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    What iceman is saying is correct, ill take the info from the skill calculator.

    Demon wave has only a fixed damage, there is no % energy damage component to it. Hence if you have upgrades claws or not the damage should always be 349 at level 4.


    We are referring to burn damage, if you use the skill then the blast will hit and cause a fixed damage, then the burn will start its effect but this burn that is supposed to be 133 with 2 sp and 157 with 3 sp, just causes 90 and sometimes even less.

    Indeed mobs have burn defense, but serious no matter the claw you use, and the upgrade that you have on it, it always cause less damage than the one in the description, never more.

    As of right now, Demon Wave is bugged, and therefore not as good as it could / should be! You can read more about this on ColdHell's thread on the matter.

    I also think that DW's are long overdue for some balancing, tweaks and buffs! For starters, it would be great if we got some more base hit rate and / or success rate!

    I got plenty more great ideas for DW's, but I doubt that the team will even consider to even think about looking at our class anytime soon.

    Because is not populated, and most of people just use it as a famer, sad but true

    Some mobs don't have burn def, they will get full burn DOT.

    Others with burn def, burn DOT will be reduced.

    You didn't get what i'm saying, demon wave damage is calculated by claws, and no matter which claws you use, the damage doesn't change, and that is wrong, mobs can have burn defense, but even then they should take more damage because your weapon is highly upgraded and they don't take it, in fact they take much less

    It isn't resistance it is burn defense.

    Some mobs have it, some don't.

    Then if that's correct, some mobs should also get more damage from skill, right? i'm asking this because it was never the case for me in open beta, mobs always got less damage, no matter the upgrade in my claws, and yeah from 133 to 96 as max, is a big difference.

    Well that is because it is fixed damage and it should have %energy damage part, as ultimates burns on horns.

    Right now it is alright to set burn DOT but ain't that great. xD

    But what about resistance? if i use the skill at level 2 it should cause 133 burn every 2 seconds, instead i got 66-93 with and without upgraded claws. if mobs are going to resist it, then your strengh should also count for the damage calculation.

    The burn is great but it's way too low without RP, it should be like 100/200/300/400 burn dmg without RP, then same bonus with RP as of right now, making it become about - 1100 maxed.

    I mean, SK's life drain is a - 1000 32 seconds dot after all.

    As you both stated, demon wave is great only if you use rp to cast it, but even with that addition it would only be reliable in 60- levels, in level 70 cap is better to use masenko or super beam cannon because of the raw damage, dark warrior was heavily nerfed in pro of sk, made in taiwan...

    That could be ok, using transformations every 20-25 minutes with proper gear.

    I mainly use dw and dende, great namek is great against bosses because of endurance, but the 10 min limit and the high cd makes it almost useless, i think that would be better to tweak it a bit, like much lower cd or even more limit if they actually want to put a limit to it, because right now it's very situational skill.

    The cash option is not meant to take advantage on other people, is to avoid the time that you should spend because that's what are you really paying, "time".

    Now, this doesn't mean that you should farm 5 hours a day for a +10 gear, because you can forget about +13 equipment by farming several hours, unless you have extreme luck on which all of this is based.

    Personally i have invested a lot of time in pre beta, just because i really wanted to play this game and never regret that, stopped playing after 5 level 70 characters, the reason was simple, the upgrade system was terrible, and i'm talking with the no broken penalty, even then you had to spend much time and zeni just to depend on your luck, ¿the result? 2.3kkk = +7 weapon, really good yes.

    To be honest, the broken status would only increase the gap between cashers and no cashers, before you had to expend an insane amount of real money to get a great increase, that or spending too much time farming, ¿who want to waste 5 to 10 hours a day farming? that's insane..

    The reason to expend money is to save the time that you should spend to get that thing that you want, but not to make it innecesarely unfair for no cashers, so if you want to expend money in exchange of an easy upgrade, you should be able to do it but that does't justify that other players have to waste more than 30 hours farming for a fair upgrade than can posibly break and throw away the effort you made.

    Now we can see a lot of competitive players, at least in gear, back in pre open you wouldn't, and remember that you can buy stones up to 55 by using tokens, you won't see that in level 60+ cap, so this is for mid-low levels.

    I Totally agree.....I mean cmon..atleast make it at lvl 10 to 15 Solo Noob Players has to upgrade their Gear to defeat mobs and do quests easier...........

    Well, if you want to kill mobs faster as you should be able to... then yes, you have level 1 to 30 for a reason...

    Hi everyone, well i wanted to buy stones from action house, because wasn't getting a thing from doing quests. surprisely i couldn't, so i have to keep using -7 level weapons ultil i get stones from multiple quest or casual drop, ¿the low level stones from action house are for people that is starting with a second character? it's a shame but looks like if you are new you can't do pretty much.

    I understand that this was implemented to avoid people from buying and selling using level 1 characters (i remember something like that) but common this also ruins just a little the experience for new players that don't have people to buy for them, thanks for reading

    I see, as i had the game didn't think about downloading again but i understand that the game changed a lot, thanks for the answer.

    Hello everyone, i'm not playing since may but i have opened the game from time to time to check things, i never got any update to download and i'm using the new launcher.

    So my question is, ¿is normal that my launcher doesn't download anything?

    Thanks for your time8):thumbup:

    El cheff es para buff ofensivos, te darías fuerza, alma, mucha vida, destreza y hit rate, y para dar props usarías el buff de mighty majin, es buena combinación si.

    El ultimate es defensivo, Da bastante vida pero menos que el cheff, tiene un buff grupal de propiedades el cual supera en cantidad al de mighty majin pero tambien consume más sp, destaca más que nada por el regen que da en energía y vida, es muy bueno para tanks y para farm.

    Yo prefiero el ultima para buffs en pve, a menos que quieras que buffarte con daño.

    So kaioken should be like that, is kind of funny how some people complains about dot damage or calculations when they get beneffits from that.

    Sometimes all agree that the game should be like retail and then in open beta Daneos should start with changes, but now they don't, if kaioken was like that then it should remain like that, but of course, many calculations are different so that wouldn't work and just would mess with the game.

    Now from double speed to 5% and no crit chance multiplier... well that's a big change.

    Honestly i think that kaioken should be like was in retail, but that would imply many changes in different calculations, unless you want to break damage, anyway this is no excuse because if that change would require to change many calculations, then those calculations are also wrong.

    Exactly. DW is not a DPS class, and it doesn't need higher dmg. DW is a pretty good tank atm, but it definitely needs something more in order to be the best tank. Not too much OP. One or two more aggro-eating skills or an AoE KD on Cyclone or simply increase its base FOC.

    Indeed, i wouldn't like an op dw, we need just a little but significant rework, something that make us able to protect our party and to keep the aggro.

    Right now sk is better for that, and we are relegated to be a farm class. i'll use dw anyway because is my favourite class in game, but even for me the class lacks of usefulness compared to the "pvp tank" aka sk.