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    Since it's technically the 1st of April in my country now (Denmark), and The Great Wipe has officially won, I wanted to congratulate all fellow 'Yes-voters'!
    To you genuine, legitimate and non-toxic 'No-voter' players, I sincerely hope that this won't make you completely abandon this game, as it will be a new, fresh, safer and overall better experience for all of us (given if proper security measures, changes, balances, new content and insight of the official roadmap ahead are added and shared with us in the community!).

    To Daneos and DBOG staff; with the golden ticket that is this wipe and upcoming client 2.0, now is the prime opportunity to lay out a roadmap for the changes and stuff coming to this project, as well as starting to be more vocal in the community about changes, content, and just in general.
    Otherwise, it is yet again just false hope for us in the community, and then all of this will have been for naught.

    Learn of past mistakes, and move forward with overall betterment for this project, and it will shine bright and long! (P.s. No April Fools jokes now).

    I see that we think alike and I am glad.

    Still only thing that should be added as security measures as I mention in some older posts ( Activation account by GM ).

    It would really put security level on legendary level and it would help out the game and the staff members.

    Hi Iceman.

    We most certainly do :)
    I like your idea of the accounts being activated and monitored by the staff itself (GM's), but as an extra-added measure only in my opinion, as I just don't think that it will be enough on its own. But if you meant your idea on top of a security system such as anti-botting and such stuff, then yeah, that would be great!
    Still, it would require more staff (Mods and GM's) to be recruited and be active, as I could only start to imagine the frustration of new people having to wait for a day or more, to have their account accepted and activated xD

    Like you and many others have mentioned in past comments, way before my own earlier post on this thread here, I totally agree, that without proper security measures, monitoring and other much-needed changes, this wipe and indeed the upcoming 2.0 version itself is futile, and will end up becoming the exact same situation like we are in now, once again.

    But it honestly seems to me, that there is much more staff activity these days, with the ban hammer also coming out more for those that deserved it, and official news being shared to us in the community more frequently, so I will say to you DBOG team: keep it up, and take past mistakes and errors as a way to better the game for all of us, going forward:thumbup:

    First and foremost, I'm a big supporter of The Great Wipe myself, so my vote on that regard is obviously a big, fat, sounding YES!!!

    I just find it utter hilarious and quite pathetic, that a certain some of the same individuals whom initially trashcan-claimed that this server would not die, ended up crying about the opposite, and then for the past few months straight, constantly spam all and every thread left and right with their self-fact-claiming nonsense about that 90% of the players want a wipe and what have you.. Well, counting only the valid votes on the wipe matter here, it's a close 60 vs. 40 % divide in the community, which is exactly what I personally predicted all along.. Also fun fact: many of said people spur thigh-thick oozes of vile toxic at others, while they themselves bash the community for being toxic. Oh ho ha.. one can only pity-laugh at you silly kids nowadays!

    Anyway, unto the meat and potato of why I wanted to comment on this thread:

    Most of you guys don't see the bigger picture here. It has been said multiple times now, so I don't have to state the numerous facts about why a wipe is not just a possibility, but indeed is a necessity, but I also do respect people who are against it, for whatever reason that may be.
    At the end of the day, this essential wipe is bigger than me and you, and are for the better of the whole community and playerbase, whether or not you can fathom that or not. About as big a selfless example I can come up with, which is also a personal one at that, is the fact that back in DBO KR when the game was actually hard, I achieved Worlds first top three (3) Budokai Tournament ''title'' as a Dark Warrior, and as a solo participant at that; won second (2nd) place the legitimate way in the once-a-month budokai tournaments on that server, and with next-to-none cashing, and then that version got shut down for good. After that went TW and HK permanently down, followed by the two wipes this DBOG project has already had thus far, and now we all face a third one by the looks of the vote counts. And you know what? I couldn't care less, because I would GLADLY start all over once again, with a fresh and clean version, where past mistakes have been corrected, and everyone starts out equal without exploitative advantages and what have you. And I know for a fact that a great lot of other people have it the same way; be it veterans or newcomers.
    That is the fact of the matter, and the reason why this wipe is this game's last hope at survival!
    Remember, that in the end, we all simply want a great DBO game which is as fair and fun to everyone, as it can possibly be!

    Now, It goes without saying, that based on the assumption that there will be a wipe and a client version 2.0, these (and most likely more) are a must, and must follow in tandem with the wipe and implementation of the new client:

    1. Integrated security measures, such as anti-hacking, anti-botting, DBOG client-locked IP surveillance, no multi-clienting, etc.
    2. Hiring of more staff to monitor both the forum and especially the in-game history of item upgrades, zeni accumulation, etc.
    3. More active, present and also aggressive staff behaviour, both in-game, but also on the forum here, where the cleansing of toxicness should be harsher.
    4. A proper and fully-fleshed balancing team, preferably promoted by the community via. poll or whatever, so the classes can become as balanced as possible.
    5. New content and more events, such as level caps in the future, new maps, dungeons, past-time professions and all that jazz.
    6. Less of a P2W aspect and less RNG elements in the game as a whole.

