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    Im sorry to say this but i agree that this will only change the meta, poko and karma will be replaced with other classes, fighter & SM are not needed with the damage that speed brings, and SK & DW aren´t too when ulti & cheff can tank (not talking about plasma).

    To be honest, i haven´t changed my opinion since i first discovered speed that speed must be nerfed, it makes no sense that healer/tank/support classes make similar or sometimes even higher damage, only dps classes (wonder majin & humans) should do high damage so only tanks (dw & sk) should be able to tank, as only support (ultimate & cheff) can buff, thats the only way i see all classes can have a spot in PVE (except Poko, this guy really needs a complete rebalance to even have a chance without speed).

    Honestly I hear the upgrading system was worse on the original game, Not 100% sure if it's true or not though.

    Yeah it was, in old dbo Broken means -6 upgrade... Also if im not wrong fail decreased upgrade -1, that added to worse chance to drop stones while farming made been +15 like a god.

    Namek armor is supposued to be for Tank classes (DW & SK), the problem here is Dendes & Pokos wearing tanky armor, it should give less armor for them.

    Also, DW has already low damage so having low armor too would be the end for this class, Sks overpowerd damage is another problem too.

    Para farmear las cucarachas del inicio sólo necesitas el spin de ultimate al máximo, los pasivos y buffs de LP y el resto ya es equipo (%LP y botas de speed).

    The problem with removing rng from upgrade is that you will make sure people will get 100% +15. That's what I'm trying to avoid. Also rng puts more fun into the game. You never know if that one stone will bring you a much better gear or make it worse.

    So its better to have players who work hard and can´t get good upgrade because of bad luck

    Upgrade system no RNG based is the most thing i want since i started played dbo, its only about to decide how many stones are needed for each lvl it doesnt neccesary mean that everyone will get +15

    I personally don´t want a item wipe since im not casher and all my efforts would have been for nothing, maybe lvl70 items wipe (wich shouldn´t have been in the game until now to start with)

    Also boxes in pve are good as they are now, i play about 1 hour every day and i get every week like 7 boxes from event + 6-10 from CC coins = 13-17 boxes per week, getting a top stat for only one item sometimes takes hundred on boxes (we all have seen posts from people crying because they didn´t get what they wanted with 300 boxes)

    lol dude any mmo game if happended to dc while ur in dungeon u can't refund or continue -_-

    You didnt play WoW didnt you?

    Getting DC shouldn´t kick you out of the party and the dungeon, you should keep inside the party off so when you relog you can continue

    Its not like you cant complain about getting dc while fighting boss but since some weeks its very common that at least 1 member of the party gets DC, if that member is buffer/tank/dende party is over.

    I have wanted this since i started playing this game, RNG based upgrade system doesnt mean less people with high upgrade, it means that only lucky people will have it.

    You say that with RNG based its just about trying and trying until u get the upgrade u are looking for, its not like everyone can get a huge ammount of stones too many times to try to get +15. If you dont want everyone becoming +15 too fast, just make it that +10/+ needs a fixed big ammount of stones, proportional to RGN based chance.

    Lvl 60 legendary necklace / earrings / rings can be obtained from CCBD and Shenron wish, however you will need to try luck with boxes on them to get best stats (you cant box rings).

    For lvl 70, you get legendary jewerelly from UD Kraken / Cell and Scramble and you will have to box too.

    I dont know why people says they dont want new things that there wasn´t in old dbo, then you should close suggestions forum. But as tempest said, if your character is physical damage there is no use on have magical auto attack, same for the opposite.

    What type of armor should I use? Stat wise

    You should use 2 CON parts + 1 LP% Abs, or 3 CON parts both works good in pve and pvp. About weapons, both weapons speed% in pve and 1 focus + 1 speed% in pvp, at least agains fighters/swordmans or you are going to fail everything.

    For rings, focus set from CCBD (or kraken when it is released), CD earrings (very important for speed buff all the party) and for necklace you could use attack prop but it is hard to get one good.

    I went with dende after all, seems to be the most popular for everything

    I will tell you again, as dende you will easily find party for everything but don´t do it only for that reason, if you dont like to be a healer you will regret becaming dende some day. If you aren´t lvl 30 yet, try go UD1 as healer, its not like healing at lvl 70 dungeons but you will get an idea of what looks like.

    30 minutes is a good idea for me, and disable it in budokai. As other people said is a shit when you get DC with 1 hour cd left, about using CD gear only before transform to reduce the CD i have remember you that not everyone has the money to buy it, until you get lvl 70 and farm (or donate) for weeks you wont be able to get all your set...

    And definitely ultimate / gran cheff majins should be and exception, they can´t do almost anything in pve without kid boo, so if you dont want to reduce their CD al least let them to use buffs while transformed.

    First of all, sorry if this has been posted before, i used the forum search and didn´t found anything.

    I have been playing world of warcraft since old dbo was closed and there we had something good about character customizacion... there weren´t dogis like here but there you have transfiguration, which lets you change one armor / weapon appearance´s to another you choose (you must have it). Like i said, since dbo has dogis we dont need armor transfiguration but it would be really cool to have weapon ransfiguration, dont you think?

    I know admins must focus on add all content and fix bugs before adding new things, this hasn´t be to worked on now but it would be great to be added in a future, i don´t think it is really hard to programm a npc that changes one item appearance for another.