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    Dear DBO G Community,C0gGI0I.png

    Next Saturday (July 21st) and Sunday (July 22nd), we will host the Honey Bee Event from 10 am to 2 pm (Saturday) and from 6 pm to 10 pm (Sunday) CEST.


    Event Duration: 4 hours each day.

    NOTE: Remember that this schedule is only valid for this Saturday and Sunday, we will announce the next Honey Bee Event afterwards.

    Hello DBOG community!

    Last week we didn't launch a forum contest as we held one on our Facebook, so here it goes!

    Draw your favorite scene of Dragon Ball!


    Take a screenshot of your favorite scene of Dragon Ball (DB, DBZ, DBS or DBGT) and draw it!


    - No need to be colorized

    - Doesn't have to be exactly like the screenshot, it's your take on the scene!

    How to win?

    All submissions will be evaluated so as to pick the top 10 submissions. They will be published in a thread here in the forums so you guys can vote for the best ones!

    How to vote?

    It won’t be a poll, to vote you’ll have to post a reply stating who you vote for.

    In order to avoid spam from new accounts, only accounts that are 1 month old/have 10 posts before the contest will be allowed to vote.

    What will you win? Prizes will be announced in the following days!

    Submissions are now open until July 22th 8 pm CEST!

    You can send me your drawings/screenshots (do not forget to include your IN GAME NAME, and forum account name if you message it through discord) through:

    > Discord Direct Message (Aru#7408 )

    > Forum Private Message / Conversations (Aru! )

    Please comment and give any suggestions with a reply or a private message, and remember to keep this thread civil.

    Good luck to everyone!


    Community Manager

    Dear Zebiru,

    Crash fixes and New Dogis are different tasks completed by different teams with different skills. Not doing one of them won't speed up the other.

    Thank you for your input and your feedback.



    1. Among the hints there will be the channel, as shown on the example.

    2. We will have more than one staff member monitoring activity, don't worry.

    3. Yes I agree with the different locations, I honestly think that would make it more interesting! Thanks for that suggestion!

    Great input Ebon, really appreciate it!

    Could you tell us what that tittle boost?

    Increase 2 lp regenerationd and 6 status resistance rate, so not much, the idea was to have a special title for our first quiz winner.

    *Every question should have a timer to make it challenging.

    *There should be Ten winners and the 1st get the best prize, 2nd.... Etc.

    *1st, 2nd and 3rd should have the big prizes other seven winners a prize too but not as good as first three.

    *1st,2nd and 3rd should get 3 different titles and a good prize.

    *the other seven winners don't get a title but get a small prize.

    1. All questions were replied in a matter of seconds so I don't understand what would be the challenging part of adding a timer. I think having to compete with a lot of other dragon ball fans/nerds is challenge enough.

    2. 10 winners is too much for only a quiz, other events will have more than one winner, but for a 10 question quiz having ten winners is not possible. I would have to decrease the amount of events and make em monthly, and that would not improve game activity, which is the main objective of these community events. IF you don't win this time, next week you should have a chance. That is the idea.

    3. Same reply regarding prizes, actually the following event will reward 3 first peeps to win.

    4. Giving titles left and right make them less special and soon enough everyone will have em and less people will want them.

    5. I don't get why 10 winners, what's with that specific amount of winners?

    Thank you for your input, though!

    The event was very chaotic 80% of spanish/brassilians didnt even speak english and they spam chat with thier own language or with dice all time i left after 2 minutes, lets not forget about chanel crash kek, this form of "event" is mistake, for next time just take someone who will mute/ban these faggots with animal behaviour, after few bans/mute they will calm.

    Regardless of the language they speak, everyone was disrupting the event, not only with chat but also spamming buff animations or moving which imo was the reason why the channel crashed. If you can't speak without insulting better keep quiet or message me through pms if you are unable to talk properly in a public chat. As a matter of fact I did temp ban one player that was spamming me duels while I was holding the event.

    Regarding the UI it might be possible but later on, not in a close future sadly.

    Regarding muting and kicking people, I do agree, although I don't think that was the worst thing about the event.

    About the winners, I already replied to XeoLee. I honestly do think it's better for activity to hold weekly events with less winners than monthly events with some more, it won't help activity-wise.

    50/50 questions: true.

    Answer after question: was done by the 3rd question I believe.

    Thanks for your input, really appreciated.

    I do think having a multilanguage event would be amazing, but I think it's kind of a lot of work. I speak a lot of languages, but I don't think with the current state of the game in terms of UI and capabilites it would be even conceivable, because it would require a massive amount of staff implicated and a lot of in game changes, that for only one event. I think doing specific language events like spanish portuguese or french event is more feasible and that way we can also include communities in these activites.

    Thank you for your input!

    By the way everyone, check out next week's event, Scavenger Hunt!

    [EVENT] Scavenger Hunt! (July 20th)



    Hello DBOG Community,

    It's time for Scavenger Hunt!

    Image from Gyazo


    The event will take place next Friday (July 20th) at 10 pm (CEST).

    How to win?

    For this event, I'll be hiding a character somewhere within the game world. I'll give a few hints about where he's hiding, and it will be your job to try and find him.

    Example on Hints (given through public notice):

    I'm a level 2 Namekian

    I'm in Channel 1

    I'm in the Yahhoi West Zone

    I'm standing next to a peach tree

    I'm in the western half of the zone

    I see some dogs

    I see a windmill

    I'm not on the ground

    I see a Popo stone

    What about prizes?

    Rewards will be revealed in the following days! We will award them to the 3 first players to find the hidden character.

    Hope you have fun! Please comment and give your suggestions, and keep it civil!



    Community Manager

    Winner of the quiz is SonSymbiont!


    Next time hopefully we will have some sort of UI because as expected, everyone was too chatty and disrespecting the rules. If you have any other suggestions apart from the UI window / chat feel free to post them. Please keep it civil, if you want to hate me you can do it on private message but please keep this thread clean.



    I feel this is going to be a huge guacamole with so many people stacked in the same place talking stuff that don't matter at the same time. Would be really nice to have an Event chat with it's own rules available when these are hosted, so players don't get punished for using Normal and Shout chats.

    Good luck guys!

    If you are in the zone where the event is held and cannot control yourself to just spectate instead of spamming normal and shout chats, I think you shouldn't have any issues with being punished :D

    They gotta work on an event UI window or box that appears to people in any where in the game which Aru or a GM puts the question then people answer.

    Would be cooler if it would be choose answers between 4-6 answers.

    Event UI would be cool indeed, we'll see what can be done :)

    Hello everyone,

    Here are the prizes for the winner of the quiz!

    - 10 Brown Boxes <X

    - and....

    A SPECIAL TITLE!  :love:
    (only to be revealed when awarded to the winner)

    Also, the subject selected for the quiz will be:

    Dragon Ball Z Anime: Majin Buu Saga

    Good luck! 8)


    O servidor teve um problema com o login mas ja foi ressolvido. Eu vi que você coloca muitos tópicos de pergunta, eu recomendo você usar nosso discord onde voce podera interatuar com muitos jogadores e membros do staff rapidamente para obter respostas as suas perguntas mais rapidamente:




    Pode conseguir elas dropando. Nao tem um lugar em particular onde dropar melhor, o que tem que fazer é procurar um lugar com alta densidade de mobs e que voce consiga matar eles sem problema. Se for uma classe com ataque aoe (turtle, dark warrior, ultimate por exemplo) vai ser ainda mais facil. Porém, é melhor voce se focar em chegar a nivel alto antes do que procurar runas, porque elas vao ter mais valor nos niveis altos para vender o para usar no seu equipo se quiser aprimorar.