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    Neata ... am tot zis ca intru si eu mai des, dar tot pierd vremea pe altele.. abia am facut lvl 8 (stau prost la capitolul timp dedicat); o sa incerc in saptamaniile viitoare sa imi duc iar characterul la lvl 40+ ... ne vedem prin joc :D


    Dude, eu mai sunt rar, in ultima vreme am tot pierdut vremea pe DBZ XV2..... iar aici pe DBOG am lvl 42 sau 43, oricum astept sa incep cu nou caracter oficial si sa nu vina cei de la Namco sa spuna ca nu are nimeni voie sa scoata alt joc DBZ in afara de ei...

    NoMeRcY de unde ai luat quest-uri de ai trecut de lvl 40?... nu de alta ca eu in Dungeon nu am intrat si nu sunt sigur ca au fost reparate chiar toate questurile.. :( ... bine, eu nu prea am mai intrat asa des de cand a fost saptamana problema si nu ma prea putam loga (nu am reusit sa ma loghez mai mult de 5 minute) ... eu rezolvat problemele din cate observ, dar nah... quest-uri... ma gandeam sa farmez nitel prin Cell Area....

    Si e Off sau ceva de genul... de aceea nu am mai facut eu lvv.. disconnect man... this suck an i know that is another man that is working on conectivity, not Daneos.. the other guy should have solved this problem by now... mda... aiurea... relog sa donez Zeni pt guilda

    NEATA .. :p ... o fi de la server sau nu, dar numai apar un guilda.. stiu ca se misca aiurea, dar de aceea nici nu am mai intrat (plus oboseala de la job), oricum... incerc sa mai fac si eu ceva lvl, dar se misca cu foarte mare lag si nu prea e ed jucat asa.... :(

    Yeah same issue here and my friend has same issue apprently 2 of the channels are completely offline hopefully they get them back up soon as far as I know my game is saying only 1 server is working and its full

    No connection here either :( ... "Channel 02" is not busy because it just pops you out back to character screen...... there back... i'm in game whyle i was writing here :)))

    hai ca jucam si eu linistit, mi s-a blocat intr-un TLQ si cand sa ma reloghez sunt canalele blocate.. pana mea.. inainte era "Channel 00, 01 , 02 si 03" ... ce s-a intamplat cu ultimul?... :(
    oricum.. eu sunt prin Guilda de Romani.. cu Spiritmaster de Level 33, vroiam sa fac si Adult Quest dupa astea mici de lvl 4, 14 si 19.... off, asta e... asteptam sa mai merarga serverele nitel... nu de alta, dar multi s-au intors sa joace acum cu update-ul

    Man eu am intrat imd ce am vazut postarea ,ca sa te invit trebuie sa fim amndoi on si in pluss trebuie sa ne intalnim si in joc ca sa-ti dau ad la guild..

    Stiu ca tre sa fim amandoi on... nah.. L-V sunt pe la job, iar in week-end de obicei dimineata, in rest plec pe bicla cat e cald afara :)) ... nah, poate in week-end asta, duminica dimineata ne vedem online :D

    So, I was just in the middle of finishing up a Quest, right? And out of nowhere, I get disconnected. I just assume, "Oh, probably not a big deal, I'll just relog!". And as soon as I tried, I see that all Channels are offline. Any particular reason for this? Perhaps an update? I don't know.

    Hy.. i noticed that too, i'm drinking my coffe and wanted to play.. maybe even make lvl 30 :D , but yeah... for the time being it seems Channels Offline... but the server is full :))) .. anyway, we just have to wait for half - 1 hour to see what it will be new :D ... by the way, how are u doing most of the quests, because even after a translation update i still got a lot of koreean words in quests and fights... only zone for lvl 1 ~ 20 was more english like, after that.. not to much..

    Mda din cate stiu eu nu prea suntem si multi nu prea participa ...

    hey man.. te-am rugat sa dai invite... ti-am dat add la primul character pe care l-ai scris acolo si nu te vad online..... bine, momentan toate channel-urile sunt offline, dar totusi.... astept inv in joc

    Salut, dar se pare ca nu prea sunt romani pe aici... pacat, oricum vad Natanel ca ai rank de Martial Artist.. bv bv, sa inteleg ca esti mai in tema cu jocul. E bine de stiut pentru ca s-ar putea sa iti adresez cateva intrebari uneori :D .....
    App.. daca e vro Guilda ceva, sa imi dai si mie add, in game character name "SpirySan" .... ne vedem in joc.

    Hy friend, there is no solution for the crashes of the game so far; i have the same problem and i bearly got a lvl 8 Character in the game, after i log in i start the clock to see how much time do i have to get the quest or the reward, even equip items. That being said, i hope we will get a solution soon for the "game crash timer" ....

    Morning, yeah.. i have the same problem, but my game window doesn't stay open for more than a few minutes, soo..... i know how u feel, i just hope they will fix this game close problem at the next update....

    Douglasloty .... big lvl characters, how did u fix the game closing problem, my game closes very fast.... i bearly have time to kill a small mob.. please help.

    tnks my friend, i'm trying for over 30 min, they at least get another channel working.... beside the fact that the game colsed after about 3-5 minutes....hope a patch or update will fix this problems for me..... don't ask about my PC, it is performant :D

    Hy, i'm new here as well... do u one of the older member had this problem with the channles... after caracter creation i can't play because channel is full and the other ones are offline..... solutions?...