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    slow should not be decreased, its about balancing classes not destroy, not sure what should be changed but 16 energy passive is pretty usssless it should be changed to something ussefull and 24 dex is to low, for the rest turtle is fine, and about book RP for male and female would be good, its very strange only females can have RP, and in CC dungeon you can't use book so male are very ussless at this point.


    i have no idea what should be changed for them, i think they are fine.

    i don't think revelations is better
    they just give us hope, and give notting in a year,
    so i think global will be better,, let's hope that we all be playing soon because i miss it so much :(

    and my name is gokumacro i playd dbo about 8 months till shutdown

    greetings . :thumbsup: