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    do I have to make new thread to report this problem?

    Guys if you have two gpus, the dbo is going with the lower one. Like intels one.
    You need to start up with the Nvidia or radeon graphics

    It is not a GPU issue (see screenshot) and intel GPUs are not that weak that they can't even run games like DBO. Before switching to my nVidia GPU I was using my inbuilt intel GPU for this client and I was still getting 120+ fps.


    There is a problem I would like to report, that is, even though LIMIT_FPS is set to false, I am still getting limited fps but the weird thing is when I open application like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or VLC media player, FPS boosts up.

    I tried reinstalling the game, but situation is still same, any workaround for it?

    Btw, I am using Windows 10 x64 and everything is updated.



    We were talking about it yesterday.

    My idea: Nerf auto attack damage against bosses/hero monster in dungeon & increase skill damage. Maybe also change the skill animation time, so skills are used faster

    ^ only PVM

    Hello Daneos! My suggestion is to introduce a threshold system for auto attacking.

    For example, players can do auto attacking for 10 seconds then can't auto attack for next 5 seconds.

    Logically speaking from dragon ball z world, with attack speed and auto attack what characters are performing is energy barrage and after doing so character should become tired.

    can you make level up from 50 to 55 easier? if, yes. I would like to vote for 'Yes', otherwise 'No'. Some people like me don't have time to start back from zero (3-4 characters, crafting, etc) nor everyone can do or afford power levelling.

    By making this range of levels easier might motivate people to start back because this is the point where most of the people give up.

    Only 2 points from my side for Crane Hermits

    1. Remove straight line mechanism for Dodon Ray & Dodon Barrage or make it better, the way this mechanism is, I don't think anyone uses them for aoe purposes/farming purposes.

    2. Thousand Slashes need a buff, but I can't suggest any proper mathematical formula.

    - Buff the damage of Scatter Shot, Scatter shot is almost the most useless skill other than impale rod, scatter has very low damage even on max SP on crit, a spirit rod can deal more (noncrit) more on lv1 than a 5sp scatter. Either give it bigger damage, or remove the cast time from it (that could replace the hurl idea).

    - Give turtles an energy crtirate buff, replace the "spiritual breakthrough" and either make it give energy crtirate, or something more useful than energy attack, there is passive, spiritualist skill, etc for that.

    I agree with these points. Especially Scatter Shot one, it has very long animation too, reducing its cast time + dmg buff would be a good idea.

    The only good solution of this problem is turn this game into 6-man party instead of 5 man-party and increase defense of UDs/TMQs/CCBDs mobs by 20%. That way a buffer will also be able to join and some other classes will also get chance of joining parties without breaking the standard formation of parties. I think its possible to implement.

    My suggestions are from PVE point of view.

    ------Class Name: Plasma Majin

    ----Skill or Passive name: Black Hole Beat

    --Current skill effect: 6M AOE

    --Things you'd like to add or change in that skill: I think that AOE should be increased to about 8M or 10M.

    Even though damage is good still most of the people don't prefer to pick this skill in their builds because of big cast time (4 sec, without passive) and small AOE, which makes it unfair.

    ------Class Name: Plasma Majin

    ----Skill or Passive name: Super Rhythmic Trance

    --Current skill effect: Damage : 434+207% (at level 4)

    --Things you'd like to add or change in that skill: I think that damage should be increased a bit, like 534+257% or less may be.

    Current damage is very very low. Even Human Extinction Attack deals more damage than this skill.

    I think that this class is very underrated in terms of PVE. I would also like to suggest that skills like Anger Explosion and Homing Storm of Plasma Majins and Karma Majins have huge difference in damage even though they are same skills. But these skills can still be managed.

    Just curious to know what are the stats of CCBD crafted gears. There are many recipes for legendary items like Dark Soul Armor, Super Powerful Earring/Ring, Weapons, etc. If anyone crafted these items, please post screenshots.