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    You guys realize the remainder caps are gonna be rehashes of the same shit?
    W.e end content u have right now, is the end content you're gonna have in 70. (besides the upcoming dungeons, tmqs etc.)

    Boredom at plat.

    It's so cringey when people talk about relevancy.

    Competition is healthy and fun to be engaged in, but when people start acting like weeaboos and some hardass mofos; it just kinda makes it shameful and embarrassing to be a part of this PvP community.

    No, in fact- It's people like Groobar who're concerned about the state of this game which sustain it. It's the people who're dedicated enough to come to the forums, and spend their time on the forum and care enough to criticize it, that sustain the game. The LAST thing we need is for people to leave this game due to fanboys like you who antagonize those who just offer up their opinion- It's people like YOU who're a detriment to the game. If it bothers you that the games being criticized, then you're the problem, because making players leave the game ensures that the economic support for it will stop.

    Yes, there are some players who spend stupidly high amounts on a video-game, but they're in the < 1% of players capable of providing that support. 90% of players won't ever spend more than 60$, and that's what you have to consider- That in free to play games, literally the WORST strategy companies use which leads to their failure and shutdown, is trying to market the game towards that 1%. Because once you do, and once the majority leaves, that 1% wont be enough to sustain them (Unless these "Whales" as they're called, can somehow sustain that kinda donations, which is unlikely).

    Like if his opinion bothers you, then offer a rebuttal, ya don't have to be so malicious about it.

    You my friend, deserve better than DBOG and its community

    Can anyone else tell me why it's taking so long for an admin/moderator to properly address this thread.
    If Daneos has the time to post about a "Server Maintenance", he surely has a brief moment to issue a statement.

    These scam tactics are easily read.

    I've cashed.
    I've learned the system.
    Figured out how badly this game is dependant on cashing.

    Fix is simple.

    Autopots, brown boxes, and cosmetics should all be more accessible to players. Regardless if casher or not.

    If DBOG is not going to fix the current brown box system, they should add silver boxes, and only make it attainable through rewards from game play.

    Cashers can take their chances with Wagus and Brown boxes, whilst cashers AND f2p players have an EQUAL opportunity to make loot from silver boxes.

    Just don't make silver boxes that easy to get lol.

    And f2p players shouldn't feel too discouraged regarding the current situation with cash shop.

    There's literal idiots that are now in debt and on welfare because of the amount of money they have used on this game. Goes to show the type of weirdos that play this game, and how unrewarding the cash shop can really be.

    If this is the case, why haven't you already started a poll for what players prefer?

    You've done polls before, you've done events before?

    What's stopping you guys from asking the community?
    It's already too late ofc. That's why you have a player base that is upset and unsatisfied with the game.

    Ffs... Pre-Open Beta -----------> Get features working, find and fix bugs, balance the game.

    The game is 2 weeks away from Open Beta. We shouldn't be discussing critical elements of game balance now. It should already be balanced.

    Your team set this deadline. And the game still isn't even balanced yet. How unprofessional is that?

    The way your team conducted themselves is the reason why the game is in a messy state right now.
    Don't blame the community.

    Sadly, censorship is very transparent in these forums.

    You can say all you want, rebuttal all you want, speak the truth all you want.

    You're going to get shutdown.

    It's always some childish fool who spit's nonsense, and some other fools that partake in the stupidity. They always flood threads with their cringey pokes at Daneos or his team.

    Those that actually offer valuable information, their voices are either never heard, someone's flaming them for their own personal agenda, or a mod comes to silence the situation and lock a thread because; the user has to behave aggressively just to get their point across..

    Somewhere down the line, if you truly care about this project and DBO, you'll probably catch a ban for speaking the truth.

    If you haven't realized by now, there's no point compromising with the team. They ask for input, but in the end it's always their final decision. Have some hope for them.

    They just do a real shitty job of providing us with assurance, and the confidence for a successful DBO private server.