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    This is the lvl70 cap. It's not designed for anything below the lvl70 cap, so some classes gain useful skills/passive boosts much sooner than others.

    Anyone who thought this would be anything like retail's lvl55 cap has been forced to realize this the hard way by now. But hey, you won't hear SKs and Karmas complaining. "55 best cap, humans OP" 8o

    Yeah, if even in tw they were modyfing every character with new caps, and this game is totally diferent.. that's imposible

    I played swordsmen in pre beta i the class is great, at least for me is just pure fun, the bad thing is that is too expensive, and if you don't cash a lot then good luck until you farm your way with another class

    Think about 70lvl cap, 1k burn won't be much then.

    I'm talking 25-30 focus passive, nothing spectacular. I don't really care much for pvp so I might be put of touch, but so what that MAs have dificulties with DW, I guess every class should have a hard time against one or two other classes, fair match against others and should be able to annihilate one or two. But again, I'm not the one to talk about pvp

    And as much as I love the idea of mobs health decrease while provoked, that might be too OP

    That's right, instead of ep they could change soul passive, the reason for dw being underpowered is because they nerfed it before level 55 cap, and the class was never improved when level 70, so right now for example you can't kill a shadow knight by any mean, you can throw him off, and if you just have a straight fight you'll end without ep because dw skills consume too much ep he has low, also the need for rp, so 1k isn't much really because what matters is the total amount and not just per second damage.

    Demon wave: total damage without rp 1275, using rp almost 4.4k, if Daneos ever adds % base damage then he should fit a maximum damage including % and burn damage.

    The skill should have more damage without rp, lets say 3k and with rp close to 6k, at least i see safe pvp/pve that way, it's a huge increase and just because the actual damage is too low.

    Powerful roar with lp% decrease sounds too op, i don't know if would be actually op, it's just that i would choose to use attack decrease, so it focus on the tank part

    Dragon protection with less cd but more duration, 40-60 seconds maybe 40 would actually work if they change the cd rp.

    I't shouldn't be spammed but it also should be able to use with much more frecuency, right now its rare to use the skill.

    Aggree in the last two, in my opinion dark warrior main problem is focus, damage output in few skills and rp use for every skill that you want, yes you can rp boots as i did, but then you lose health and it lose one of the benefits of the class.

    You should mention that the skill last 10 seconds and causes damage every 2, if you get the max damage, then you get 3750+349 base damage, well i guess..., no one is asking to just buff the burn, but to rework the skill, this could be done in different ways, 1) changing the skill duration, 2) adding more base damage, 3) change fixed damage to %, augment burn base damage and decrease the rp one.

    You keep ignoring or just not talking about something vital, dw always needs to use rp, demon wave without rp cause 185 every 2 seconds + 349 base damage, a total 1275, try to use rp in pvp, the skill on its own already has cast time.

    Powerful roar considering what sk has, should be much better, sk has 2 op aggro skills, one with a effect of 25% energy attack decrease and 35m range, against powerful roar with 14 meters and 10 mobs, at least it should have 25-30m maxed, then augment mobs affected to 14 like sk skill, and the bonus? maybe 15% physical attack decrease.

    Dragon protection shouldn't have much less cd, maybe 3 but not 2, that would be too op.

    Dark warrior main problem is aggro, focus and extremely low damage, you have a few skills that just are useful in farm, skills that are underpowered against warrior skills.

    Dark warrior was never meant to deal great damage, and he is even far from dealing decent damage, we are talking about 2k-2.5k with level 70, that's just good for farming, most of the people here just argue thinking on farming, yeah those mobs have 10k at max and don't forget that you'll miss half of the used skills but that's fine, the thing changes if you reffer to pve challenges (ud, tmq, cc) where you can find mobs with 20k health and even more dw can't do that much.

    Looking at the other side shadow knight has all the goodies, oh yes, he is not that good at farming, he has a bit less of defense, also a bit less of health, but he has a lot of damage, he is balanced to the top, i don't believe that he was meant to be like that, but then he got the 24 constitution passive, hellzone grenade and dw got 34 soul passive and sharp slice, both useless skills.

    looks like they wanted sk to be complete.

    You can actually spam dragon punishment but if you use the rp cd on the skill then consumes 1500 ep, and that's too much for a class that has 3k ep, yes we don't want it to be op, i don't think that a single dw user, at least the ones that play the class because like me didn't want to play op and overpopulated sk want dw to be op.

