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    I hoped that anyone can explain me the actually Blackscreen problem. Sorry when it's the wrong threat. About that "lvl29" i said: everything works yesterday evening. almost lvl30. today i wanna play to be on lvl30 but the blackscreen after channel choose jerks me out....

    Wrong threat, sorry guys...

    this problem has already been fixed

    It's how I say it, the best way and the dialogue.

    If the team talks to the players, making lives in the twitch on youtube wherever it is to talk to the players has everything to go forward. You must mirror the owners of this game here> Warframe. since they launched they do it and that's right. If you see or try to find out about them, you're going to keep your mouth open because they ate the bread that the devil has made and today they're so full of money and they continue to talk to the players about everything, projects, new chars, They ask what the players think is not well seen, it's not legal, we go back and change we try different. And I think Daneos has that same potential. It's just a look at what he's done for us with dbo. I believed that one day dbo would return and Daneos was the only one to make it happen. So I think a little talk between team and players will contribute to a better game.

    do not compare the game that is run by a huge company, where dbo is run by several people, those few have no time to talk to players because they are busy fixing the currently existing problems

    You know that he is doing this to even fix broken party system where you will, guess what, NEED DAMN TANKER.

    With tanker there with super high HP, doing dungeons, CCBD will only need a bit longer and that will be all.

    we will see how it will be, but I have a feeling that many classes will suffer and will be unplayable

    Unfortunately, I do not play pvp only pve and I see that there will be problems, the new client has to bring that you can not turn on 2 games simultaneously, so some characters without attributes will have a hard time to get better eq, so I suppose that before someone gets the first aure, it will take a long time and such auras are less useful than the aura with the attribute

    Disable crit damage? Ever seen turtles or fighters non-crit damage ? :D

    With PVM I agree. AA damage is too broken making the skill usage (dmg) useless.

    Of course, yes, there are a lot of combinations where the fighter, or turtle can win without critical injuries

    If you read my previous post, Im saying that PVP and PVM needs a big change.

    if you want a good change in pve, make the critical damage equal to the speed attack, if you want a good balance in pvp, simply disable critical damage, attributes should be as they were, you can also do so that the attributes are turned off for the duration of the fight with another player, people on pvp only go when there is budokai, rankig fight? hardly anyone uses them because there are no good prizes for them

    You know that this game is more about pve than on pvp, looking only at pvp you destroy the game for those who prefer to play pve, and tenkaichi budokai should be a rare event rather than a weekly.

    Might change to boost guard stats.

    Needs to be decided.

    Property stats are either overpowered or useless, so it's for the best to just remove it.

    this is the only buff that really handles any event, without this buff the majority of classes will be kicked out of tmq, ccbd, ud