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    Hi there,

    It seems that the camera is different in the new 2.0 client version, the camera appears to be "zoomed" although the player model remains the same, it only appears to affect the players surroundings.

    Screenshots attached. Notably this is hard to make out on a single frame and may be better as a video file which can be sent if required.


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    I like it, adds more dynamics to the combat. I might actually use this skill for a change after this update. Keep em coming!

    Hey guys!

    Can someone link me to a high DPS build for human fighter? Character is level 41 atm focusing mainly on PvE

    I know i should test my own builds but i dont want to waste skill resets.

    Would be helpful if you could use this to show me: Class Builder

    Thanks guys!

    Its a nice idea, although all i can really see is a brightness and colour increase as opposed to an actual ENB mod.

    It would be Amazing if there was a was to greatly increase render distance in this game.

    I can see why this mod would be useful to people though. Maybe add an option to raise sharpness/ LoD if that's possible?

    Anyway, nice mod!