help move you along on your journey and these can all come with the new client.

    I know a wipe seems like a daunting task for many of you and is for me too but if it means the game can survive and actually really have a chance to be successful then we have to give it that chance right? Because at the end of the day with whatever happens lets say a wipe does not happen ay you keep your characters you keep your gear but what use is that if the game dies?

    Hello DBO G Community,

    With the new client we are able to do more than ever before, Which is why we would like to hear your ideas on a potential new upgrade system. We want to revamp the entire system or as much as needed to create the best possible experience.

    Suggestions must include:

    - What is needed to upgrade

    - Where you obtain the items you need to upgrade

    - The information regarding the upgrades E.G Blue/Red = +1 Green/Purple = +1-3

    Please explain in full detail so we can understand exactly what you mean.

    The idea of this thread is to gain some ideas to really make the best possible upgrade system one which is either RNG free or with at least possible RNG (Random Number Generated)

    Thanks in advance!

    Syren - DBO G Staff Team


    Reminder that all forum rules still apply here. If you want to leave any suggestions and express your opinions, please do so in a civilized manner.

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    Poko is excellent in PVE and one of the most rarest classes in the game due to this you will be able to find party's a lot easier than most classes. However Poko is not a AOE Class therefore you will not be able to farm at fast rate as you will be using Single Target DPS.

    Dark Warrior is god tier when it comes to farming just behind Turtle in terms of speed. However they are not really used in Dungeons as a Tank can usually be played by a Buffer aka Ultimate/Chef Majin.

    If you want to excel in both Farming/Dungeon runs then your choices is pretty much out of Turtle (very popular class), Ultimate/Chef, Karma Majin. In my opinion if its your first class i would go with Ultimate/Chef as they are relatively cheap to gear compare to the others and are key in Dungeons. They can also farm well due to their Spin Moves.


    There is no real way to ensure Dragon Ball Hunts go successful as its all RNG, Aslong as you:

    - Farm areas with high mob count

    - Make sure the mobs are within 5 Levels of your current level E.G Level 50, mobs must be 45-55

    - Do not change areas as you need to keep killing the mobs over and over to get a potential Dragon Ball Mob

    It just comes down to luck, It can be painful but the grind needs to be done:thumbup:

    Syren - DBO G Staff Team


    Honestly sometimes we can not predict how long events will last all we have is a ruff estimate. However we appreciate the feedback and will be improved for future events.

    Syren - DBO G Staff Team

    Ok, I agree with everything you have said and I appreciate that you have taken the time to comment on a well-argued answer. Only one last detail. Just a simple question.

    Are you going to tell us about the changes to be made in any class BEFORE the implementation? Or will you continue doing what you already do?:/:/:/

    Honestly as much as i would like it to be open discussions it just would not work. What i mean by this is yes there is players who will give good feedback but the majority would not and would simply be a consumption of time. As i mentioned earlier the community is free to give there opinions on any matter and if its myself or another member of staff we will read everything at some point i can assure you. As we apply changes these are not just tested by myself and other balance team members but when they are applied to the live server it will be tested by a LOT of people which can give us feedback.

    ^ this. Gm's dont forget we are a community you need to read all of opinions before you nerf any class

    Yes, Do not worry we take into account every single opinion made. Not all are good by any means but the ones where the majority of us agree on will be the ones trialed and tested.

    The one thing Poko has going for them is they are vital in PVE. The argument with Buffers being allowed in CC instead of buffing and then sitting outside was 'Why should buffers just be used for their buffs and not get anything out of it?' This is the same for speed classes. However this is just for Poko as for Karma we all know they excel in all aspects of the game and in due time other classes will rise up the further we go into balancing. Poko is not a healing class thats the role of the Dende does not make sense to give them the only thing dende is really needed for because then you make the class complete useless. If poko can heal and apply EP heals all you need is a strong tank and you render Dende useless. Classes were made for specific jobs and not every class was made for PVE some excel in PVE and some excel in PVP.

