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    At least your lvl 12, im stuck with the error connection to game server failed after just creating my first character. Need more channels open, like 10 if possible.

    I remember SSJ only going off when EP was zero.

    It really should stay the same, now people would have to remember 10% instead of just know, no EP = no SSJ.

    I can't remember Kaioken, perhaps it automatically turned off when your LP would fall below 1.
    Switching this off below 20% LP is not a good idea either, just keep it simple like suggested above.

    Let people fight and die with low LP using kaioken and the same with SSJ, let people use all the EP they have.
    I mean the human, particularly the martial artist class has so low EP in general, why not allow them to use 10% of it?

    Paypal option would be great, I really don't want my personal information on another website that I do not know or trust.

    There was a reason for turtle book. Turtle can't beat good SK without good combo and turtle book. The duration of "Sudden Stun" (paralysis) is too short, so you don't have time to use hypnosis on SK if he has anti-paralysis. That's why you should use an RP ability.

    Turtle book just made 1 specific class and gender have too much of an advantage.

    Full rp and defense stats by consuming an item that has like no cooldown.
    Nobody can use the item in PVP to get 1 rp ball but 1 class / gender gets to use a book to get full rp.. lol ok.

    It's just like the dodgepot was when it had such a low cooldown, broken.

    Sudden Stun is a 10 second stun, plus you have the sleep, the movement speed slow, attack speed slow etc.
    Turtles have plenty of tools to win fights against all classes without this item. What about other classes like Crane, they don't even have the stun anymore so they just die to SK's and that's ok because female turtles can kill them??

    If they need to tweak other classes or abilities to balance it then so be it, that would be better for the game than having these items decide a battle before it's even started.

    Finally, this is just my opinion. I agree that the Male turtle should get the same effects, whatever that might be if the item is reworked.

    I hope it is.

    Turtle Book & Dodge Pot should be disabled from Ranked PVP / Budokais imo.

    Then the dodge pot cooldown can be reduced again because im sure the reason for the massive increase in cooldown the item got was because it was being used in budokai's to make fighters nearly immortal.

    Let people use them for PVE if they want and even in CCBD.

    Looking forward to seeing what the Developers thing about this.

    I think it would be nice to be able to get them in multiple ways.. for example:

    Token shop
    - common dogis
    - race and gender specific dogis

    - gained from doing pvp ranked battles
    - can get any dogi

    Wagu Coins
    - Put the dogis in wagu machines along with all the other stuff.
    - Randomly change dogis in a machine every week.
    - Then perhaps give wagu rewards for completing UD's & TMQ's ( eg. entire party gets 2 wagu coins )
    - It may be nice to give a few wagu coins as additional rewards for completing important parts of the game like.. quest dragonballs, learning flight / master class, defeating the spaceship boss ( lvl 41-50) and defeating the dragon boss ( lvl 51+ )
    - Additionally coins could be achieved by placing well or even just participating in budokai's

    - I remember in the game there weren't recipe's for the later lvls of crafting so perhaps guys reach max lvl in this have the option to craft a random dogi. even if it has like 90% chance of failing with the required materials or it just requires a lot of them. Just a thought

    Perhaps you could setup a donation system that would give large amounts of Wagu Coins or Medusa points for those that put money into the game.

    Both should always be maxed for increased stun duration, Wolf Fang Fist at max lvl is quite powerful too but I wouldn't use the SP from your 2 stuns for this, you better off taking SP from elsewhere.

    Thing is..quick attack is one of the fastest skills to cast and has decent range ( I think 35m, despite the skill calc showing something like 3m ).
    In pvp it almost always gets you the first stun.

    It's always nice to have extra stun in pve also, you never know when you get those mobs that constantly knock you down unless you can stun them.
    Only thing is stuns don't generally work on bosses, most if not all are immune if I remember correctly.

    Experiencing lots of lag.

    When the server disconnects ( all the time ), it resets your exp bar and your position instead of remembering it.
    This results in completed quests but an under leveled character.

    Can't pick up early item quest in the desert and the ask popo skill does not work for that quest.

    Also I just got disconnected and when I tried to reconnect it said player online already or something like that.

    Perhaps if you could create more channels and show which are busy, at the moment it says not busy as if nobody is online.