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    Can I get help? .. I have a question.

    When they give me the Dragon Balls in Missions I go to the altar Sheng long and when I stick them play and I A window appears which is given me
    Debug Assertion Failed!

    Program: C: / Program Files (x86) / DBO Global / DBOG.exe
    File f: /dd/vctools/crt_bld/self_x86/crt/src/vswprint.c
    Line: 280

    Expression: ("Buffer too small", 0)

    For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C ++ documentation on ASSERTS.

    (Press Retry to debug the application the)

    Cancel - Skip Reintentar-

    After I get this box as indicated above the game is close and I still can not invoke sheng long to give me the team .. Does anyone know what to do in this case?