    I personally see this as a last chance for the DBOG project to shine. This is an opportunity for a clean slate, and I genuinely don't think that DBOG will survive, if past mistakes and lack of stuff occurs once again after the above endeavours.

    To close of, I want to quote what the legendary and great scholar of old once said; this is you DBOG folks getting a:


    For me, it was the whole aspect of an MMORPG based around Dragon Ball.
    Like almost everyone else here I'm sure, I love the Dragon Ball franchise, and always have! So to see not just another DB game, but an actual online mmo with other people to play and interact with, was just awesome!

    To begin with, back in the early days of the KR version (which I exclusively played until DBOG here) -- even though I came straight to DBO from a break I had from World of Warcraft; the world, characters, and the whole DBO universe was just mesmerizing to begin with!
    Unfortunately, it all quickly became stale and somewhat boring, even though the sporadic updates and new stuff that got introduced, revitalized the game for a time.
    What I enjoyed the absolute most throughout all of my time on this game, was playing with friends and guildies; accomplish stuff, and also grind on my own for dragon ball wishes and whatnot, on the side.

    When that finally turned truly trivial, backed up by the fact that many people left for other versions (TW and HK), and the updates were minor and far between, I turned to PvP'ing. I think most people had (and have) it the same way, because the PvE factor of this game was/is just simply lackluster, especially after some years of doing the same stuff over and over again.
    I wouldn't necessarily say that I enjoyed PvP the most across all my hours spent in this game, but it has been what I ultimately ended up doing for the most part, and I did enjoy it, although the toxicity in this game is ridiculously high, which I think is due to lack of content, which in turn ''forces'' people to do PvP, and end up making certain people lose all common sense, in the strive to become the best PvP combatant.. A pity, really...
    After I went all out at PvP with my Dark Warrior back in the KR version, I achieved a goal of which I am still proud of to this very day: I won second (2nd) place in the monthly solo budokai tournament, and achieved the ''status'' of being the world's first top three (3) title holder as a DW combatant. No one had ever won either 3rd, 2nd or 1st place as a DW in any version before, so I was naturally very happy with my achievement!
    After that, the game quickly became somewhat boring again; I went back to do the same stuff with the remaining friends and people that still played KR, and after that version got closed down, I didn't play again until DBOG here, which, to be frank, I have not really played that much at all. The higher-than-ever level of toxicity and the awful mindset of many people in this community, is definitely also a turn-down for my already low DBO lust, along with the lack of new content and what have you.

    While DBO is not my personal favorite MMO/RPG I have ever played, it is (weirdly enough, I find) still in my top 5, I would say. I just hope for the future that the DBO game can become what I always saw it as potentially being: one of the best MMORPG's in existence!

    Its because he is walking so it blurry

    Ah, makes sense. It's mainly the sand-road at the start of the video, and the green grass in the distance that seemed more washed out than what I recall. Guess I never really noticed before now :p
    I do see the little rocks, pebbles, leafs and such, that are sprinkled around the ground textures, looking sort of HD-like.

    About the new terrain textures, is it just me, or does the natural terrain (e.g. grass, dirt, soil and sand) look even more washed out / faded than the current (old) terrain textures?
    The mountains, cracked rocky textures and man-made terrain such as tiles etc., does look a bit better with the new textures though!

    My vote would be on the old (current) sand, grass etc., textures, and then the new everything else textures :-)

    Just a simple bump for my thread here, which I originally created back in March of 2018.

    As it seems that [PL]Daneos will (soon) release the long-overdue and [in]famous New Client, on top of what seems like he's started to take notice and give personal responses to various threads and posts in the community here; thus is why I wanted to bump mine up, as I think many of my ideas, findings and suggestions are noteworthy, and are good candidates for the new upcoming client. I have many more such ideas etc., on my personal note, which I will add to my thread here!

    - Keep it civil folks; Toxicity Aren't welcome! -

    Hi Daneos.

    The list is looking very good!
    Although I'm just a random nobody, I want to give you the praise and thanks that you truly deserve.
    With everything going on lately, it is my impression that everyone forgets, that was it not for you, none of us would even be able to play the game that we all share and love.
    I will admit though, that I personally feel that things could/should have been handled a bit better. Some words from you from time to time would go a long way, you know ;-)
    Anyhow, keep up the good work, and don't lose faith in the project that you yourself birthed, cared for and raised!

    P.S. I hope that you will look through my thread: Comprehensive Suggestions, Balancing and Bug Findings List -- I personally think that many of my ideas and suggestions would benefit the game, with the new and upcoming client you are working on.