    'I guess any suggestions that don't come from "true end game players" or close friends, simply gets ignored.' Isnt true either in time you will see that i have taken suggestions from random forum posts and included them in my balance summary's and this will not change i will continue to do the same.


    As i have stated previously on forums each and everyone of us takes time out to review changes and suggestions on Forums. I can agree that not everyone in the Balance Team is worthy of the position. However do not let that be perceived as they have the final say because they do not. Any changes we apply is not permanent its merely a testing phase at any time we can adjust and remove effects made. In all games there is times where some classes are more effective at certain times when its in their meta's favor.

    Re-Wiping the server will not change anything because whats to stop people from just doing it again? We currently do not have protection systems in place and as with any game bugs can be exploited which can change the server dramatically.

    Upgrade system should be changed for sure, As currently RNG is something that can decide if a player continues or quits. It should be those who put the effort in obtain gears worthy of their effort.

    With a well geared team CC100 can be cleared with 4 people. The 5th class will and always be anything you/they want. Yes some classes it might take longer than others but that is the draw backs of some classes. Not every class is made for PVE and PVP. I do agree some classes need to be improved PVE wise in which im sure will happen eventually.

    From my knowledge any player who has been convicted and proved bug abusing in order to advance in any event has been permanently suspended and these rules will always be applied. Sometimes its not easy to tell due to server stability's however do not think each and every case isnt investigated because it is.

    Anyone who has been around on forums for a while knows i have always been in favor of being more open with the DBO G Community however this is the reason instead of leaving balancing to DBO G Staff we recruited a Team which will continue to grow and advance. To those who want their input and opinions counted that's why we have forums you are always free to give your suggestions and when we come across these threads we will take them into consideration. Just because we do not reply to every thread that is made does not mean we do not read over them.

    More precautions will be put into place when it comes to undeserved Budokai advances.

    Nobody is perfect and mistakes can and always will be made the only thing we can do is try better in future.

    To end things as Hardlock stated the New client brings so much more opportunity's anything we want we can potentially do. Yes mistakes were made but from here on out we will strive to make sure no more is made if thats Balancing, Bans or just mistakes server wise.

    Something i would like to say.

    Balancing is not over this is the first of many classes we will improve/nerf. However its not always a joint decision on some changes. What i mean by this is we do not all see eye to eye nor do we all have the same experience as each other. Which is understandable some of us compete in high level PVP and PVE on a regular basis whereas some do not. A lot of these changes i was against especially the damage increase and i backed up every argument i made. However i cant control what gets pushed through to Live Server. To end balancing is not over and changes can still be made even to fighters at any time so do not think this is set in stone and this is how fighters will remain forever.

    The current Client we use for DBOG is very restrictive there are many things we would like to do but just cant due to these restrictions. The new client Daneos is working on has far more possibility and pretty much opens it up for him to do whatever he wants. There will be no limits on what he can add/change. A lot of people seem to think the new client is nothing big but the truth is that its the biggest update ever. No further information will be released you will just have to wait and see:thumbup:

    Aight here we go, As we speak we are working on new things regarding balance do not think we are doing nothing and balance will stay like this. As for Ultimate Majin they are a strong class and can rival most classes effectively however as you said i do agree they are fine as they are right now. They are by no means weak but to say they are the best as some people said here is not the case. Karma is a big one they are very strong and yes is regarded as a broken class due to the back damage % increase buff they were given. Now here's the thing Back Crit Dmg is a global calculation we can not change 1 skills back damage without effecting other classes. The only thing we can do is change the skill itself however this would increase the skills base damage since we cant control the critical multiplier.

    As far as im concerned buffs in Dungeons is a mixed opinion thing at least to me, It is good that Ultimates/Chefs find teams a lot easier since they are needed however i do not agree that we are forced to take a class that can potentially go afk until they are needed to rebuff since we can use Turtles for AOE and tank etc.

