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    My new suggestion

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    1. Slowing down the spiritualist class should not work for the boss.

    2. Mobs with rang elite, hero are immune to knockdown and individual debuffs like

    - Paralysis

    - Confusion

    - Slow

    - Stun

    - Freeze

    3. Boss have increased damage from skills such as, bleed, posion etc, in particular you need to pay attention to such floors as 55, 80, 95.


    1. Transformation

    - Kaioken, my suggestion is that kaioken have reduced reductions on lp and ep when x3 is stuck.

    - Super Saiyanin, reduction of speed attack to 5%, and CD reduction up to 30 minutes, jewelry does not affect CD.

    - Pure Majin, Attack Speed 5%, and CD reduction up to 30 minutes, jewelry does not affect CD.

    - Great Namek CD reduction up to 30 min, no limit for transformations and jewelry does not affect CD.

    2. Increased damage for individual classes.

    - Plasma Majin, I am in favor of this class to increase damage from area skills, because as you can see, this class is taken only on budokai 5v 5, in my opinion it should have similar damage to turtles.

    3. Agro System.

    - There should be a better balance when it comes to speed party, let's say that the speed party would fill just as much agro as the skills, then you would have to devote a little more time to the given instance.


    1. Shadow Knight

    - Nerf reduced damage from skill Ultimate Bold Strike about 50%

    - Nerf reduced damage from skill Helzone Granade about 20%

    - Ultimate Fear reduction of duration down 5 sec.

    - Skill at the warrior Ultimate Mystic Attack reduction of duration about 100% it's only grab.

    2. Dark Warrior

    - Confusion reduction of duration down 7 sec.

    3. Spiritualist

    - Speed Restrain reduced of duration down 10 sec

    - Hypnosis reduced of duration down 12 sec

    4. Turtle Hermit

    - Turtle book for a woman, gives only 1 rp instead of 7

    5. Crane Hermit

    - Freeze reduced of duration down 15 sec

    6. Dragon Clan, Dende Priest reduced heal by about 20% in pvp and in pve.

    7. Fighter

    - reduced critical damage about 25%, because the fighter kills every human for 1 shot

    8. Jewelry in pvp, a lot of people have noticed that if we have 100% immunity on a given debuf, someone will always throw it with an extension and this debuf continues, in my opinion 100% of the jewelry should also act to extend debuff, so let's say yes, we have a 100% confusion, even with an extension the duration of the confusion should last 0 sec.

    Side topics

    1. Pure Majin probably every majin is iridescent of pure majin, because it is slow, it would be nice if he got a dash, in time I will make a movie of what it would look like if pure majin had a dash

    2. Great Namek It would have been beautiful if gn had a dash and could fly such a movie too I would do if everything is overwhelming.

    Regards Waris.

    As you can see all the time there are problems with tickets for CCBD, in the cash shop the price is very high, my suggestion is that the ticket for 51 floor should cost 50 CP, 71 floor 70 CP and 91 floor 100 CP, then people would not have such a problem with buying tickets, what do you think about it?

    Regards Waris.

    As you have already noted, broken while improving it does not smoke items, and if it were to do so that broken without a white stone began to completely destroy items? it would be very interesting and it would not be so easy to upgrade items to + 11 and above.

    Below gives a link to the video as it looked 5 years ago.
    The film is not mine.

    Regards Waris.

    Everyone has probably noticed that most of the time people spend on killing mobs on some part of the map.

    TMQ and UD are already forgotten instances, and if they were to improve them anyway?

    Let's say that on these instances will be increased drop of stones, for example with TMQ they will fly only red and purple stone and with each barefoot it is 80%.

    At UD, for example, dropped only blue and green with an increased chance, just like for TMQ, and white stones dropped here and here.

    In my opinion, dropping on the map should only be used for events such as dragon balls or honey.

    Let TMQ and UD begin to have any meaning in this game, make petitions or something for moderators and admins to do something about it.

    Regards Waris.

    My idea for achievement is that.

    -Kill 30x event boss level 41-50 different bonus for each race.

    - Majin "I'm not fat" Mighty Majin ( 5 FOC ) | Wonder majin ( 5 SOL )
    - Human "One Punch" Martial Artist ( 3 DEX ) |Turtle Hermin ( 1% ene crit ) | Crane Hermit ( 1% phy crit )
    - Namek "Namekian" Dragon Clan ( 3 CD Reduction ), Warrior ( 3 CON ).

    -Kill 50x event boss level 51-60 different bonus for each race.

    - Majin "Pure Majin" Mighty Majin ( 3 CON ) ( 4 FOC ) and ( 3% Movement Speed )
    - Human "Super Human" ( 5 CD Reduction ) ( 3 % Movement Speed ) and ( 4 ENE )
    - Namek "Super Namekian" ( 3% Attack Speed ) ( 3 Properties Attribute ) and ( 4 CON )