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    Hey, I am John, though I am known online as "ToonBasic"

    Some of you may remember me previously from when the server was ran by Daneos. I was a translator. Basically doing the same here. I'll be doing Chinese to English translations and be helping with foreigners (Primarily Spanish) with any issues they may have!

    My current day-to-day life is basically:

    Owning and running 3 businesses, investing in stocks, managing a large content creator and running my Discord that has 4.5k members and growing rapidly.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me!

    No, there will not be any future transformations. This is due to Daneos's lack of modeling knowledge and the way DBO was built which causes it to be difficult to make any model changes/additions/removals due to how uniquely DBO was made.

    If you want a "New transformation look", you should head on over to the modding section of the forum, you can find some cool mods that will make you look like a Super Sayain God, Super Sayain Blue, Rose, etc.

    Honestly the only buff I see necessary for humans is an accuracy buff. I keep missing most of my attacks with good gear and gloves.

    It's absurd missing sometimes up to 6 skills in a row and some punches.

    Hey, here's the build I personally used back in closed beta. I personally liked it and it worked well for me:


    What you're still failing to realize is DBOG and DBOR are official dragon ball servers. Cinitrate, one of the staff at DBO even stated himself that this is an official public (private) server. There's no reason for big named companies to take action, nor is there a purpose for us to be shut down. You are clearly a person who thinks negatively about things if you're acting like this and want things your way, but guess what, not everything can do whatever the people want's way. Just live with what you got and wait patiently for Clocks to be added.

    I won't bother to argue with you here, but you clearly need to rethink what you're saying. There's a lot of flaws you pointed out, and fail to understand that making a DBOG server is no easy work and requires a ton of dedication and work. Anyways, whatever that game is must of done something to get themselves closed.

    This thread will be locked. The final statement is: Kid Clocks won't be added till a later date. If you have a problem with that then don't play and move on. Other people want to play because they enjoyed the game and wanna continue to experience the fun of the game and relive their memories. Not everyone will get what they want, but be glad with what you got. Also, DBOG is in a sense "certified" to continue running and while yes the original creators do have power of the game, DBOG is in no way infringing the digital millennium copyright act, so no action can really be taken. Also, Daneos does make profit for the game, BUT he can only use it for the sole purpose of benefiting the DBOG network, nothing more, nothing less.

    Case closed.

    The thing is we have more important things to deal with. Kid Clocks are on the list of things being made, but that'll likely not release until open beta which is a few months from now. If you wish to remain a kid then do not do the master class quest/adult quest and wait it out. Let Daneos settle with more important matters first before attempting to even get it done.

    Not like he cares if you talk bad about him in-game. Anyways, kid clocks are not important yet. Let him focus on real content, fixing bugs, and balancing the skills and classes before even attempting to get into kid clocks.

    - Clyde,
    DBOG Translator

    Discord Link:

    Basically in this discord you can just chill, have fun, chat with others, etc. Just make sure to follow the rules :P

    (This is an alternative to the DBOG chat in case it ever gets to spammy or whatever and wanna stay away from it. It also contains a mod channel and market channel for if u wanna release mods or sell/trade some goodies!).

    Not mandatory to join, but lets grow the family if ya want :P

    you honestly haven't play the retail (original dbo). I could list all the the stuff that is P2W, which is way more then the 2 reason that you listed, but we are still in the testing phase of game and we don't know if daneos plans on changing some of those factor making cash elusive item come from dungeon drop, events or whatever. So we should wait til open beta to complain if nothing gets changed during pre open beta.

    Actually, yes I did play the original DBO. I wasn't in to much of those cosmetics though and such as I was an original player who wanted to take the path of an ordinary player. And 2 reasons? I listed more. Before posting please take your time to reread everything I said and then post. Also in my opinion this isn't P2W. Daneos will not be implementing 33 stones (I asked him), he will be fixing stone bugs, he will be removing/adding features that could ruin gameplay, and so on that I won't discuss. The only thing that's game breaking here is the bugs, not the cash items. Please rethink your words next time.

