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    This is wrong, every class should be able to play both pvp and pve, have advantages and weaknesses over others classes, it's called balance and yes it would be easy to just throw some changes without thinking deeply about it and what could be affected by it.

    Doing what you suggest would imply to remove bind from ccbd rewards, for the simple reason that a pvp class or even a pve class such as dw is not going to make it or will be excluded, pve is not just farm, actually farm is the less i care when i think on pve, dungeons and ccbd are the real thing.

    Every class is able to do so. I used to play as Fighter in TW and before wipe here, and I did pretty good farming. All classes are able to change their build as for PVP or PVE. And they all have their own advantages in the field, just like there are different STATs for each class in other games or abilities/skills.For me the idea then isn't limit classes to a field, but to bring back the balance they fu*ked trying to "balance" the game.

    People just didn't know a damn how to play their class.

    You wouldn't believe how many actually agree with this.

    En hi all ...I donate a lot of money ...what is going to do daneos whith that case...the people can get the cash point ?or bring back the money spended. ? Daneos has some ideas from that.?I hope if he has a New client take the game and do the same game play like Was the original...Check the crane and skills whith rp atack has some problems like 0 damage no agro..or nameks :"why the nameks has damage like a fighter?what function does a tank have? Hp and defense NO MORE..AREA OR ZONE ATACK CHARCUTER IS COOPERATIVE. ..please Check this and try to do the same dbo like tw hk ...remember you have rivals like progect dbo rpg and xenoverse 2 uploaded and xenoverse 3 and New universe...the y try to do the same damage calculation by races and characteristics. ..DANEOS I hope u can do the best... thanks

    Oh my god.

    I remember seeing a little teaser of Air Combat some time ago. I believe there was a plan to implement it in the original DBO at some point. Is this something that we could potentially see with the new client at some point? Or is this not even possible?


    Possible or not, it's better think if it's necessary or not. Honestly, I think this kind of "system"/"Feature" is not necessary at all.

    In other words, Air Combat is just as important as SSJB. Oooor, I don't see it actually working, like, really, for what? Why?

    Just let multi-client die. It's time for real cooperation in this game and not just soloeing. If the playerbase is the problem, then let it be. The idea of all this is to have a new well reformed game in which people will come and stay. If for some reason it doesn't work, it'll be something that was mean to happen with/or/out the changes.

    Also, leveling craft is one of the easiest things to do. If you think is hard and you have 7 + characters max level, then you're doing something wrong and may be autistic.