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    Why the damage can't be repaired?

    Personally I don't think maintaining cc gear will be that messy, it's not something op and the scammers are less than 5% of the community... and... what's the problem with player levels? We got 2 years to level up, if they did it faster or not, doesn't matter since is almost everyone at the same level. Sure it's unfair, but they're a minority and that wouldn't be as unfair as wiping everyone's level because a very few individuals cheated.

    Anyway, I had not thought of this possibility of them using their things to get cc or lvl up faster that you thought, but I think it's still unfair since they're the very minority...

    The levels aren't a huge issue because of the Level 30 Up items we're getting as compensation. In fact, the worst issue I forsee about releveling is the EXP Scrolls from the Popo Gift Box become useless at Level 31, so they can't be used in conjunction with the Level 30 Up unless someone makes a post in suggestions about fixing it.

    I just wrote you an answered and it got wiped because of my internet connection so I'll be fast:

    I'm quoting you and adding words because I'm too tired to keep arguing, but still I'm here trying to convince you that wiping would upset a lot of people. Listen, I'm not against resetting, I'm against wiping what doesn't need to be wiped. My point is, you don't need to wipe those things I mentioned, it won't do good. It's just some pointless thing just to say it's a "fresh" start. Why? Upsetting people to call something a "fresh" start? We don't need to wipe experience, cc gear, things that we didn't got with zeni but with efforts... I sure would have voted "yes" if that wiping doesn't included pointless things.

    Unfortunately, one of my earlier arguments applies to this. Because CC Gear is obtained through the CC Dungeon, players go into that dungeon with their own top gear first to get it. And since it can't be proven how players got their gear, it's impossible to take anyone at their word, even if they seem very trustworthy or have indeed done things legitimately. Same with player levels, as hacked gear would be used to create an unfair advantage in the form of being able to easily power level.

    However, to a certain extent, I do agree with you in regards to the dragon buffs and racial transformations, basically anything aquired from the DB Hunt as the mechanics for that are already a pain to deal with. And if anyone were to request something like a 3-day straight DB Hunt after the wipe to be able to stockpile and get those wish things back, I would have no problem throwing my hat in to back that up.

    Don't put words in my mouth. And don't twist my logic, it doesn't work.

    It's not a wipe whenever the staff finds an error. I'm talking total wipes that have occured in the games history excluding wipes that occured pre-beta. Note the keyword "pre-beta". We're now in beta, which means there could still be problems. This particular one is bad enough to warrant a wipe, no alternatives. Alternatives mean that you have to make exceptions for EVERYONE, not just a select few, and it wouldn't solve the problem at all.

    As for my emphathy, I do feel bad about those who have played legitimately and actually earned everything they had. I also know that it's a necessary sacrifice for the greater good of the game in order to fix this issue, and if you can't deal with that, go find another game to play because I guarantee you that any other MMO, if they had a problem like this on such a mass scale, they too would be forced to perform a server wipe to address the issue.

    It bothers me so much that this bloody argument is STILL going on while the proof of shady business happening is adding up in such a way that everyone else is able to see the problem is much worse than they could possibly fix through any other means. We've got bot accounts being spam-created for the sole purpose of attempting to outvote those who want the wipe to happen. The staff is aware of this to the point that they lowered the time from 15 days to 7 days, and have actually started taking action against the bot accounts. I personally am worried that the bot accounts may get so bad, it becomes the equivalent to a DDOS attack on the forum, possibly the game itself. We've also identified at least one permabanned account that has mysteriously been unbanned long enough to log in and vote against the server wipe despite being banned and unable to play. And despite all this happening, people still feel entitled to their stuff because to them, it's too hard to get back or need to find an alternative. Open your freaking eyes and bloody realize what's going on and the trouble the game and the community is in right now.


    That giant text you wrote can be reduced to: "You're not the developer, shut up"

    And I'm not demanding nothing impossible, I'm asking for alternate ways to repair the errors. Wiping exp and dragon buffs doesn't even make sense for example. You can't just spam hit the "wipe all" button just because something unusual happened.

    Look for a l t e r n a t i v e s.

    Okay. One wipe every month for every exploit found. Alternative found.

    But seriously, what the hell do you mean "spam hit the wipe all button"? This would be the second wipe in the games history being hosted by Daneos and this DBO staff. That's not spamming the wipe button, so that arguement is already invalid.

    Secondly, wiping EVERYTHING does make sense, as it forces everyone to build back up without using their ill-gotten gains. Those that have done it before, huzzah, you already know what you're doing. Cheaters on the other end, haha, good luck to you. If you rage and quit for not having your hacks available, good riddance, we didn't want you here anyway.

    Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Apart from the racism and favoritism issues, we have no proof against any specific players. Just that it's happening. There could be some players in that group that are completely innocent and would then be in essence punished due to their race. Which is not a road the staff or the community would want to go down, for several reasons, none of which I will name here due to legal reasons.

    Make sure to revise your results to include all accounts created after Jan 27th, 2019.