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    Kordek, songogu po co wygrzebujecie stare śmieci? sprawia wam to satysfakcje że wspominacie o przeszłości która działa się 5 - 8 lat temu? nie jesteście już na tyle dzieciakami jak wtedy by wracać do takich spraw... było minęło, ludzie się zmieniają, każdy przecież dojrzał ( bynajmniej tak myślę )
    Lechu nawet się nimi nie przejmuj, bo oni nawet nie grają w DBOG.

    This is officially the most ridiculous thread I have ever seen in the entire dbog history. All I simply see here, is some unsatisfied upset emotional player who plays both tank and dps in one at the same time but he's upset that nobody takes him to some dungeon. This is all personal, you have no knowledge nor this thread is familiar with a word rationality. Did you know that humans are like the least needed in cc dungeon unless it's a turtle? Sks are tanks, dps, dots, have aoe stunt, what else do you need? Obviously sks have more chances to get into those parties, the only reason you can't is in this very same thread, realize yourself. I seriously can't believe that after hundreds of threads asking to boost human def/lp there's one like this. Humans aren't tanks, but they can get better with it by specific sets that namekians don't need. This kinswkk guy has friends and his own guild, take an example on how to get into parties. Look at his set, so much effort that sk could still be better all the time with same quality gear. You want sk non upgraded sets to have more defense than specific not balanced human op gear that requires lots of work. Should I make a dende tank video for you? Maybe you'll come up with an ideal idea to nerf their def by 55% this time. Don't be ridiculous, humans are the worst with defense, doesn't mean they have to be paper with crafted gear so you op sk could always walk around with that silly axe and garbage gear. You see one or two guys in ccbd and you're upset already. You know what makes much more sense? You say humans are dps, not tanks but you realize that sks aren't dps either, so how about we nerf your dmg by 35%? Go dw to be an even better tank, picked the most op class already, so don't be so blind and learn something useful genius. You're one of those that's gonna keep proving his poor point so this is probably my first and last post here. Sayonara axeman.

    that's all you wrote, it's just a sign that people are afraid of getting a nerf for their class, and dat multi account

    Well why do you want majin and human to be nerf so namek can be the gods again? Why are you complaining just because human and majin can be tanks now? every class can become tanks with majin buffs. Just go and make a party of your own, i do it everytime and i always get a party within 10-20 minutes. I don't know why are you making this so complicated and persisting to nerf the majin and human, have you even seen how many people that have said NO to your nerfing when comparing to people who said yes? why don't you just grow up and stop arguing just because you can't get into CC? And this is the last time i'll say this. Tanks can not be the best class forever, other class have to get better than them eventually.

    and just because everyone can be a tank, a little more and dende will not be a necessary class because the poko treatment is over, you can see that it's good that everyone can be a tank in this game, in the end will come to that namek will go completely in oblivion, as well as buffers, because this balance is striving for it, and this is not what mmorpg is all about, so that the party consists of the same dps and one heal, here everything goes wrong, it's not like I'm crying that I can not walk on CCBD, it's not worth it for CC 100 because it's weapons, nothing more.

    You play human or majin, you are just afraid of a nerf and that's it, everything is fine if you get a boost, but as soon as the topic about the nerf starts, it's a big cry.

    DangerLord54 tell me why such races as majin or human can calmly do set with cc 90 and namek no longer ?, if namek makes a set with ccbd90 it will significantly lower defs and it is then unprofitable, and if namek does a set of mudosa fact will gain defs, but it will significantly lower some bonuses, such as focus, con, lp% etc ..., so why namek in terms of items should be worse than other races in terms of items?

    You can't nerf Ultimate/Grand's armor because they're one of the lowest damage dealing classes in the game without Poko/Dende's heals to recover their health instantly. You'd render them completely useless in solo PvP because they're a terrible DPS and they're unable to tank their opponents damage. If their opponent has a good amount of anti-candy they can render their only good CC useless in PvP, if it's a Turtle they can sleep lock; a SK can either charge RP for knock out, or spam their moves sometimes dealing enough damage to kill them. Lets not forget the fact there aren't many Chef/Ultimates who can tank CC90-100, some die in the earlier stages even with +14-15. Parties are still more than willing to accept SK/DW as their "tanks" as long as they provide good debuffs, and tank well enough to make the run successful.

    If you've done the math correctly a Majin with the best currently obtainable armor has inferior health and defense when put next a SK/DW with the best equipment. Mudosa armor gives 860 defense; it's almost as strong as CC90 Majin armor. If we're going by physical defense and health alone Ultimates can't compare to DWs, and that's if you don't include their DP which recovers half their health per mob/player they land it on. As a former SK who's played the class for a while, I can safely say SK kind of a berserker class hardly just a "tank". They have 3 CCs(that's not including Mystic attack[Their grab]), life steal, and Bold strike which is one of the most damage dealing moves in the entire game(thanks to it's bleed). Sure SKs tank insanely well, however you've gotta take into consideration that SK plays as an amazing DPS in PvP and PvE. DW's the real tank out of the two warrior subclasses, it has low DPS but makes up for it with their high health/defense.

    Should SM be able to tank CC? In my opinion no, this is an MMORPG tanks are meant to be tanks, and DPS are meant to be DPS. But can you change SM in a way that disables their tanking capability while maintaining the classes viability? There's only so much Daneos can do to control the balance of the game, at best he does nothing to minimize the damage dealt to the game's balance. In conclusion if you're gonna cry about SKs not being good tanks anymore you better be ready to face the repercussions changes made to the game will cause, for example a damage nerf, or Ultimate damage buff. When you buff something you've gotta nerf it in some way shape or form to balance the changes.

    I do not cry that sk is weak, but I mean that the class of warrior when it comes to pve is already forgotten, Mighty Majin's is getting more and more tanks, I played SK all the time and I do not think that he was berserker as you called, I agree that SK has too large dmg when it comes to pvp, but when it comes to pve, the current state of the game is useless, as well as plasma, fighter, crane, because people have their tastes and when it comes to armor cc and mudosa, this is a significant difference, note that modus is rare and cc legendary, so even a dragon clan would lose its value

    And? And what? This video is from HK and kinswkk had pretty op gear and in the whole server only kinsk and pop were able to tank in CC but they had op gear, if you think that random human will tank something in cc then you have mental issue im not sure if even TW had sword like him.

    this is not a movie from HK, if you did not know on DBOG, you can now change the language to Chinese, video was added yesterday ^^


    here the problem is also that people have become accustomed to the ease offered by dbog, and all kinds of changes arouse in them such a monster that they must defend what they have so that they can not lose it, which is why there are not so many negative suggestions, exclusion of classes from the game is a bad idea, the balance should be such that every people take to the party, and not just look at what class is doing bigger dmg

    no longer say that the entire ccbd from the very beginning of the open beta was too easy, too many bugs were, the developer hastened with this server reboot and now comes out as it comes, if there was a better balance of the institution from the very beginning, so far no one would had items + 15 or only a few, as well as a set of ccbd 90