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    Hello guys, I was looking for a good guide/explanation about every class to figure out which fits my playstyle most.
    After asking around I got a great explanation about every Class and I just want to share this for all the ones who still cant decide which class to play or just want to have some informations about the classes.

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    Turtle Hermit: The top solo PvE class. They round up a bunch of baddies and use their AOE attacks to decimate crowds at a time. They have high EPand have many signature attacks from the series. All in all a roundedclass with less potential in PvP than any of the other human classes, though I have definitely seen it done well.
    PvE - 9(solo), 4(group
    PvP - 3
    Role - DPS/Crowd Control

    Fighter: Arguably the most well-rounded class in the game, the fighter is the most popular class in the game. Their style is actuallymore comparable to Vegeta or Yamcha rather than Goku, though they do recieve the infamous and useful skill Instant Transmission. Theyalso get some of the biggest energy attacks such as Big Bang Attack and Final Flash. A good PvP class, though being a jack of all tradesand a master of none can hurt them in some match ups against other races.
    PvE - 5
    PvP - 7
    Role - DPS/Minor Tank/Crowd control

    Swordsman: Arguably the best DPS class in the game, and definitely the highest DPS in PvP. They don't have many ranged attacks, and those they do have are dwarfed by other races. Numbers will also imperil them, and generally they try to attack from the backand fight one on one. A squishy class, but only because by the time most people are able to hit you, they'll already be dead. One of the top3 PvP classes in the game, but are very expensive to gear
    PvE - 3
    PvP - 10
    Role - DPS

    Crane Hermit: Cranes are an odd breed and attract that odd player, but I've never seen a dissatisfied one. They are the DoT class among humans,making them very deadly in PvP and great in PvE as well. Their buildsare much easier to make hybrids out of, and one of the mostunderrated/underplayed classes in the game. They have a wide variety of attacks, and are the best kiters.
    PvE - 7
    PvP - 8
    Role - DoTs/Debuff/Minor crowd control


    Dark Warrior: Fans of Piccolo will find a home here, and the best PvE and PvPtanks in the game. Shadow Knights can perform this job to almostequal effect, but generally have to sacrifice something in their buildto do so. Their DPS is a fair bit lower than Shadow Knights, but theystill perform well in PvP provided their player knows what they are doing. Primarily a PvE class, simply put they can take the most damage,and have insane LP levels and self buffs. Numbers are nothing to a Dark Warrior, and it takes a loooot to bring them down.
    PvE - 10
    vP - 6
    Role - Tank

    Shadow Knight: Another fantastic DPS class, and arguably the most OP class in the game. Their ability to tank AND deal massive damage over time withbleeds and physical attacks makes them stand out in PvP, especially group PvP. They have almost no downside, are cheaper than humans to gear, and areeffective even in nooblet hands.If there is one small mar on their reputation,it's their lack of specialization hurts them against some enemies/classes.Some builds are also very anti-SK, and in the wake of the changes are one of the classes to have changed the most.
    PvE - 7
    PvP - 10
    Role - DPS/Tank

    Dende Priest: The healer class, famously underpopulated and surprisinglygood duelists. A MUST for PvE and group PvP, it cannot be overstated howcrucial they are to a group. They have some buffs, but primarily heal and can resurrect without using Popo stones or causing the resurrection sickness. Cheap to gear, and you can always find a willing guild due to desire to take in more Dende.
    PvE - 10
    PvP - 9(group), 6(Solo)
    Role - Healer

    Poko Priest: They have awesome dragon pets, some great EP-related buffs, and can do a bit of healing as well. Mostly a solo class, though decent in PvPand has some raid-crucial buffs. For those who don't know, these guys follow in King Piccolo's tradition and spit out egg-children. A hybrid class with some unique stuff, very fun as well
    PvE - 10(solo), 7(group)
    PvP - 6
    Role - Buffer/DPS/Minor healer


    Grand Chef Majin: Another underrated and lesser populated class, for not much reason. They have substantial DPS, a great crowd control move.They are also a bit tankish, and kind of remind me of a better version of the fighter class, and for majin.
    PvE - 8
    PvP - 7
    Role - DPS/Minor Tank/Crowd Control

    Ultimate Majin: This majin can do just about anything. They are best using melee attacks, and is another one of the top PvP classes. They have a minor heal, great DPS, ability to tank a bit, have the game-best buffs and some crowd control. One of my favorite classes in the game, and themost common Majin class.
    PvE - 9
    PvP - 9
    Role - DPS/Buffers/Minor Tank/Crowd Control/Minor Heal

    Plasma Majin: Long-range DPS at its finest, these are the nukers of the game. They stand a distance away, and lob the biggest attacks they can at the enemyafter casting their few but potent debuffs. They also have some key buffs as well. Not a well rounded class, but decent in solo and good for group PvP. A bit like swordsmen, but without the need to be so close
    PvE - 6
    PvP - 6
    Role - DPS/Buff/Debuff

    Karma Majin: The game's best Debuffers, with a decent bit of DPS to smile about. They also have a few very important buffs and are kind of an oddball class. Another one of my favorites, and remind of EQ's Enchanters.
    PvE - 8
    PvP - 6
    ole - Debuff/Buff/DPS