    Dark warrior should be able to win a fight whitout depending on throwing the enemy outside of the arena, that's lame but of course is how is able to win.

    So sk is able to kill without the need of throwing somene out of the arena because he has insane damage compared to dw, even for human he is powerful, he can tank, he is actually better at tanking bosses and he has much better aggro for it, he doesn't have dragon punishment, so he can't farm that good but again, if you have dende you won't need it.

    Right now, dw is a money machine, that's his main purpose if you see compare both classes, i love the class and that's the only reason that i have to play it, that and farm.

    What did you guys expect if Daneos doesn't fix this stupid 1kkk private shop crap? AH is only at lvl 29, and there are no other zeni drains in this game - exept crafting. Zeni should have been wiped after the new Zeni bug. AH must be at lvl 1 and with 10% fee. Shop back to 1kk max. All items bought from AH should get a 24 hour non-sell bind to stop players from "playing the markets". Prices for repairing your armor after it gets damaged on plat should be raised too. But now it is to late anyways, money is in the server and it will only go up more and more, since there will be no more wipe. It goes the same way as in open alpha(or pob as some called it) and in TW - sad but true!

    Not to mention that the brown boxes should be bind like they were in original. But that would mean less money for Daneos because less players would "gamble"..

    Last but not least.. Community is greedy as hell.

    Another zeni bug? i started this open beta two weeks ago, didn't play since a almost a year, and the server got another zeni bug?

    1.Hola buenas tardes tengo un problema en el juego tengo una majin ultimate nvl 54 canjie chaqueta pantalon y botas todas del nvl 54 con monedas de CC pero no me puedo poner en el juego que color en rojo clase maravilloso ... cuando me lo quiero poner me sale clase no valido ... es un error del juego ... vi en clase poderosa y sale normal pero no necesito defensa energética que ya el últimate es fisico ... ayudenme porfavor se le agradece ...

    Ultimate majin comes from mighty majin, the jacket that you are trying to use is for wonder majin (karma, plasma) that's why you can't wear it.

    Yes, exactly that, drop seems to be much lower than before, at least in ud/tmq, in open areas is higher than before.

    If zeni obtained is increased, people would have more zeni, that would cause cashers to increase prices, everything would be increased, so there is no reason to do that.

    Naturally with the next cap, people will get more zeni, and that will continue and prices are going to keep increasing, adding zeni just would accelerate the process, that's my opinion anyway.

    If you compare both tanks dw is very underpowered, he has advantages at taking many mobs at the time, while dark warrior has a great pve skill called dragon punishment, sk has steal life that last 36 seconds.

    Now lets compare aggro between them, sk has dragon will an op aggro skill that last 2 minutes and deception that has a range of 35 meters, affect 14 mobs, decrease energy attack by 25% and last 16 seconds, in the other hand dark warrior has powerful roar, skill that cause aggro in a range of 14 meters and affect 10 mobs, isn't a big diference for a pvp tank? where is the reason to choose dw over sk when playing pve challenges?

    Both burns are really diferent, sk has a great damage, while dw burn can get a max of 4.3 k at 4 sp and just if you use rp on it, that add's the charge time and of course the skill cast time, and all that for 4k, try that against ud3 mobs with 20k health

    More zeni is equal to higher prices, maybe stone drop should be higher than outside, but i don't think that increasing the zeni would do any good.

    If you use RP power up it increases the burn damage by 615 at max lvl, but never the less, having the skill based on Claws would make it considerably stronger and much more useful in a DW's kit.

    Base damage is just too low, the skill is useless until you put 3 sp on it, and for that you must reach level 49.

    Total damage of the skill with 3 sp and using rp like 3.5k and this doesn't change even when level 70, with 4 sp you will hit 3.5 - 4k damage, without rp and less damage because of this burn defense or skill being defective, lets calculate a fixed damage of 349 and a burn damage between 120 - 185 in the best of cases you have 1274, that sucks for a level 70 character.

    If you just use dw for farming purpose i think is not that bad because mobs have between 7k-9k at level 70, but go and play ud and tmq against mobs with 20k-30k health, i'm not saying that dw should have powerful skils, but damage is just too low as it was in tw, and skill being bugged is just terrible.

    I did a long comment but coldhell is just complaining about the dot damage not scaling, and in my case i have exact damage with level 25 claws and level 50 claws both +8, and in both cases the damage is lower than the description, not fair eh?.