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    FFXIV = Final Fantasy XIV: for a massively multiplayer online game in which receives updates more than most games. On a scheduled like basis. By far my favorite mmo out there. Final Fantasy fan woo woo \o/ *totally worth the sub money*!

    Dragonball Online Global: Pffttt this is a given as it's for Dragonball Fans, and is one of my other favorite mmos. Also DBO helped me meet so many kind and totally awesome amazing peoples! <3 ~

    World of Warcraft: If your feeling classy and want to check things out. Regardless of it's baddies it still holds a place in my heart.

    Runescape: Because I find myself coming back to it to see what's new even after I tell myself I am done, and I like to be a hipster sometimes. lel

    Tera: Because well it's got nice visuals and I love the setting.

    Elder Scrolls Online: Because well.... See that mountain? You can climb it! * Todd Howard Intensifies *.

    PS02 = Phantasy Star Online 2: Great game if your willing to turn your pc into a region locked test dummy! *pssst sega bring it to other regions please!*

    Guild Wars 2: Not really a game I like that much anymore, but hey it's still got it's enjoyable content!

    Blade & Soul: Honestly I don't know what the game is like anymore as last I've heard it's become even more ptw, but it used to be really great.

    Dear AMZD,

    I counter you by informing you that we work as a team. Daneos isn't just a dictator that makes all the decisions. We put everything through a team-based way of thinking. We always are looking for ways to improve the game for the overall future. Sometimes "temporary" decisions are made that don't always suite the community. We are always looking at each and everyone of your suggestions with the idea of trying to sympathize with your ideas and make them congruent with the game standards. Though there are times where we have to make the "best" decision that sometimes people don't want that is ultimately better for the community. You don't have to agree with our decisions, but I will be vocal when I say that we are not just "pawns" like you think we are. We are humans just like you and mistakes are made, but just as easy as the mistakes are made we look to swiftly fix them and take from the community feedback.


    DBO G Team.

    people complain because they care & mostly because there spending real money ya know

    Indeed. You all have a right to complain and make your voices heard. Just remember to do it in such a way respectful to the community and it's guidelines. I, and many other mods are always watching and trying to keep your suggestions in mind regardless if some of the changes do not come to fruition.

    I can see some of the points in your ideal system, and while I can't promise anything will change I can try running this by the team, and see what they think about it.

    Seems the wait is over :-)

    Though remember to be respectful. Each user has there right to have an opinion on the matter. While yes it is most likely never going to happen that doesn't mean you have to treat the users as such for suggesting an idea. You know good and well that responding with a valid argument against his suggestion, and then indirectly jabbing him in the side with kindness in shadow is bound to cause arguments instead of constructive criticism.

    game is p2p now, deal with it.

    All free to play games have pay2win aspects. This mmo is actually one of the ones that does not have that many pay2win aspects. I've played countless mmos, and I can attest to it when I say this game is very lenient, and gives you other ways to earn things via game. Though free to play games have to make money somehow to sustain server and other costs for adding new content and such. So if your playing a free to play game expecting there to be no such thing then you may be disappointed as 99% of ftp mmos have some sort of "shop" in the game or outside. It doesn't degrade the game though as it is just there for convenience and the game can be played without buying such items.


    I will also note that people who pay for items I see normally get a bad rep, but it's quite the contrary. That person who paid for the items via game didn't have the time to play the game as they where working to earn the items in game via another way. So when I see people say that others who buy things via ingame are "lazy" I can't help, but to disagree. They just don't necessarily have as much time as others to play the game, and I don't believe they should have there fun cut out just because of that "limitation".


    Unfortunately if we allowed the tokens to be generated even after someone got disconnected after 60 minutes people could still alt farm them with many accounts, and that is prohibited.


    DBO G Team.

    I will pass this on to Daneos, and see what he says.


    I've contacted Daneos, and there are no plans to add that option, but there is actually a way to get border-less windowed full screen in games by using 3rd party applications. Here is a tutorial on one I found.


    Cadun Welcome to the DBOG community it is good to see another TW DBO player join the community! I hope you find a spot within the community that suits you well. We support modding as well so if that is your sort of thing! Also I am curious to see your creative works with signatures.~

    DBO G Team.

    It's possible to strive towards balance, but no game has the perfect "balance". There is typically always going to be imbalance with new levels and new skill sets. Even mmos like FFXIV, and WoW fail to keep a balance on there classes, and those games are hundreds of times bigger with a full team of highly paid developers by official companies.


    To add on to what Beky said be sure to disable your firewall or exception dbo, and open the patcher_config.xml and change game_lang="xx" to game_lang="english".


    DBO G Team.

    That's why they are transparent and the preview is just due to the background:


    Ahh thank you for giving an example! I figured that may be the case. I use to mod myself so I somewhat remember the basic of how things used to work.

    I thought the background might be interfering as well.
    That would be cool if there were different hues of the wings though.
    A green-ish hue, golden hue, and a blue-ish hue. Maybe even a pink-ish hue. ^^

    I would so be down for a pinkish set of wings! <3 ~

    Left picture looks the best tbh, but I also think it is because one of them has a solid green background while the other has a blueish/gray solid background.

    While I understand how this could add more to the scouter system.. It most likely will never happen as it requires hud overlay, and adding such things can cause the game to lag when used.

    Ooh. I used to main as Swordsman in PoB. but then.. It's so bad for PvE but good for PvP, so I realized that I needed a fighter or turtle classes for PvE. but now I'm planning to main Fighter, Karma, SK, Dende and buffer.

    I will definitely give Fighter a chance after I get my Majin to a decent level. Maybe you could offer me some tips on the class even.