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    sorry i was pretty occupied with work.

    From the look of the error it looks like you need to install microsoft visual c++

    Idk it worked for me from the beginning, I think I had it installed tho.

    No problem man, by the way, any site or link you would recommend me to download MC C++?

    I downloaded both tools. But in both cases, when i run the Pack editor, there are four error messages poping up, saying:

    "The code execution could not continue,





    are missing, this problem could be solved by reinstalling the program."

    Any idea to help my situation?

    Perhaphs could you attach your own tex.pak to just replace mine with it? That would be greatly apreciated, and you would be a hero...

    What a nice job you've done here. By the way, if i play DBOG 1.0, which one should i download? "for korean client" or "for taiwan client"?

    Man, this is great. Do you know how to change the RP charging aura color? I don't mean the level (+1,+2...+15), just the color, for example, i have the purple +15 aura, but it looks weird with my super saiyan rage mod (blue aura), so i want that same effect to be blue.

    Hi man. Did you managed to do it?

    Affraid i can't do anything about the white squares since i have to remake the textures all over again. The white squares occur because the game has been updated and the textures have shifted. I quit DBO a long time ago and that includes modding it.

    Hello. I get that the mods doesn't work bc of updates, but can you tell me how to get rid of those squares now? please, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    .... If you want the link for one of them you can ask me in a conversation here on the forums, or trough a comment in this thread.

    Dude. You've been working on a lot, and those are some fine mods, at least for me. I would like to have some of these for my male earthling, but i want to ask you some questions first about them.
    Apologies in advance for there is so much i don't know about them, and i like some very specific things (lol) so will try to be very explicit, mostly because with the amount of mods you've made, you're likely to either have what i'm looking for, or maybe just tell me how to get it. And of course, any help and/or links you give me will be greatly appreciated and remembered.


    1.- May i have the lightning effect of this guy? or thats only for the final flash / transformation he's using? I would like to have the lightning over my ssj regardless of my gear but without the bright color effect of the upgrade. (To look like a SSJ2)


    2.- May i have that hairstyle with a face lacking eyebrows for my male ssj? (to look like a SSJ3 obviously).


    3.- And about those 2 girls... I can see that one of them has only lightning while the other has the aura sorrounding her... Is that the only difference? And this last question is because i would love to have multiple choices for ssb shown in both the manga and the anime:

    "Basic" SSB with white / yellow aura (Supossedly from Resurrection F)

    "Advanced" SSB with blue aura+sparks / lightning (Supossedly from Goku black arc)

    "Completed" SSB with clear / no aura (From the end of Merged Zamazu Arc)

    Kaioken SSB

    SSB Evolution (Vegeta form)

    (For the record, i know that maybe is too hard / impossible to get rid of the ssj yellow aura completely, but who knows...)

    4.- Could you please post/send me the links for all the above mods i mentioned? 8) I really liked them.

    P.S. My apologies for being too picky and sorry if i have bad grammar. And thank you regardless!!:)

    I know that it might be asking for too much but this game could use some spice and make it a little more fun. Like SSJ2 and SSJ3. Use the same mechanic for kaioken, but for SSJ into SSJ2 and SSJ2 gets larger aura and electricity, and SSJ3 turns ur hair long and more stable electricity.

    This could work great, it could focus more on Energy and Physical attack buff than crit. Would increase your power 100 and 400 times? of course not, lol. SSJ doesn't give you 50x your ki, so i don't se reason to panic about being overpowered.

    The namekians could get an "Unlock potential" transformation, as it was originally given by Great Namekian Guru, and a Super Namekian form, Just like Slug or Piccolo when he fought Cell, heck even the budokai promotional trailer of dbo showed us a "Super Namekian". In both forms they would experience a boost in power (Super Namek would be grater) without loosing their skills.

    The buu's could get a "Skinny form" and a Super Buu form. Self explanatory. In both forms they would experience a boost in power (Super Buu would be grater) without loosing their skills.

    About transformations... Having SSJ2 and SSJ3 makes no sense storywise and would be a mess in balancing terms. Storywise, Humans have a little percentage of saiyan blood (DBO is set many years after end of DBZ) and require a Shenron dream to even awaken that to tap into SSJ (not even full power). In terms of balance, it would require other transformations for Namek and Majin, possible but honestly doubt it would improve gameplay...

    About genetics we never actually get our parents blood, but their genes, wich divide in recesive and dominant, if they are recesive they get lost through years, but if they're dominant, they are given to the next generation to live on as a whole.

    You could think about a dominant gene as last name, It doesn't matter how many generations pass, the father's last name is always there. Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Bra and even Pan have showed to have saiyan power, as human baby's and kids don't often fly around with no effort and in SS God ritual even pan showed to have potential to turn SSJ, so is safe to asume Bra could to, so Saiyan genes are dominant over human's. Gohan and Trunks can go SSJ2, Gotenks can go SSJ3.

    What i'm trying to say is that if a human-saiyan can become ssj1, he can surely turn even ss3 (though i don't know if they could go further, that's another story), as their genes are there. Even in the super rare case that a human was born with human genes as dominant, all he had to do is "marry" (xD) a human with saiyan dominant genes to continue the warrior heritage.

    Im pretty sure that could improve gameplay for some of the latter bosses and UD's, if you disagree is ok, but how about when the game is finished? What about implementing them to fight in lvl 71-99 againts 71-99 mobs? Of course this is wishful thinking and i know patching and improving the game is very hard, but maybe one day in some future :) Just giving my opinion.

    If all else fails, the one thing that I truly want is a Galick Gun. Spiritualists get Kamehameha, and Turtle Hermits get Super Kamehameha and Giant Kamehameha added to that, and it's tiresome to have a bunch of Kamehamehas, so I was wondering if you could change Super Kamehameha into Galick Gun, just change the name of the skill and recolor it into purple, the form and rest is already fit for it. Thanks.


    1.-Martial artist get Concentrated Kamehameha -Lore Wise that would be like Kamekameha from Goten, or the first time Goku, Yamcha and Krillin ever used K-.

    2.-Spiritualists get Kamehameha -Standard one-

    3.-Buu's get Imitation Kamehameha -Just like Majin Buu-

    4.- Turtle hermit's get Super Kamehameha AND Giant Kamehameha -Personally two Ultimate Kamehameha with the same (dps) purpose seems stupid to me, but anyway, you could argue that Super K is a "Very powerfull variant" and Giant K is just like Cell's (or Gohan if you prefer) solar buster Kamehameha.

    5.-Swordsmen get Focused Kamehameha -Here's the odd one out: Swordsmen are supossed to resemble both Trunks (The coat, the sword, burning attack...) and Goten in a lesser degree (as he founded the Kikoukenjutsu school with his Trunks) About Goten we don't know his attacks, except for Kamekameha, and Martial Artists already have that, but in Trunks case we know for sure he mains Galick Gun, yet no GG or Super GG for Swordies.

    If you don't beleive me they're like Goten n' Trunks, just look at Fighters who are meant to be just like Goku and Vegeta, you can tell by looking at their Battle armor, Final Flash, Big Bang, Shunkanido, Thunder (that buff is apparently meant to paralell Goku vs Piccoro and G vs Frieza battle frenzy). And of course i know they're not exact copies of their respective "hero", it's undeniable that most classes have a anime-manga counterpart (Namekian's classes resemble Piccolo, Dende, King Piccolo and even Nail in a lesser degree).

    Finally, in human options, CH has Neo Kikoho, TH has Kamehameha, and Fighter has Final Flash, wouldn't be great that Swordsmen had a unique beam ability (also that ability would be more accurate Lore wise)?

    Hola, cuando busco en la ubicación que me das me salen todos éstos "kames" ¿alguna idea de si existe un modo de distinguirlos? (Están el Kamehameha concentrado, Kamehameha normal, Kamehameha de monstruo, el Kamehameha focalizado, el Superkamehameha y el Kamehameha gigante, pero ni idea de cuál es cada uno).

    Gracias de antemano por tu respuesta 8)


    Antes que nada desconozco si es el lugar para preguntar esto, asumo que sí lo es por tu descripción, pero tal vez sólo te refieras a Dogis, de ser así, una disculpa de antemano.

    Quisiera saber si es posible "modear" las skills, por ejemplo: cambiar de color del focused kamehameha del Swordmaster a morado, para que parezca más un Galick Ho (ya sabes, con eso de que Trunks lo utiliza me parece lógico), gracias.

    Saludos, y excelente contenido el que has creado, espero tu respuesta. :)


    Before anithing else i don't know if this is the right place to ask this, by your description i guess it is, but maybe you just meant Doggis, if that's the case, i apologize.

    I want to know if it's possible to mod skills, ex: change swordmaster skill focused kamehameha color to purple, to resemble a Galick Gun (you know, as Trunks uses it, i think it's best suited for them), Thanks.

    By the way, your creations are master pieces :)