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    Hi, I have the same problem and he did not let me in. Once I did the TMQ3 the game came out completely and he just lets me enter the menu with my other characters, however with my main character he does not give me access and I crashed with "BugTrap".

    My main character is called: RagnarcitaZx

    Greetings. [PL]Daneos



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    Hi, I would like to report some Bugs found inside the server

    1. The server has problems regarding the notoriety of water particles (These are not visible to the naked eye).

    2. There are times when at the time of attacking the character freezes and does not attack, so you have to click again on a specific moob so that it can attack again on the moob.

    3. At the time of entry there are times when the character is seen with lines of black lines corresponding to the silhouette of the same which are scattered throughout the screen.

    4. The sounds of the attacks are not heard.

    5. When launching AOE skills there are times when they do not spread through all the monsters and the freeze game.

    6. The devices disappear after a day when you buy them in the cash shop.

    7. The server presents severe fps in some occasions.

    8. In Korin when speaking with the NPC of the sub class, it does not give the mission object (Main weapon).

    9. When opening a window within the game there are times when it is completely marked on the character.

    10. There are times when white pop-up windows appear in the upper left and right sides of the screen more often.

    Atte: RagnarcitaZx, Mynx

    Can I get help? .. I have a question.

    When they give me the Dragon Balls in Missions I go to the altar Sheng long and when I stick them play and I A window appears which is given me
    Debug Assertion Failed!

    Program: C: / Program Files (x86) / DBO Global / DBOG.exe
    File f: /dd/vctools/crt_bld/self_x86/crt/src/vswprint.c
    Line: 280

    Expression: ("Buffer too small", 0)

    For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C ++ documentation on ASSERTS.

    (Press Retry to debug the application the)

    Cancel - Skip Reintentar-

    After I get this box as indicated above the game is close and I still can not invoke sheng long to give me the team .. Does anyone know what to do in this case?