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    Would be nice to have PVP channel like in Black Desert, ppl here usually grind in groups or hunt other players drop is also increased by 20% is actualy most fun channel and usually u spend more time at fight other players than grind lmao.

    Yes,but with a karma mechanics that punishes high lvl players going around and killing low lvl players who are grinding or farming,a simple debuff taking away 30% of all stats for an hour would do wonders

    Wow Exciting but may i propose something.

    How about making all upgraded gear account bound? This would allow the community to sell gear on AH that have the stats we are looking for. This would substitute for the economy loss that would result in just taking all gear away from the AH. The prices for, lets say 28 Con TMQ7 Pants, would become alot higher.

    Make F2P Great Again, Sir Daneos

    Esentialy everyone wants the retail economy where a legendary item was 200kk whilst having shit stats, and good ones were 2kkk.. i find this economy good where you can buy a good set of armor for 10kk and upgrade it for another 20kk

    How we revert cranes to retail lvl 50 cap when they were op (cause 100% antibleed didnt exist back then,60 was top cause you couldnt get necklace with antibleed then) and had a 45m instant 7 sec stun and no dot explode shenanigans


    Turtle book give only 2 rp balls instead of full set. This gets spammed too much in pvp without consequence making them able to trap classes in a kd stun loop or ring out loop

    kd stun loop is the only way to deal with tanks right now so that would nerf them, and increasing the rod hurl wont do much since turtle hermit do not have much strength to effectivly use physical damage against tanks,only way i see this work is to give it penetrate ability like sw flash slash and make the burn on rod impale % based like sk bold strike bleed, wouldnt be 6k bleed but 800 bleed damage would go long way to chip away at tanks

    get at least 1 item for those that do opt in crafting cause they end up buying items from npc to decompose since its faster that way and if you craft a good item it pays out 10x when you sell it,

    hypnosis is usefull early on till lvl 42 when you get super kame, after i personaly never used it for anything but trolling,

    why do you still have it for late PvE

    its useless in attack speed parties,maybe for interuption but you can do that with other skills or effects better and faster,

    and turtle hermit is a class that is supposed to deal with the little mobs that are in big groups so why go anything but crit on them,

    you got other dps (karma,fighter,sm) for bosses,and criting a boss for 50k with good items in 2 seconds is i think more damage than autoattacks can pull of in the same time,unless some idiot put anticrit on bosses

    i always used this build,and the damage output was off the charts,pure aoe crit damage build, with spirit ball and rapid shot for the off chance that

    kamehamehas didnt kill a super or ultra mobs to finish them in next few seconds

    nice suggestions but most of those changes would shoot plasmas from underpowered right to borderline broken and make other aoe nukers not worth at all due to majins beeing tankier than humans. The class needs smaller changes that would bring them back up. Decrease casting times either with reworking the passive to be a fixed number decrease on skills or decreasing the casting time of skills themself or even a mix of both and change the dex on their buff to foc,sol or energy crit rate. And believe me the class would be viable again

    Passive works good with Cast RP.

    yes it does, but you are either sacrificing damage which you dont do as much as other aoe nukers which im fine with but its nice to have it boosted if you can afford it, but the main problem is you are sacrificing utility of knocking down repeadetly a group of mobs just to shoot it faster, i mean super kame has 1,5 sec cast time and does way more damage than any plasma skill ever will and you can either power it up or kd with it when you want.

    sometimes utility is better than pure damage and if you need to sacrifice both to bring your damage out faster then the class is worthless

    now crane hermit has lockdown and everything but their main problem is that if you want to do something you need to specialize in one type of dot damage,which can easily be countered with existance of 100% antibleed or antiburn and things like that,either hard capping those to 80% and increasing the base damage from skills a bit, or make the skills to be able to penetrate antibleed for like 20% of damage.

    as they stand now they have no base damage and no dot damage only decent lockdown and die easily.

    i think that turtle hermit is for the most part pretty balanced, the only thing is the turtle book giving rp to both male and female characters would be nice,or takin that out completely and changing a skill to give them an rp ball, could be easily done with changing their def boosting skills,one gives rp and the other one 500 of both defences,oh and change the dex passive to something else like increase crit damage or cd reduction,doesnt have to be some big numbers, 15% crit increase or 15 cd reduction wouldn't break the character but would be usefull for both pvp and pve

    i think hard capping things like antibleed (or change it to reduce the ammount of bleeding reduced instead of reducing the duration of the debuff),antiparalysis,attack speed would be nice since it would balance some classes and make others more viable. and add in some antiheal options so that healers dont become op after that, also limiting the autopot to activate 1 time per fight..if im right you can heal from 3 diffrent sources in a fight which are autopots,senzu beans and regular pots, and when you use the last source the 1st one cooldown is already over so you can do it all over again,that is mostly the reason why tank classes are so good in pvp since you need longer to kill them in the 1st place and they just heal it all up 5 times,then your skills are down and they are free to lock you down and kill you.

    and lastly some skills and passives should be reworked by removing useless stats for the class and ading something they could actually use. i have seen some balance changes that go in a good direction but my suggestion is to clean up the useless skills 1st with stats that the classes can actually use and then go about balance if needed

    30% i believe

    if it is 30% then that passive is useless on 5 sec cast that is like 1.5 seconds. that still leaves me with 3.5 seconds cast time plus about 2 second animation before the the skill hits,they need to buff it to atleast 50% or make it like each point takes a second off cast time but still leave 1 sec cast as minimum cause this passive is crap