    As a veteran Dark Warrior main'er throughout all of DBO KR's lifespan, and of course also here in DBOG's OB, I will say, that it is beyond clear that something has to be done to and with the DW class, in order to mend the huge gap between that class and that of the Shadow Knight!

    No matter what happens (or what might not), I'll still keep playing my DW and love it to boot, but all bias aside (from me and from you, the reader too), it is a no-brainer that the majority of people -- both old and new -- chooses the SK over the DW; from reasons not only from all the threads that praise the SK for its (falsely stated) all-around OP nature, but from the truth that is: SK's are indeed as close to the DW in terms of defensive properties, but with the raw damage of a truck hitting you in the face, which the DW simply do not have! No wonder that people try to protect the SK with false claims of it being balanced and whatnot.. And no wonder people chooses SK's over DW's. A real pity though..

    I hate to sound like a brag-ster (which I'm really not at all), but to get my point across, and to print my sayings into the simple-jack minds of those with a ''go budo aura or go home'' mentality of this forum: I, myself, was the first in the world to ever win a budokai aura as a DW. It was a second place solo budokai win back in KR (which was only once a month), and from pure skill, tactic and strategy. With that said, I know the class very well, and see myself as a guy with good insight on this matter (and this is not meant as no other opinions matter!). I also played an SK for a very long time, and even back then -- as it still is -- the DW is just such a lackluster class compared to the superiority of the SK. This goes on pretty much all the areas of what a class are!

    I am not all for, that the DW should just get a big dps increase, and then call it a day. No sir'y! There are many, many ways a class can be buffed, tweaked and / or adjusted, in order to make it a viable choice. I think that the DW's tanking role should be embraced!
    For starters, our hit rate and success rate should get a rather drastic increase, as we are a class at the core, that misses almost more than we actually hit anything. Together with the low dps we have as a base, this is just not good at all. Especially also considering that we are a tank class!
    Secondly, our base defense and LP could get a slight increase, as to further distinguish us from our SK brethren (which again, doesn't lack so much behind on this area as they should). More importantly in the defensive department though, would be that we should get a higher base resistance rate, and at the same time get a build-in, passive KD spam filter. Cause that shit is just annoying!
    Moreover, as also mentioned by others on this matter, our taunts should just simply be a 100% apply guarantee, cover a wider area, and more enemies affected, as well as last longer.

    This one is gonna be hated by most, but it is my opinion, that the SK's Violent Slice aoe stun ability should be removed from them, and then added to the DW's arsenal instead.

    The Demon Wave, which has the potential to become great, should first and foremost be fixed, so that it utilizes the Claws' upgraded weapon attack stats, and then have an energy % value added to it's effect. Not as good as the SK's Bold Strike, but more akin to that skill.

    DW's are an energy-based class, and we have a lot of (especially AoE) physically-based attacks, which are simply lacking behind the energy-based ones. One way to fix this, is to equalize our physical stats, or another is to simply buff those physical skills, as to then put more emphasis on a choice between going physically or energy-based. Cause as of right now, it isn't a choice.

    There are a LOT more ways the DW could become better, without simply buffing their offensive capabilities, but the above is the gist of it. Well, how about something entirely new to our arsenal? How about instead of the useless passive EP Boost, we could get a passive LP% recovery, like 3/3 would be 15% or something? Think off the grid in the defensive line, here.

    So, the questions arise: is it really that odd that people prefer and chooses to go SK over DW? Is it really that weird that SK's are considered the mandatory Tanking class for anything PvE? Is it really that strange that SK's often win PvP-related content, and DW's do not? - These were all rhetorical questions, because as things stand with the DW vs. SK (and always have), the answers to all the questions are a big, sounding NO!


    [PL]Daneos (if you haven't disabled the notification that comes which this poking method) fingers out, and mend the gap!

    That is indeed, as you said, sad but true. But even the less popular underdogs needs some loving now and again.
    I personally love the DW's and what they offer; I have always mained it, and back in the day, I have even proved that they aren't just the CC punching bags or brainless farmers that everyone mistakenly still think them as, but truly viable in PvP also, and indeed in every aspect of this game! But with that said, there is a lot of changes that could (and should) be done to this specific class also, among the other lesser popular classes out there.

    I smile every time a like-minded individual spreads awareness on this false image everyone has around this very class! :-)

    As of right now, Demon Wave is bugged, and therefore not as good as it could / should be! You can read more about this on ColdHell's thread on the matter.

    I also think that DW's are long overdue for some balancing, tweaks and buffs! For starters, it would be great if we got some more base hit rate and / or success rate!

    I got plenty more great ideas for DW's, but I doubt that the team will even consider to even think about looking at our class anytime soon.