    I agree with everyone here. Honestly you're getting a game for free and you can buy Cash Items for zeni quite simple. If people spend money on the game so be it. It's their money, let them do what they want with it. If a game was P2W then everyone would be dead overpowered and rule over lower ranks. The only problem at the moment is defense, hence how we die easily. It's not because they're OP (Sorta). P2W would be like "Instant level 70 with strongest armor in the game to beat anyone"

    Before we get started on this thread, let me address a few rules:

    • You will not flame, trash, and or start wars against each other or towards myself. This is my own opinion.
    • Do not post if your intention is to start a problem.
    • You are allowed to post your own opinion as so do others. Just please make sure it's appropriate and will not cause issues.
    • Any posts that are deemed flame, trash posting, or war posting will result in an immediate removal of your post.

    Okay, let's begin.

    I've recently noticed within the community that there are a bunch of people claiming that DBOG is P2W, and while I can see where people are coming from about this, I am gonna have to deny that it is. A lot of people think Daneos is raking up a ton of money and is a millionaire, but in reality he's not making that much at all. I will not give you exact details or estimations on how much he does get per donation, but think of it as this: He doesn't get the full amount. Taxes are involved, payment wall is involved, etc. which does take quite a bit of his donation money. You also need to realize that Daneos isn't hungry for money, he's just trying to invest more into the game and provide a better experience for everyone and its community. If he didn't care or was in it for the money we'd probably set back a ton of updates and missing current day features. But enough of that, let's get into the real reasoning: People are claiming that the Cash Shop is P2W, but it's not. A lot of the items you see there can be obtained in-game with enough farming. Lets take EXP Scrolls/Boosts as an example, people think that they are P2W when they're not. In fact the scrolls you get when you start the game are better and would be valued more. You can also buy the Cash Shop scrolls via the DBOG Forum Marketplace or the DBOG Trade Chat for a fair amount of zeni. Next reason: I honestly don't understand where people get this idea from that this is P2W, but how do dogis affect gameplay at all? All they are is just pure cosmetics. Sure, you can add some stats to them with a Dogi ball, but not many people use those at all if any. Next reason: While I can see where Skill Reset Books can be P2W it honestly isn't that much. The amount it costs just to buy 1 Reset Book is quite a lot and not many people can afford that much books if they wanna reset their skills. Everyone is better off using the Skill Reset NPCs before level 30 (Before you MC/Adult) and restart your tree from there to suit your wants. Sure, people do mess up at times and accidentally click a skill they didn't wanna learn, but for a good price you can possibly spend some Zeni for someone to buy it for you. Final reason: Brown Boxes. Boy, have I seen people argue left and right about this, but let me give my own opinion: Honestly, brown boxes aren't necessarily P2W. The amount it costs just to buy 10 Brown Boxes is quite a lot, and you're not even guaranteed to get a good restructuring of your armor. You'd likely lose more profit than you can gain if anything. Crafting can just gain you equal value if not better than a brown box for a cheaper price if you know what you're doing.

    Anyways, I'll end the thread here. While I can continue on giving my thoughts and all, I decided to let the community speak for itself and give their own opinions about my thoughts. Just remember to follow the rules!

    And to you guys who don't wish to read the messy post or just want a quick rundown:
    Daneos and money: To put it simple, he doesn't make a lot of money from each donation. He loses quite a big percentage of his money due to thinks such as taxes, etc.
    Dogis: How are these even P2W? They're just cosmetics. Sure, you can add a dogi ball, but they're rarely used and can be expensive.
    Exp Scrolls/Boosts: They aren't that much worth it due to a small amount of boosted XP that you'd get compared to the level 1-30 scrolls. If you wish you could buy a scroll from someone and let them gift you it if you wish. They do go for a good amount of zeni.
    Skill Reset Books: They aren't near P2W as people claim. You can easily just go to a Skill Reset NPC (Before you MC/Adult) and request a skill reset for a cheap price. After that you can just simply restart your skill tree and continue the path you'd wish to go. If you want, you can easily buy books from someone who's selling them for a fair price.
    Brown boxes: You'd more than likely lose profit than gain really. You're better off crafting if you know what you're doing for cheaper.

    These are just my thoughts and opinions. I would like you guys to respect that.

    - Clyde, DBOG Translator

    DBOGlobal is in no way in any shape or form a virus. What purpose would dropping on a virus do for Daneos? Absolutely nothing. All it will do is give Daneos a bad name, loss of players, and profit to keep the game going. If you believe the game has a virus then don't play, it's as simple as that. If it did contain a virus then someone would of reported it long ago.

    - Clyde, DBOG Translator