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    If we start fresh and cash is returned then it becomes an advantage because they are going to have huge sums, we don't know yet how the cash shop is going to change.

    1-Yes, people who used bots should be punished, but its legit to have tons of zeni by farming or trading, we all know that the people who uses bots its a minority.

    2- Absolutely, those items should be removed, don't know about others (what does it mean) but any level 70 item should be deleted.

    3- Yeah and cheaters should be banned.

    I agree with most of the next points, but i don't think that daneos can guarantee a game clear of cheats when big companies can't.

    Those are changes that you are suggesting, i would love to see most of them being implemented, but i doubt it and let me tell you that i found to be true the fact that if you reward a player he/her will avoid cheating, because it wouldn't be necesary, the problem is that some people is just too greedy to not do it anyways.

    These changes would take months to be implemented,if daneos does it taking his time, a wipe coming months after the new client release would imply to keep playing and donating to see everything deleted again.

    I wish they banned the people who duped at the right time, but everything took too much time.

    Of course you want your cash back, this would give you advantage upon others, naive of me to think that the wipe was meant to bring a new and "fresh" start, never did tho 8o.

    Look , idk your point , but i m pretty sur , that you are understunding me but you pretending that you didn't xD

    We all here used to lvl up with multiclients who was a very big mistake , and with the new update multiclients will be disabled so we will have HUGE advantage compare to the new players, we will have more chara already high lvls , our buffers ready for farm... Beside this , people who already have lvl 60 charas will dominate the game and farm areas and people who had 5 lvl less will have difficulty to get stuff + rush higs lvls and farm.

    You need to understand that the new client give this game a chance to survive , and , for sur , Daneos need to seize this chance.

    Naturally new users and people with mid range level will have disadvantages, but that doesn't mean that the game should reset when new people comes in.

    The new client will give a chance to survive because we been waiting for it since 8 months and because it was promised to improve the game performance and add more content, wipe or not this should remain.

    Except in my case it's a fact. Almost no one does rp. You putting words in my mouth and pointing your finger directly to me is kinda different and very far from being verifiable. Lack of comprehension is actually cancer.

    I am not gonna reply anymore to your quotes tho, you wasted enough of my time.

    edit: excuse my numerous edits but it's already hard to process an argument on a phone, plus it makes it even more harder answering to some flawed excuses and counter arguments.

    No, at the moment you said that most of the people that doesn't want to wipe is because they don't want to level up again you were involving everyone, it's your fault for generalizing like that, because if you wanted to speak about a little group of known people to you, you perfectly could and didn't.

    My arguments are good enough to kill fallacies, in three or four replies you couldn't argue why should be a wipe, nice debate or the lack lack of it.

    Answer to what? All you did was take out of context everything i said and kept putting words in my mouth lol.

    Keep avoiding the subject.

    You said that most of us don't care about losing gear but leveling again, then you said that you could understand if those people were doing constant rp but 99.9% are not, according to you.

    That's a perfect example of generalizing, but then you get hurt when someone does the same to you, when you mocked at others who think different.

    I'm going to remove all the arguments that i throwed at you except the ones related to your post, oh wait, you didn't even give a reason, you just asked for a wipe because you want it lol, at least try argue why, and if you say that the are many reasons, then you read my quote again.

    wipe with no cash points return is absolute money scam and robbery and Daneos would never even think of taking people's cash and whip their characters entirely. Because he knows if that happens, all the cash users who fund this game will say bye bye and go jump to the next game in the blink of an eye. How can you even think of such a thing? People spent their money on the game so you saying they should lose both their characters and no cash points return either? So do you expect them to pay money again? What a joke.

    Those are donations, not payments and yes, if you want a fresh and competitive start then this should be done.

    Why are you even quoting me? Where did i say Daneos will surely implement a perfect antihack system?

    Do you even read what i write or you just quote people randomly thinking we all have the same opinions on everything?

    I gave you arguments, you could try to answer if you are so sure about the wipe but instead you focus on me generalizing.

    Curious thing that you and the others do the same, you said that most of the people against the wipe are against because of the stupid leveling or name change, which is a lie. If you have any knowledge about this then you should try to give valid arguments.

    I'm against the wipe and as many others i don't care about losing my characters at all, i currently have 6 and had 7 in pre open, i lost billions in pre open but that's fine because i knew that the wipe was needed, is easy to missunderstand because of lazyness at reading or because people tend to ignore facts that are inconveniences to their arguments,

    You and others that keep repeating the same argument and try to put everyone against the wipe under the "i don't want to level up again" argument are either being ignorants or just trying to misinform, there are plenty of reasons to be against a general wipe.

    1) A wipe will clean the game from the excesive amount of +15 items, level 70 items and the game economy would improve a lot, prices go normal and everyone will have a chance of playing in a fair terrain

    R; I would like that everything was so simple except that free players will lose everything, cashers will have their cp back, cp that they already used and of course they will start with a huge advantage, so no, no fair terrain, also the economy will declive again in a few months or one year. We'll be entering in level 70 cap so the items wont work aswell as they did back in 60 cap, it's quite late for it.

    2) Daneos will implement a perfect security and the new client won't have any failures so cheaters are gone for good.

