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    no sé ven las capturas amigo

    Hola buenos idas, buenas tardeo buenas noches tengo un problema me estan pasando 2 cosas primero que el update y el launcher como que me tarda muchoooo (mi internet no es malo pero anda bien) y tambien cuando entro al juego no puedo iniciar cesion como me pasan 2 cosas que aveces intento es cribir y cuando escribe no aparecen las letras me aparece esto [] con cada letro por ejemplo si escribia hola me ponia [][][][] y tambien hay veces que se me arregla solo , pero pongo mi contrseña y mi nombre bien por cierto que me fije 80 mil veces se queda cargando un rato y despues no pasa nada no entra ni nada ,aunque puedo escribir devuelta escribo y me sige pasando ayudaaaaaaaaX(

    Ya intentaste descargando el cliente nuevamente?

    There is a lot to think about, that good to read comments from players who have used this class thoroughly

    You are aware of DW burn skill, don't you.

    Soon you deal any dmg to them, they won't get of you until you kill them or they kill you.

    DW is fine as it, just need to fix healing skill.

    As of now, EP thing, you can fix it with dogi balls soon you get %EP or wear somewhere 21% EP on pants or jacket, since 21% LP on DW is really enough thx to really good healing skill.

    It is a good point, in the high floors of CC 70 + (currently Dbog) The DW does not serve because it does not preserve the aggression

    He meant the 'total' amount of 'healing' from the skill, not the dmg on one mob.

    FYI: Even in retal, the amount of healing from more than eight mobs was beyond 30k.

    In the version Taiwan, recovered about 15-20 k, did not heal to 100% the LP, but helped, the DW was the best farmer

    For any other player to be good in the game, you need to upgrade weapons and sub weapons, equally so that the Dende is a good healer needs to upgrade weapons and sub weapons, I am Dende and is radical change, but makes a lot of sense.

    Excuse for my bad English xD