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    It's all fun and games until your Pve build gets shit on by a one shot fighter.

    Seems like a fun idea, sadly there is no way this will be implanted so don't get your hopes up, just putting it out there :p

    Sorry if any of my words toward this thread or you seemed like flame . I'll leave this thread . There is no need to convince randoms about anything .

    Wasn't your words, was Groobar really. Please don't leave us. IT WAS HIM IT WAS HIM!

    Though remember to be respectful. Each user has there right to have an opinion on the matter. While yes it is most likely never going to happen that doesn't mean you have to treat the users as such for suggesting an idea. You know good and well that responding with a valid argument against his suggestion, and then indirectly jabbing him in the side with kindness in shadow is bound to cause arguments instead of constructive criticism.

    I am humbled by your words, please forgive me and I shant 360 my behaviour, I swear it on me honor my dame.

    Then you put a delay on changing channels so you can't spam it. But ya know, thats why there is how many people can be on a certain channel too as well.

    And then you would be crying over the delay of the channel swap.

    " But ya know, thats why there is how many people can be on a certain channel too as well. " What is that supposed to mean lol, yes the max capacity for a channel is 1000 now. Channel hopping would still put stress on the server, dunno where you going at.

    There might be another reason for this, while the DBO hunt is on active players peak, i think it was around 5600 players online last week on the hunt.

    With this many players constantly channel hopping every minute cause of the old system it maybe just put too much stress on the server. Maybe that was also another reason this change was made, who knows.

    Furthermore this change is the jackpot for AOE Classes that know how and where to farm. But i can see how it isnt as good for a class like fighter, but if you are optimizing this it still should be a more efficent way than the old system.

    People also constantly complained that they couldnt find a single DB icon on the map, and that it was the biggest problem. Now when the voices seem heard and changes been made people still keep on crying. As Astin also stated, there is no escape, you won't ever be satisfied.

    Indeed. You all have a right to complain and make your voices heard. Just remember to do it in such a way respectful to the community and it's guidelines. I, and many other mods are always watching and trying to keep your suggestions in mind regardless if some of the changes do not come to fruition.

    You are the hero we desperately need, but sadly do not deserve :( , I salute you

    Well let's just wait and see what will happen for the Character Customization suggestions :p I remember also Daneos talking about that 2nd new active PvP Arena a long time ago but let's just wait and see.

    Seems the wait is over :-)

    Nice , I just want to put some of my suggestions for the game in the future (Official Release) , I felt like you were offended when I said "Weekly x1 Wagu Coin" , first of all it was just a suggestion , I could've put a Wagu Event with Wagu Coin as a reward but it'll be for a Event Suggestion thread.

    Where the hell did I say that they should add a new city ? I just suggested to make the Cell Games Arena active in the Cell Ring (Westland if you don't know about the fact that it's already existing) so please calm down dude it's just a game and it's just a forum , there's no reason to act like you're doing

    "2 PvP Arenas should be added to the game because the only current one is Korin Village's which makes that village pretty laggy" Adding two new platforms ? Where in the middle of nowhere? i was assuming in a new city, and cell games is just one. You asked for 2. Besides even if you dont want a new city adding a whole 2 more platforms is still in the same category as adding new playable game content same as TMQ. So it really doesn't matter if you wanted another city or not same goes.

    Why would i be offended by the weekly wagu, its just greedy really, if you want wagus buy them dont be greedy for free stuff. This game doesn't run on christmas spirit.

    Again i am not going at you personally so please dry them tears, I am criticizing your suggestions, is that not allowed?

    What's your problem doe ? Just block me to feel comfortable , chill man

    I'm sorry sweetheart, did you get offended cause i stated that this was wishfull thinking knowing that the GMs have dismissed these suggestions before? Why are you taking it personally I am simply giving an answer to all your suggestions, with a spark of love added to my post.

    Here goes this guy again, with the wishfull add ons. What happend to ssj2,ssj3,ssj4 ssj5?

    The increase of character customization has been brought up tons of times, and dismissed equal amount of times by Daneos and the Gms. It won't happen, no chance, as it looks now.

    Lets make a new platform cause you have bad wifi, genious!!!! Splitting up the players between several platforms will make the towns dead. Besides there is not going to be added more TMQs or Dungeons or even new maps, what makes you think they'll add a whole new city with a platform?

    Weekly wagu = "MORE FREE STUFF FOR ME"

    Lastly "NERF Shadow Knight" whats the supposed to mean? "NeRfzz ShAdOw KNighT xDD" unless you can provide constructive feedback on what abilities are unbalanced, simply saying "nerf shadow knight" don't amount to nothing really.

    As DreameR68 said "I'm totally against this. Because we have way to many players that don't have the experience to make a decision like that"

    People will also vote biased on their own motives, not the game as a whole.
    Further based on last polls, there will be like 70-100 votes. That's just a fraction of the player base

    Free my boy Sirab, shoutout to my boy Gucci.

    Justice for Sirab, power to the people. We demand a valid reason and content of proof to why sirab was banned, not just "he was rude". We need to see exactly what rule he broke to deserve the 72 hour bann.

    Serious post actually.