    Iceman No. Like ColdHell wrote, the problem is, that the Claw sub weapon's damage isn't calculated into the Demon Wave burn DoT damage at all. Only the actual base energy damage you got from level and race & class stats, and from gloves is considered. The upgrade grade of your claw (which utilizes the Demon Wave's impact and dot damage) isn't considered. We tested it separately and compared results. With ColdHell's +5 claw, it did more damage with the burn dot than my own +13 claw, which is due to glove and base energy damage value differences.

    This is kind of a big deal, as us DW's already suffer on the offensive department, and with a skill (Demon Wave) which was never great in retail. but which now is bugged and therefore worse on DBOG too.

    Exactly right!

    The skills base energy (or physical) damage + your own (physical or energy) attack points times the skills base percentage (* 4.13 if 413%) equals the base impact damage of a skill.

    As already written above, a lot of factorts plays into it being higher or lower.

    Hi 0alda0! Very good point indeed. I recall reading that you wrote that earlier in this thread, and I fully agree. I am not sure about what could work, but I think that it could definitely be done along the lines of what you suggested.
    But one thing that could be tricky, is what the drop rates of the minimum level of mobs that could drop brown boxes should be. If lowered, then it is almost unfair for certain classes, but if higher, then most people would just farm those lower level mobs, which is also kind of unfair, but if let the same as, say, lvl 70 mobs, then for certain classes it would be unfair too. It's a delicate line I think. But doable in my opinion! :)

    I'd just like for them to be a more common item in general. I think that it would benefit both paying and f2p players.


    - Random mob drops (although rare like Uwhites). Higher drop chances from super, ultra and boss mobs. (Unbound boxes).

    - 1 x Gold Coin for 5 x Boxes. (Bound).

    - X amount of tokens through that shop. (Bound).

    - Direct purchase from the Cash Shop. (Bound)

    - Slightly more common through the Wagu machine. (Unbounds).

    - Possible reward from both CC, UD's, BID's and TMQ's. (Unbounds).

    - (If ever reintroduced) possible loot from the random loot chests from mob drops, with keys purchased through the Token Shop. (Bound).

    All in all, I think this would be a pretty good system. This will reward the f2p aspects with ways to acquire boxes, and not overinflate the economy with direct ways / purchases of getting those dreadful boxes. Yes, boxes could be used to per- or near perfect stat items for selling at overprices, but still.

    Thanks for all the comments!

    Getting a bit off-topic though, so let's get it back on track, shall we? ;)

    First, I wanna state that I love everything Dragon Ball; and I truly enjoy and like to play this game a lot! If I didn't, I wouldn't even want to bother coming back after KR got shut down. With that out of the way:

    I am simply concerned for the lifespan of this project, and indeed us, the players.. Can we not agree, that certain and many fixes, balancing and other important stuff is long overdue now? Promises that was made in the infant stages of this project years ago, which has yet to see the day of light?

    It really troubles me still, that [PL]Daneos (although really awesome that he has revived this game!) chooses to still be a one-man ''development'' team; and a quite silent, stubborn and one that mainly chooses to fix, tweak and change things from his own personal list..
    To me, it just seems that he might intentionally choose to stay just him on the ''development'' side, and perhaps not fix or implement stuff as fast as we'd all like (and indeed perhaps even as fast as he could), for the sake of monetarily profiting even further from this project -- Just a slight example of how I see this: the outcry over the stupid brown boxes; would it not benefit most if not all players, if they were distributed much more openly, and from various ways, such as simple (although rare) mob drops? For me, the answer is a sounding YES! - on the opposite side of the spectrum, would it benefit Daneos' bottomless pockets, if the lame brown boxes was a guaranteed reward from even minimal cashing on the wagu machine, or if wagu cashing was not the sole and only (other than the insanely limited World Boss event box ''farming'' method) way to acquire (arguably, and sadly) the most important item in the entire game? Well, no, I'd say! This exact method of monetarily profiting through minimal effort is a nice marketing trick, sure, but if the ''development'' and updates of DBOG aren't at all progressing, or simply progressing with baby steps, then I see it as a cow milking project, and might just not survive, which is quite sad!


    And yes, I know that server and website domain fees have to be paid, but truly, it cannot cost as much as this project is generating even on a daily basis, and especially not considering (I still strongly suspect and assume) every single dollar goes down into one person's pockets. Not to even mention, that there is no plans yet to even actually develop anything original and new to the game, which would be the one an true ''costly'' affair.


    Just a simple ''Hi, I am currently working at [this] and [that]'' would go a long way. One would think that with all the money flowing through this project, a whole team of more than one person would be working hard on fixing all the game breaking bugs, or implementing the stuff hundreds of people have been wanting for years, or making the balancing that is long overdue.

    But nope I guess.