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    nice shot over there, but i keep with my words

    People have their own opinions we get it.

    But I like what they're doing in DBS they're literally just showing events that happened in previous Dragon ball shows not only that they're giving what the fans WANT and it's looking good.

    And I understand you guys may hate DBS but you guys are old school, from a older generation. Understand this is a new generation with different opinions.

    This SAME Guy Tried Scamming Me When he tried giving me a Gotenks Dogi And told me 2 million

    I then told him i didnt have the funds so he told me 200k I later then knew it was a Scam.

    Who would give a Gotenks Dogi for 200k?

    WHO DOES THAT? ?(||

    I'm Trying to upgrade some level 30 gloves but seem to be stuck in the Merchant.

    I can't Choose a Card Or get of the card system.

    I'm lost on what to do can anyone help me with this issue? ?(?(