    Now for Mystic Attack (Arm pull) This change by no means destroyed SK they are still Kings/Top Tier PVP class they have the advantage over pretty much any match up right of the bat due to there skill set and natural abilities LP/Def/CC As far as i myself see it the only class SK would really struggle against is a super Karma since they can not really be killed but they can kill the SK due to there insane damage. Apart from that SK will rival any class for sure. However this change completely runned Dark Warrior and Warrior into the ground they have gone from Mid/High Tier PVP to the complete bottom especially Kid Warrior.

    Now for Burn Defense, Since Ultimate's seem to be the most talked about class here im going to assume its vs Ultmates. Burn Defense is a strong stat for sure but for people to act like this makes them unbeatable that is far from the case. When it comes to % reduction same goes for Attacks too. What i mean by this is even if the Target is full burn defense as a Crane you will then use DMG RP Bonus this will ignore the burn defense and apply a strong burn you can see a demonstration vs Cashalot back in POB

    Look, I agree with your premise that Ultimate Majin is fine where it is. However I disagree with your notion that if the Ulti doesn't know what they're doing will get rekt by SM. You can literally spam random attacks/spam heal, and you'd annihilate the SM. Most Swordsmen can't do anything against SM. Now if they were to go full focus and CD they'd stand a solid chance against the Ulti, but usually the ones with the wallet to afford the equipment don't come up with those kinds of strategies.

    I also disagree that Ultimate Majins have a little chance at winning, they have a far better chance beating a Crane than beating a Turtle Hermit. Since defense is irrelevant against Cranes, any Ultimate Majin can craft plus 0 con or dex set to use against Crane hermits even if you're broke. And if the Ultimate Majin has a big enough wallet, in theory they can wear anti confu/bleed with burn defense armor. Just like that you've reduced their damage to nothing, and paralysis can be removed instantly. The only threat is slow/KD/Hypnosis, which is an easily counter-able tactic. If anything it's the Crane Hermit that doesn't stand a good chance against Ultimates, and they're the ones who need to know what they're doing. Although a Ultimate Majin can't kill the Crane, if it's ranked they can more than likely last more than long enough to have a chance at winning dice(even against good Cranes).

    This is another one of them fights where RNG can decide the fight. A good Swordsman will know how to fight vs Ultimates. It will by no means be a easy fight but its sure as hell not impossible. Look at Ultimates attack animation lets use the burn as an example and there Energy attack Cluster a Swordsman can easily jump these skills with one of the 2 flashes therefore it will be hard for utlimates to do really any damage except from reflect damage (If they use it) There are ways to fight them. Instead of fighting braindead use your brain and you can think to yourself i need to deal damage without him removing my Glaring Slash so you can do such things as KD - Glaring CD RP - Multiple Sword Slashes whilst he on the floor. When using Glaring Slash with CD RP it makes it so that you can keep the debuff applied and if he resist fire it on again when CD back up. (this is not directed at you personally just in General)

    This is exactly what i think as well, that's why i am surprised when people keep making suggestions when Daneos has not commented on a single one of them or at least a mod, other than warning people.

    This is nothing more than a misconception, Just because we do not get involved with every single thread and discussion does not mean we are not reading and seeing the opinions of others. I can assure you each and everyone of us at some point takes a look on the situation at hand and takes it all on aboard. Yes not every change that is addressed will happen because its not always up to us the final decision comes down to what Daneos wants and what he can do. Not everything is possible (At least with current client) I could name a ton of things id love to see happen but in the real world it just cant happen and thats what everyone needs to understand.

    To end things i just want to say more changes are coming do not think this is the end, Many of us spend a lot of time on the Development Server testing Classes vs X classes to see what could be changed and which fights are 'Impossible' Another thing is People need to get out of this Dream land where every class beats every class because its virtually impossible there will always be the class that counters them. By no means does that mean we wont try but you have to accept reality. There are some classes that are gifted in PVE and some classes that are gifted in Solo and some classes that are gifted in 5v5.