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    Some did a story and timeline video of DBO on YouTube, who was it again :/ I'm not against new transformations but also not really for it so I guess I wouldn't care either way but if you have to wish for super saiyan from the dragon I would say SSJ2 and 3 is out of the question due to the fact Shenron can grant any wish as long as it does not exceed the power of his creator so that's what I'm going with.


    Grade 0->6: 100%

    Grade 6->7: 30%

    Grade 7->8: 25%

    Grade 8->9: 20%

    Grade 9->10: 15%

    Grade 10->11: 10%

    Grade 11->13: 5%

    Grade 13->14: 4%

    Grade 14->15: 2.5%


    Grade 0->4: 100%

    Grade 4->6: 60%

    Grade 6->8: 40%

    Grade 8->9: 30%

    Grade 9->10: 20%

    Grade 10->11: 10%

    Grade 11->13: 5%

    Grade 13->14: 4%

    Grade 14->15: 3%

    The many people who spam several +15's per upgrading run, well I don't know what to say anymore they must "deify" the odds. The system should have been identical to retail or I'd give it you don't destroy your gear\weapon on broken without a white stone but its too far gone at this point.

    Its your boy Kakarot! I dont know about the rest of you but I sure am tired of seeing the same things in the wagu machine and the cash shop and well to a lesser extent the token shop. What would you guys and girls(real girls no traps) like to see added or taken out of the cash shop as well as some price adjustments that make sense. Also, how about that Wagu machine, now that we only get 1 as opposed to 4 in retail besides for more frequently changed costume items what would you like to be added or taken out. I personally would like to move up to 2 wagu machines, one for cosmetics and one for items. Token shop to a lesser extent since it can be abused but it would be nice to mix it up a little.


    With the Months added

    250 silver coins- Friend of Trunks- 5% Anti-Crit
    3 gold-10% Chance or can be bought Universe Luckiest- 2 Cooldown
    Jan = +3 Str- Time Chaser
    Feb = +2% Elegant Attack- Party Crasher
    Mar = +3 Focus- Mira Chaser
    Apr = +3 Dex- Child of Nature
    May = +3 Soul- Money Chaser
    Jun = +3 Energy- Unrelenting Biter
    Jul = +1 Prop- Dark Devil Destroyer
    Aug = +2% Honest Attack- The Retired One
    Sep = +2% Strange Attack- Limit Chaser
    Oct = +2% Wild Attack- Invader Defeater
    Nov = +3 Con- Watchdog of Kiri
    Dec = +2% Funny Attack- The Underdog

    It varies to be honest, my older PC with Intel Quad core and a 560ti windows 10 plays perfect, my new laptop with windows 10 i7 and 1060 gpu has the stutter, if I run full turbo on its very small stutter but I'm still working on figuring it out but it might have something to do with the newer hardware used hence why an older PC with windows 10 and 2012 cpu\gpu plays perfect.

    What is your class, level and are you hunting correctly with dragon radar and the correct within levels? I'm sure many can give tips and such but I just streamed 16 dragon balls in around 3 hours and thats usually the average. It's best to pick big areas with many mobs-supesr and ultra boxes like on Fearland to farm depending on your level or make a ultimate majin and have him hunt for you and your other classes.

    Nope Stopped at 17 I just said I just kept going out of ANGER and to actually see how broken Browns can be. Comes with the territory of how bad the randomness of this game can be. A few days ago with 10 boxes though I boxed 17% gloves and 19% speed stick which is decent for 55. This games upgrading and boxing makes me want to play in traffic sometimes or jump for joy its just how to goes. I'm all for revamping the cash shop and token shop as well as prices, I will bring it up for sure.