    R: This is for real?, i respect the fact that you trust in one person working alone, but according to you this guy will be able to do what big mmorpg couldn't do..., cheaters will probably find another way to break the game because they don't just walk and say ahhh a bug!, they spend time to find them and we will probably have this conversation one or two years later, i hope no tho.

    Now, they could simple track every the level 70 and level 60 cheated items and delete them but this is hard and the correct way to do it, so better delete everything as is easier, i also heard that a mod was giving free weapons and armor for her/his friends, so what about these problems?, instead of giving reasonable solutions you guys want a general wipe :rolleyes:.

    This is probably the more convenient for you, i bet that a lot of you don't currently play so a wipe would give you a fresh start and the chance to expend your cp in a better and productive way.

    I do think that they should wipe something but not in general, just level 70 items + cheated items and kick any corrupt mod.

    A real wipe would be one without cp return, free users spend more time than cashers so why should return money that was already used twice? the only reason i can think of is that would be immoral to not give it back but beside of that everyone should sacrifice something.

    People who wants wipe because they think that Daneos, a single guy will be able to protect the game from cheaters and black market which not even big mmorpg are able to do... common!:D.

    These guys (the ones who use cheats) didn't just fell into a bug or glitch, they worked to find it, so there is no sense in assuming that the new client will provide a game without issues, a future wipe would clear the game as did one year ago, yes we will be freed of the +15 60 items but as we are moving to lv70 cap these items will be obsolete anyway and of course free players will pay the price again.

    The argument about the right wipe being deleting everything is just stupid, if the issue is +15 items and nothing else, then wtf about chars and other things, is just another fallacy, we all know that the only thing that everyone cares is the end game content, when we start leveling we don't give a fk about mid levels, we just want to reach the cap as always, as level 60 is not the true end game content i only care about the bugs being fixed, cheaters being banned and a game clear of exploit, still i'm not naive enough to think that is is even possible.

    I started with fighter as many new people and then created a second with a farm build, that when everyone called you noob for farming with fighters and had no issues so i know how it goes.

    Balance doesn't mean that every class will be able to rush everything, but to be equal when it comes to usefulness and make a difference in a different way to the others, your concept of balance is wrong.

    This game is broken and you can tell that when you see the same classes in partys for cc etc, it's quite easy to break things, construct is always harder and looks like original devs didn't know about that, the game died after all.

    Every class is able to do so. I used to play as Fighter in TW and before wipe here, and I did pretty good farming. All classes are able to change their build as for PVP or PVE. And they all have their own advantages in the field, just like there are different STATs for each class in other games or abilities/skills.For me the idea then isn't limit classes to a field, but to bring back the balance they fu*ked trying to "balance" the game.

    People just didn't know a damn how to play their class.

    The game wasn't balanced before and during this server, some people is just to good playing some classes as dw, sw or plasma but that doesn't mean that they are balanced.

    To bring balance they probably should roll back to level 50/55 cap, or to tweak some skills and stat for each class, right now a tank has a dps damage wich of course shouldn't

    This is wrong, every class should be able to play both pvp and pve, have advantages and weaknesses over others classes, it's called balance and yes it would be easy to just throw some changes without thinking deeply about it and what could be affected by it.

    Doing what you suggest would imply to remove bind from ccbd rewards, for the simple reason that a pvp class or even a pve class such as dw is not going to make it or will be excluded, pve is not just farm, actually farm is the less i care when i think on pve, dungeons and ccbd are the real thing.

    Un reinicio sería bueno si el juego estuviera limpio de bugs que explotar, pero eso es imposible de saber, se supone que al comienzo de open beta ya lo estaba y ahora vemos como fue al final. Volveríamos al comienzo con la esperanza de que esta vez si funcione pero ¿para quien va a funcionar de momento?, a los usuarios pagos les devuelven el cash y quedan prontos para subir a 70 con incluso más cosas que antes si es que habían gastado lo pagado, a los usuarios gratuitos les toca ir de cero otra vez y sin saber que va a pasar a futuro.

    Esperaron demasiado tiempo para pedir un reinicio, casi un año y sin cap 70, si llega el cap 80 espero que no pidan otro por costumbre.

    yo creo que si es comveniente para reiniciar y equilibrar todo, no tiene sentido ver tanto +15 en el juego. la verdad eso fastidia mucho.

    Claro que tiene sentido, si no se tiene ganas de hacer las cosas bien y en lugar de atender el problema se intenta limpiar todo de una, un reinicio no garantiza que no vuelva a repetirse luego.

    A los que pusieron cash se les devuelve el cash y quedan mejor que ahora para cap 70, en ese sentido entiendo que quieran un reinicio, pero en general me parece descabellado

    Nadie sabe, incluso daneos podría cambiar de parecer y decidir hacerlo si lo cree conveniente.

    Estos últimos días se discutió mucho el tema y hasta un admin se metió a opinar, el problema con esto es que genera incertidumbre, ¿para que jugar si en cualquier momento reinician?

    Most of these ideas sound pleasant. Im just curious if the new client will squash the W10 freezes and if us founders get to keep our founder stuff (or get new stuff) ?

    It was stated that the freezes would be gone with this new client, ¿what do you mean with keeping founder reward?

    Well,it's weird how sm never had bleed considering that they use swords, bleed can be a nice addition to sword slash and multiple sword slashes but in last skill with a bigger impact, bleed increase power by rp usage can probably work as well